At around 4:30 on the morning of 10th August 2017, I awoke with an idea. For two hours, I solidified it in my thinking and in three hours began to write it down. This is what came to me.

The tensions between North Korea and the United States are terrifyingly real. Despite the long-term provocations from this dictatorial state, they are slowly progressing toward a nuclear capability and the combination of that with an emotionally driven POTUS is, indeed, concerning. Is it, though, concerning enough, for us to do something about it?

Kim Jong-un relies upon his relentless belligerence to keep an adoringly suppressed populace in place. It is, for him, an essential distraction as he has little else to offer but constant reassurance of his own myth of divinity. The closed and adulatory regime he has around him only serves to reinforce his belief in his own righteousness and it is no longer a stretch of the imagination to contemplate a real and destabilising first strike.

Someone who believes in his own invincibility and is never contradicted may truly feel his greatness will be everlasting if he proves to his people that he is much more than his father or grandfather and that the world would prostrate itself at his feet after his wondrous act.

This probable reality must be prevented. As with all major conflicts and revolutions, they were seen coming by those who took the time to look. Most of them, probably, could have been avoided were different actions to have been taken before it was too late. This scenario is similar.

However, there is a trump card (no pun intended). North Korea is dependent upon one great country for its survival and the continuance of its military objectives. China has the key to control North Korea for without Chinese trade and support the money would dry up and whilst the people would suffer even more hardship it would be preferable to nuclear obliteration. However, China isn’t doing enough.

Whilst is appears that the Chinese are equally twitchy about North Korea, they are, clearly, only taking actions which would limit negative economic consequences to themselves. The Chinese are tiptoeing towards nothing very substantial, whilst the world watches in horror.

It is time to shift the balance, and it is the people of the western world who can do it.

The first day of February 2018 will (could) become D+ day. On that day, and until the world sees real and verifiable evidence of a decommissioning of the North Korean nuclear arsenal, we, the people of the western world, will simply stop buying anything that is made in or originates from China.

The watch word on everybody’s lips will simply be ‘Where’s it Made’?

The beauty of this approach is that it is not dependent upon governments, politicians or bureaucrats. It needs no approval, consent or facilitation and the word can be spread like wildfire from person to person with no formal interventions at all.

The second exciting aspect is that we may not need to so anything at all after 1st Feb 2018. Preparations alone and the growing and visible expressions of intent may well be enough to motivate the Chinese government to act forcefully and end this instability. With the spending power of over a billion people, this action could be very influential indeed.

It is Democracy Plus; it has nothing to do with government or representation, nothing to do with voting, or authority and nothing to do with protests or demonstrations. It is a collective and passive action individually expressed for a common good. It is a process whereby each of us can really make a difference and nobody can stop us doing it.

If I am elected leader of UKIP, I will throw the whole weight of the party behind this campaign. We will set up a D+ section of the party so people can contribute time, effort and money to make this happen and we will spread the message far and wide. ‘Where’s it Made’ will become a very well used phrase indeed. We will constantly list the companies that sell Chinese goods and list the products that originate there. Chinese restaurants will be putting up notices in their windows to say ‘no food sold here comes from China’ or they may have no customers. Under my leadership, the party will promote Democracy Plus as a completely new way to effect political change.

It is well known that to create a mass movement of this type is very difficult to do and quite impossible to predict. Some things just go viral for no good reason and others not but, in this case, a simple logical path exists and has been set out by events.

People, most probably, will want a very good reason indeed to ask this question every time they plan a purchase; a very good reason to wear a ‘Where’s it Made’ badge, to fly a ‘Where’s it Made’ flag or to positively alter their buying patterns at some inconvenience to themselves. I think we have one. If the prevention of a nuclear conflict on this planet isn’t reason enough to modify a small part of one’s lifestyle, we really are in trouble.

It is no improbable stretch of the imagination to also consider the use of mass individual actions in resolving other major world problems. After all, our leaders seem to be unable to do it.

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