Every day many of us get well researched and well-presented updates from Brexit Central with interviews and essays by key people. But nothing from UKIP. We get great output from Westmonster, Guido, Leave.EU, The Campaign for an Independent Britain, facts4eu.org, The Tax Payers Alliance and yourBrexit.co.uk. But nothing from UKIP. We get interesting emails from Change Britain, The Freedom Association, Euro Realist, Labour Leave, Spiked and even Tory leavers like John Redwood! But nothing from UKIP. None of the above organisations or people have anything like the resources of our fabulously funded MEPs; perhaps our own MEPs don’t want the gravy train to end.

Five hundred and thirty three days have passed since the Referendum and on almost every one of those days we’ve had traitors like Ken Clarke, Tony Blair, Nick Clegg and the ghastly Anna Soubry all over the pro-Brussels, pro-immigration media, undermining British interests at every opportunity. But what have we heard from our own MEPs? Hardly anything. We get little in the way of good ammunition from our own people who should be providing persuasive arguments like this. They think that a few Tweets constitute ‘work’ and that a few ‘likes’ from their mates and each other indicates mass support. Please note, Lily Allen has 5.9 million followers, how many MEPs even have 5900? Per constituency, their Twitter numbers are pathetic, hence our General Election wipe out.

Spokesmen. What spokesmen? ‘Ah but we’ve had some emails from HQ’ I hear you say. Yes, two or three in the 70 days since Henry became leader, one telling us who the new spokesmen are – not that many of them have actually spoken. And one embarrassing email revealed the dreadful state that our membership and finances are in. Why not something positive and passionate about policy or our position on the serious issues of the day? Where are the unarguable five reasons why we must leave the EU?

Activity and achievement are two different things. Apart from Nigel Farage, the rest of our fabulously funded MEPs have achieved little prominence. They are nowhere in the media back home. Some MEPs have visited branches but this is preaching to the converted, not engaging with the public. I’ve said all this before, months ago here and many people agreed with me, including some MEPs! But in true UKIP style nothing has changed.

How hard is it to make a video? We’ve seen stunning video commentary from Paul Joseph Watson here, Pat Condell here and many, many others. Their audiences are counted in the millions – but nothing from UKIP. Our MEPs aren’t even trying, they’ve done nothing useful in 533 days; all we ever see are dismal clips from Brussels. ‘Direct to Camera’ video costs nothing, Pat Condell’s biggest expense is the occasional new jumper. Henry did put a short DTC piece onto Facebook but it was more about what he’d been doing that week, it wasn’t making UKIP’s case on anything. By contrast, listen to the fighting talk of Katie Hopkins’ here.

But what’s this? A fancy, expensive pro-Brexit video by EFDD dated November 7th! Hoorah! How much taxpayers money went into that? And how many people have viewed it? Hardly anyone! A month later on YouTube, it has a truly pathetic 168 views, let me say that again, 168 views in a month. By contrast, PJW’s Trump Tweet video has 338,000 views in a week … so what on earth is going on? The EFDD video does have more views on Facebook but there’s something very fishy going on here; I asked several UKIP seniors for the link, including HQ and no one had seen it or could provide the link. And anyway, how many UKIP members use Facebook? 10% 20% 30%?

Talking of Facebook – Henry Bolton was very good on Question Time! It takes real skill to even be heard in this hostile, BBC biased battleground. Henry’s clips on Facebook were good but 1) less than half our members use Facebook and 2) they are out of context; anyone watching the whole show will also be getting the enemies’ propaganda attacking us. It’s far better to be making our own, carefully constructed, uninterrupted, persuasive video output. We need Henry making videos which hit million plus audiences. We’ll wait another year for any MEP to make a watchable two minute video. This took a lunchbreak and a few coffees to make as a demo. Why have we had none since? Who is sabotaging UKIP’s media efforts?

Where is our millions-strong database? 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU last year, 3.9 million people voted UKIP in 2015, 4.3 million people voted UKIP in 2014. After 20 years our email database should be massive. But it isn’t. It’s been messed up, to put it politely, by the people entrusted to look after it. So, let’s get a grip of things, say goodbye to the people who wrecked it and start work on one huge, proper database.

How many MEPs does it take to run a petition? It costs nothing to run a petition and some really capture the public mood. ‘Make Votes Matter’ is over 289,000 signatures. ‘Imprison or deport people on the terror watchlist’ is past 250,000. Mike Hookem’s fisheries petition was the first UKIP petition in a long time but as it’s one of the government ones, we don’t get the emails of the supporters; isn’t that half the point of doing them? But beware poorly supported petitions. Mike’s, with 40,000 supporters, tells the Remain camp that only a fraction of the 17.4 million who voted ‘leave’ can be bothered to support Brexit petitions.

Finally, Henry, please embrace the internet age. You haven’t time to go around the country shaking hands with everyone. Far better, talk to the entire membership and the country instantly by sticking a camera on your desk, look us in the eye and say exactly what needs to be said; let’s shout about the countless positive reasons for Brexit and UK Independence!

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