There has been much speculation about practices undertaken by other cultures, indeed, other races, here in the United Kingdom. Do we accept that those who come into our country have different ideas, different religions and different practices; do we even condone these practices or are we afraid to bring the perpetrators to justice for fear of offending them?

Female Genital Mutilation, Halal slaughter and forced marriages are just some of the matters that have been extensively discussed on these pages. In the main, they don’t apply to the white indigenous population but have been brought in through immigration. Some of these practices are not even laid down in the religious texts but are simply the customs of those who choose to make their homes here.

Over the centuries, Britain has been a target for immigrants as we Brits are known as a tolerant, welcoming nation and sanctuary for the oppressed and war-weary. We have assimilated immigrants from all over the world – Vikings from Scandinavia, Jews from all over the Continent and, in the 17th and 18th centuries, protestant Huguenots escaping from a France that was dominated by Catholicism.

We have a reputation for free speech and to my mind, as long as whoever comes to our country obeys the laws of our land, they must be allowed to undertake their own practices as they see fit. However, problems arise when those practices are against our laws here in the UK, and when we try to stop such practices we are accused of racism, despite the fact that we are not necessarily against the practices for reasons of race, but simply because they are against our law. And the law must be the same for everyone, not just native Britons.

Stuart Agnew talks about Female Genital Mutilation here on UKIP Daily. He is quite right, but matters should be taken a lot further than that.

For instance, I quite agree with Stuart that FGM carried out on young girls is tantamount to child abuse and if the matter is brought to the attention of the authorities, those carrying out the FGM should not only be charged with assault but the children should be taken into care, just as happens if a parent abuses a child under any other circumstances. FGM is already illegal in our country; there have been hundreds of cases throughout the UK so why is it that the authorities turn a blind eye to such practices and the number of prosecutions is infinitesimally small?

Similarly, ritual slaughter of animals who have not been previously stunned is downright cruel and the law should be brought to bear on such practices, with perpetrators charged with cruelty to animals.

Forced marriage of young children is against the child exploitation laws and possibly under-age marriage: the ‘husbands’ should be charged with having sex with a minor. The stories of husbands – and their mothers – beating newly-wed wives and treating them as slaves is simply domestic violence and should be treated in the same way as domestic violence in the indigenous population.

Gangs who groom older or vulnerable girls and then use them as sex slaves should be charged with coercion and if the girl is under age, as many of them are, the gang members should be charged with under-age sex. If the gang is Asian that shouldn’t be an excuse and the plea that ‘Well, that’s just their culture’ should be totally rejected.

Preaching hate-filled sermons in mosques or on the street would not be allowed if the preacher were a white Briton, so why is it allowed for others? It should result in a charge of incitement to violence and anyone demonstrating in the street against cartoons or books should be charged with disturbing the peace.

And so called ‘honour killings’ are simply murder, no more, no less. There have been some prosecutions of brothers and fathers murdering their young women who have strayed outside their own faith practices but we have laws against murder. I believe that if someone wants to live in our country we should welcome them with open arms – as long as they act within the law; our law.

Some immigrants go to Sharia councils if they have a problem and such councils hand out ‘judgements’ which are accepted by those who are before the courts but which are against our laws here in the UK. It has been reported that there are up to 100 Sharia courts in the UK, many of them dealing with purely religious matters relating to Islam, but others will consider different kinds of legal matters, including marriage and divorce. And the female’s views are taken as half the male’s views – if she’s lucky. Some courts refused to allow the female to air her views at all.

Many of these practices would not be tolerated among average Britons as they are illegal but it seems the police turn a blind eye to them so as not to appear racist. These matters are not racist; they might be undertaken mainly by followers of Islam but Islam is not a race, it is a religion and there are many other acts allowed in the Quran which are not tolerated in the UK. These include the death penalty for homosexuality, marriage between first cousins and amputation of criminals’ hands and feet as punishment.

We don’t tolerate these; why should we tolerate any of the other acts laid down in the Quran? I firmly believe that if anyone from anywhere in the world wants to live in Britain, they should abide by British laws.

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