It is interesting to look back at times when the press seemed to get things in proportion.  I am thinking back to when you would never see anything written by the press writing off vast sectors of their readership as being far-right.  However, this seems to be de rigueur these days when deriding anyone with a thought just a smidgeon outside the range of those deemed acceptable by the authorities.  

I wonder what the journalists who trot out such bunk think of themselves?  Do they feel soiled and cowardly? What has someone like Tommy got to do with Hitler and the Nazis (sorry, National Socialists), because that is the obviously intended but entirely erroneous meaning of such comments.  The positive that comes from their regaling us with this drivel is that it eventually destroys the credibility of the pen-pushers.

The global campaign to free Tommy Robinson and the signing by over half a million people of the petition calling for his release is a reflection of the waning hold that the narrative has over the people.  But where do we go from here? The law can still bite and the momentum is not entirely with us. If you get outside your own circle and ask who has heard of Tommy, the numbers are significant but not overwhelming.  So, whilst his brave efforts have carried us forward this far, we still have work to do, including getting less aware, less committed folk to join the caravan.

The issues arising from the imposition of the narrative in all its forms requires judicious action which skirts the hair-trigger law-enforcement response to perceived “hate” crimes, but which is still effective in dealing with that which confronts us.  We have to think through how to deal with these pernicious threats in our semi-democratic New UK. Dealing with them does not just include defensive responses to hang on to what we have achieved as a culture but must also include offensive action which skirts the PC searchlights and legal bloodhounds.

The greatest crime in Islam is to leave it and the greatest Jihad is that fought against the apostates, not that against infidels.  After Muhammad died in 632, Abu Bakr the first Caliph and the father of Muhammad’s child-bride Aisha (hence the propensity for targeting young infidel girls by the Muslim rape-gangs) did not immediately attack the Byzantines and the Sassanids.  

Abu Bakr first dealt with the back-sliding local tribes who became apostates after the death of Muhammad and spent the years 632-634 putting them to the sword in the Ridda (Apostasy) Wars, and only then did the Arabs go on the offensive against the infidel.  Fast forward to today, and you may recall that Osama Bin Laden began his war on the West because the Saud’s were allowing infidel forces to remain in the kingdom and were thus viewed by him as apostates, the worst of criminals.

In the UK today, the apostates are targeted for attack, but not yet killed wholesale – as they are in countries across the Muslim world, in eight of which it is a capital offense.  How long before that is the case here, or in other European countries? It does not have to even be on the statute books to be enforced. Go ask Nissar Hussain who was beaten on camera in Bradford, and who was interviewed recently by Tommy, as well as other apostates across Britain also now in hiding and under police protection.  Is this the land in which you wish to live? If not, what is to be done?

Let us take the threat on, head on.  Address their worst “crime”, freedom of conscience, which to us is the basis of all western civilisation since Luther and on which the modern democratic world was built.  If we shirk this confrontation, we lose our civilisation, our freedoms and our self-respect. Is that what you want? Will you rise, join the marches and donate your cash now to defend your family in the future?  This is where we are, so what will you do?

Tommy is the canary in the mine, warning us in time to wrest back our freedoms and drive on from here to even greater liberties – not just for us but for the 1.6 billion Muslims living under the genocidal threat to kill them if they have the nerve to call time on advocacy for the panoply of medieval laws.   

The Legalise Apostasy campaign has been devised to attack those nations that continue to kill, threaten and punish Muslims who wish to leave Islam and also to take legal action against all advocates in this country of the Sharia’s call to execute apostates.  In this way we discredit Islam forever, forcing it on the back foot and eventually destroying its ability to hold on to its unwilling victims.

The Sharia calls for genocide as defined by Article 2 of the 1948 Genocide Convention, as all its major law schools demonstrate “specific intent” and “conscious desire” to “destroy” the “victim” religious group, apostates from Islam.  

Further to this, if this government allows the Sharia to extend its tentacles into our legal apparatus, it will be in breach of Article 3 through its “inaction” by not protecting apostates and allowing the Sharia’s “incitement” against them, equating to government “complicity in genocide”.

The Legalise Apostasy campaign includes a petition to fight the genocidists.  Let us take on our opponents on ground of our choosing and be inspired by a noble cause whilst attacking the bully-boy apostate-killers.  Check out the Legalise Apostasy website, sign the petition and start freeing apostates from the murderous Sharia regimes in which they cower today and see off the Sharia-shills in this great nation.  

Legalise apostasy and we can hope for better days – if we attempt this but fail, it cannot be said we did not try before an alternative route is chosen, as it will be.


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