On 29th April, the European Parliament debated a 10 point plan on the Mediterranean refugee/migrant problem.

Point 7 of the plan would allow see a pilot project introduced that would give power to the EU to decide where migrants would be sent after landing on European shores.  This effectively hands control of migration and asylum policy to the EU.

There is never a crisis that the EU cannot take advantage of in order to extend its power and dominion. UKIP has called for David Cameron to reject this plan. 

So where should these refugees and migrants go? Most of them are Muslims. Surely it would be more appropriate for them to seek refuge and asylum in other Muslim countries where they share a religion and a common or similar culture?

The Muslim world includes the richest countries in the world, such as Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Dubai, and of course Brunei whose Sultan is the richest man in the world.

These counties are awash with billions of dollars in oil revenues, so why aren’t they offering to take these people in?  And why isn’t the EU and  European governments demanding that they do so? Instead the EU wants to let them into Europe; and many want to come all the way across Europe to settle in England, a small island off the coast of Europe and one of the most densely populated countries in the world.  

If this policy is pursued we will see hundreds of thousands, if not millions, more people flood into Europe and the UK, as North Africa, the Middle East, and Africa descend into chaos in the wake of the rise of Islamic fundamentalist extremism.

(Editor: This piece was originally written by Gerard Batten on his blog here on 29th April. We have changed the tense of some sentences in the article)

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