The party and all of us who have previously supported UKIP demanding a referendum on EU membership are now wandering around with no apparent direction. No one at the time considered the unexpected result that we would win the referendum but then be in the hands of a predominantly Remain cabinet and parliament.

UKIP Manifesto for 2020, (suggested by me)

Repeal the European Communities Act 1972.

Enforce UK Solitary Control of Borders.

Repeal European Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC.

Repeal EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and replace with British Emissions Regulation.

Repeal Working time Directive 2003/88/EC.

Repeal Climate Change Act 2008.

Repeal International Development Bill 2015.

European Communities Act 1972

Other authors like Gerard Batten have argued that we need to repeal the European Communities Act of 1972 to rid ourselves of European legislation and governance by EU bodies. I agree that this is required in addition to invoking Article 50 but it is not likely to happen in the existing parliament, so we need a majority of Leave MPs to make it happen.

Borders & migration

We are likely to get a compromise deal with Theresa May attempting the impossible task of pleasing everyone and in the process actually pleasing no one. No deal between the EU and the UK over migration can ever be acceptable to the 17.4 million who voted Leave. The only acceptable result must be UK total and solitary control of migration; anything less will result in leaky borders.

Rivers & waterways

Since Romans times there have been ongoing efforts to create and clear waterways, floodplains and marshland. This water management has worked successfully for 1966 years providing land for agriculture and homes and business free from flooding.

This all changed in 2000 when the UK government passed into UK Law the European Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC. One way they forced this to work was by designating the dredged mud as hazardous waste that cannot now be spread on nearby land but has to be taken away to special disposal areas. The disposal of hazardous waste carries a fee.

Now when unseasonably high rainfall occurs, the waterways and rivers burst their banks and wash away bridges and walls and hedges and drown thousands of properties. The government says it’s all to do with climate change. Rubbish. Their solution is to build flood defences which in effect means raising the land.

So for evermore as the waterways continue to silt up we will need to raise the surrounding land always to keep the breadth and depth of our waterways large enough to cope with even unusual rainfall. Maintaining the present policy will return reclaimed land back to water meadow and swamp as it was before the Romans arrived. This Directive must be repealed.

Radio & TV interference

Back in 1989 the government brought into UK Law the Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 89/336/EEC supposedly to protect the radio environment from interference by all and any electrical and electronic apparatus. Then the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC superseded the 1989 EMC Directive.

These Directives imposed draconian levels of emissions restrictions on electrical apparatus and electronic equipment and radio equipment that were niche market and small quantity production whilst allowing huge levels of emissions from mass-market electrical goods.

All goods thereafter had to be tested in approved test houses at a cost between £4000 and £10,000 per version of equipment before being put on the market bearing a CE mark. This was simply unaffordable to most small and medium sized businesses producing small product quantities, so hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses closed down.

Since then the mass-market manufacturers have flooded the market with new products, often together with switch mode transformer units that have literally filled the radio spectrum with digitally generated noise. The solution of course is to repeal the EMC Directive and introduce a new British Emissions Regulation requiring all electronic and electrical equipment to meet minimum standards. All imported electrical goods must meet this standard, even goods from (or via) the EU.

Working Time Directive

The Working Time Directive 2003/88/EC was supposedly brought in to prevent employers from exploiting employees and forcing them to work excessive and unsociable hours. Britain held out a veto over this for a while but then the EU brought in the legislation via the Health & Safety route where Qualified Majority Voting avoided the veto. So the UK was then forced to make it part of UK law, to the detriment of huge numbers of employers and employees.

My son works for the NHS and every week they need more staff like him to do the work but he is not allowed to continue without a break of between one and three hours before starting overtime. Like many workers he would be glad to work a lot more overtime but the regulation prevents it.

Many businesses including the NHS can opt-out but it is something that needs to be agreed with the government. This Directive has a debilitating effect on both employers and employees and is a classic example of left-wing stupidity. It needs to be repealed.

Climate Change, or Global Warming.

The Climate Change Act was brought in by Labour in 2008 and commits the UK to an 80% reduction of CO2 by 2050 compared with levels produced in 1990. That is ludicrous and unachievable and would require ALL fossil fuel fired electricity generating stations to be closed down before then.

The Act also made it the law that NO coal fired electricity-generating stations could be built unless they included carbon capture and storage (CCS). That has been trialled but abandoned as technically and financially unviable. Germany has closed its nuclear plants and is building or refurbishing 11 coal and lignite fuelled electricity-generating stations. They didn’t enact the CCS requirement nor are they worried about increasing their CO2 emissions, so why should we be the only country in the world doing it?

The alternative Combined Cycle Gas Turbine electricity generating stations are highly efficient, low pollution, and relatively cheap and quick to build. The trouble is that while the Climate Change Act forces us to a steady reduction in CO2 generation no company is willing to invest in building one. Unless we want the lights to go out in the name of environmentalism this Act must be repealed.

Overseas aid

The United Nations in 1970 set a target for industrial nations to aim to give to poorer countries 0.7% of Gross National Income. Since then very few have come close to this with the average being around 0.3%. Notable exceptions are Sweden 1.4%, Netherlands 0.76%, Norway 1.05%, Denmark 0.85%, and Luxemburg 0.93%.

To put it into perspective though, in terms of Gross Domestic Product in 2015 Sweden had no deficit, Netherlands a deficit of 1.8%, Norway a surplus of 5.7%, Denmark a deficit of 2.1%, and Luxemburg a surplus of 1.2%.

The UK passed the International Development Bill in 2015 brought as a Private Members Bill by the Liberal MP Michael Moore that we henceforth give away 0.7% of Gross National Income. We then had to hurriedly to find countries to which we gave a total of £12,239,000,000, some of whom have a bigger economy than us.

The ludicrous thing about this is that in 2015 the UK government had a deficit of about £60bn, which is the amount of expenditure exceeding income. In a nutshell then we borrowed £12.24b from the IMF and gave it to other countries, without the approval of the UK taxpayer to whom the liability now rests. And we will continue borrowing henceforth until we stop this nonsense.

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