Supra-nationalism is a term that you don’t hear much about and many wrongly think it’s related in some way to nationalism.  However, it is the polar opposite – anti-nationalism. Those who believe in it try to hide it by using double-speak language, diplomacy and legal methods to destroy nation states. It dominates the leadership of all the legacy parties. Supra-nationalism is an ideology far more deadly than guns, bombs and bullets, for this belief will wipe your country off the map.

Ask a supra-nationalist where they come from. Invariably they will say “the place I know best”.

This is my definition of SUPRA-NATIONALISM:  A belief that their country is outside or beyond the authority of their own national government, as a project or policy that is planned and controlled by a group of nations.

Nationalists wish to preserve the political boundaries that already exist or existed at another time, whereas supra-nationalists have opened the mind to include their neighbour’s homelands as their own. They don’t believe in nation state sovereign independence. It is a form of imperial federalism that has infected the body politic of many parts of the Western world.  Just look inside the European Union buildings in Brussels and Westminster.  There are cupboards bursting full of Junckers (except UKIP MEP’s and MP’s of course) plotting to expand the empire to the Urals and down through the Balkans and beyond. For your own good of course.

They will call it anything but supra-nationalism because they don’t like the word “nationalist”. These words tells us exactly what they really are – imperial supra-nationalists. What they believe in, is in their opinion a noble cause of building a better world under one government using peaceful coercive methods. Unfortunately for them, most people like the country they live in to stay as it is, so supra-nationalists lie and deceive using words designed to confuse people as to what their objective really is. This is it, one government out of many, which at the moment for European supra-nationalists, is headquartered in Brussels.

They dress their objectives up in weasel words to aver any concerns that people may have on sovereignty and national identity and democracy, like pooling sovereignty, ever closer union, etc.

But what do these weasel words actually mean in reality?  I have compiled a short list from observations over 40 years using some of the words from the YES campaign leaflet of 1975. They still use most of them today.

1 Ever closer union = The eradication of nation states, slice by slice, to create a United States of Europe;

2 Pooling sovereignty = surrendering sovereign independence

3 Reform = to normal people this means “make changes in order to improve on something”, but to supra-nationalists it means “ever closer union”, see no. 1

4 Harmonisation = Sounds like music to my ears but it means more sovereignty lost, more EU integration and regulation.

5 Free movement of people = Mass immigration designed to blend national identities into an homogenous melting pot  of EU Citizens, causing housing shortages, wage compression, social cohesion problems  and breakdown and congestion of local infrastructure and services.

6 To raise living standards and improve working conditions = To raise the living standards of EU bureaucrats encouraging an overzealous culture of health and safety including massive regulations, costs and red tape to businesses.

7 To help the poorer regions of Europe = expand the empire of the EU, from the Atlantic to the Urals and to line the pockets of “poor” EU bureaucrats, gangsters and the mafia.

Enlargement of the European Union (animation) ...

Enlargement of the European Union (animation) European Community European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

8 To help maintain peace and freedom = (What is NATO?) To libertarians this phrase is a dystopian nightmare society dominated by a big State; supra-nationalists they euphemistically call it the ‘Nanny State’. This nanny has handcuffs, though. For ordinary folk it, it means to take away liberties, rights and freedom by calling them ‘human rights’.  Peace provided by paramilitary federal policemen pointing guns at unarmed civilians and a social worker (SS) for every child. The State politicians wants your children and we all know why now (money and sex).

9 Common Market = a customs union of 19th century invention to insulate itself from the rest of the world that was designed from the start to encourage economic, monitory and political union.

10 Single Market or Internal Market = Free movement of people, capital, services and goods.  EEA/EFTA/EU membership all have this as the four pillars as a condition of membership, with the exception of Switzerland since the referendum to restrict immigration on 9 February 2014 (challenge by the EU expected any time soon).

11 Regional = European Union empire provinces. These include “City regions” and ”regional assemblies”.  It has come to mean any organisation or corporation with “regional” in its title is EU related.

12 Re-negotiations on EU membership = The Harold Wilson “con-trick”. Fool the British voters into believing membership has been “reformed” (see no.1 & 3 for what they mean by reform)

13 Referendum on EU membership = Neverendum (see also no.12)


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