Written by Mary Curran


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The squirrels are big and nasty enough, but there are even bigger nastier beasties in the background,scarcely mentioned if at all, by the mainstream. Here’s a random round-up of some of them: 

EU Security Treaty: 

I am totally certain that the Government will shortly sign a Security Treaty with the EU. I maintain this would have been so even in the event of “No Deal”. Government maintains that this is necessary in the interests of effective cooperation with the EU over crime etc, but it will in reality subjugate us. I recommend Torquil Dick-Erikson’s articles generally but particularly this one!

In particular, the abominable EU Arrest Warrant will be maintained, providing a “grappling iron” for the EU Public Prosecutor to grab any one of us for no reason, kidnap and incarcerate us without due process for years. Even if this were not so, Torquil Dick-Erikson says that the 2003 Extradition Treaty needs amending to ensure that due process is observed in extradition cases. 

EU Global Compact for Migration:

Everyone knows about the migrant dinghy arrivals. But the real biggie, this Compact, will kick in after “Brexit” is “finalised.”

It will doubtless open the floodgates on a scale never seen before, and further curtail European citizens’ rights particularly re free speech. No provision appears to have been made for the funding of this invasion, and no thought given as to the impact on employment and national resources. All first world countries were invited to sign but not all did. The US refused. But TMay bless her cotton socks, signed (needless to say). She who promised Brexit would mean Brexit, which would include control of borders and sovereignty! So much for that!

Former Independent MEP Janice Atkinson says here that the EU aim to migrate 59 million people from the 3rd world to Europe by 2025, and says that it will be legally binding.

My MP and others assured us the Compact wasn’t legally binding; but in this footage Janice Atkinson shows us a document dated 1/2/2019 by EU Commission Legal Service. Section 46 concludes that the Compact “has legal effects and will decisively influence control of legislation adopted by the EU”. Also, here is Vivian Evans’ two-part article re the Marrakesh Agreement, including the text.


This has been cleverly omitted from Brexit negotiations. Perhaps the Powers that Be were hoping we wouldn’t notice? Meanwhile the military- security spider’s web spreads its tentacles round us. UK Column has for some time been showing how this operates. E.g, the UK is still tied to the EU, Brexit or not, on the issue of defence procurement and operational cooperation. UK Column’s military spokesman David Ellis calls this the EU “Boobytrap”. The ultimate aim is to unite all EU states’ military capacity under single EU control. And the military is becoming “fused,”or embedded, in civilian affairs. Eg the 77th brigade snoops on UK citizens, and troops are being used to Test and Trace. The Powers that Be obviously regard us UK Citizens, as the enemy.

Brexit Withdrawal Agreement:

Here Richard Braine details some of the nasties contained therein. In particular, I draw attention to our £500billion liability in the event of EU investment banks’ failure. Ralph Protheroe’s article here details another consequence of the Withdrawal Agreement – the EU Joint Committee. UK Column frequently refers to the Government of Occupation that we now suffer from, although they don’t mention the Joint Committee by name. They show also how the Cabinet Office plays a central part and how power is gravitating to the Cabinet Office.

And finally …

Most people are aware of some of the past 9 months’ colossal assaults on civil liberties. But less publicised are: only one instead of two doctors’ signatures are now required on a death certificate, or to section people on mental health grounds. And the State now has power to grab us or our children on “Covid” grounds and send us to a “quarantining” centre. Big Brother Watch details the various outrages and the action they’ve taken to fight them. The Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill , aka License to Kill Bill, ends the Rule of Law. It allows security and health officials and other authorities to commit criminal acts unpunished.  

In conclusion, Covid 19 was a “beneficial crisis” providing a smokescreen for an unprecedented power grab and hemorrhaging of power to the globalists and EU.

The Government’s own statistics show no evidence of a “2nd wave” and therefore suggest that the current lockdowns and draconian restrictions are totally disproportionate and unjustified. 

But of course the health of the nation is not the real agenda here … 


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