Sometime ago, I remember reading an account written by someone who was on holiday at the English seaside on the day that World War One broke out. I can’t find this particular account, the nearest I can find is this article from the Sunday Express, titled “1914: The day World War One broke out…how we reported the outbreak 100 years ago”.

The account that I originally read, described how people on the beach on a sunny summer’s day heard the news that war had broken out. After half an hour or so of subdued silence, people went back to swimming and playing on the beach, nobody seemed able to, or even wanted to, accept the reality of what had just happened.

When the author of this account was making his way home with his family, already there were military movements, but still the reality failed to set in. It seems that always as we head in to war that nobody wants to face up to it until the reality is forced upon them.

My grandmother was a lovely woman and a huge influence on my life. She was gentle, kind, hard working and loving. The day that I attended her funeral, my father gave a speech where he described how my grandmother had been heartbroken all of her life by the loss of her brother in World War Two.

My grandmother’s brother had joined the Navy at the start of the war, when she said goodbye to him she didn’t expect that she’d never see him again but he was dead a few weeks later. It seems to me that times like this are when people finally are forced to accept the reality of war, it can no longer be denied.

I’ve written here before about my grandfather on the other side of my family that lied about his age to get into the First World War, he was too young, he lied again to get into the Second World War, he was too old. My grandfather must have been through hell, but he was a patriot, he was not about to let anyone march into his country.

Our country and its success didn’t happen by accident, it came about by hundreds of years of toil, sacrifice and innovation. It seems very ironic to me that in the end our country has been easily, very nearly taken from us, through a process of betrayal, treason, corruption, lies and deceit.

At the start of the last two world wars, the country was in an economic and financial mess, we were ill prepared and our politicians too really didn’t want to face the reality of the coming wars, but of course the reality was eventually forced upon them.

Today after decades of globalisation, where our politicians have sold out our sovereignty to the European Union and even the United Nations, our politicians are in too deep, they would prefer not to face the consequences of their treason. Our politicians would prefer to hide behind a facade of lies, deceit and Politically Correct propaganda than warn us and allow us to prepare for a coming conflict and conflict there will be.

Here is a very interesting article from: Dr. Alan Ned Sabrosky (PhD, University of Michigan) is a ten-year Marine Corps veteran. He served two tours in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division and is a graduate of the US Army War College: “Europe and the Migrant Wars.

I could have quoted from many sources this kind of information so Dr Sabrosky is not alone in his thoughts. In recent years the European Union has let into Europe millions of military age illegal immigrants, many of them are Muslims and have a culture totally alien to our own. There is currently a migrant caravan headed towards the USA comprised of similar people, the above article discusses this.

As even Angela Merkel admits: Multiculturalism is a lie, she says that she expects them to integrate, all of the evidence so far suggests that they will not. Immigration into our country has caused enormous strain on our social and economic infrastructure and this will get much worse.

Of course we get no thanks for the sacrifice of our countries as shown by the endless gang rape of our women, grooming and exploitation of our children, bombing, stabbing and murdering of our countrymen are a testament too.

Statistical projections show that in a very few decades we will be a Muslim country; your children and grandchildren will not enjoy the freedoms that we have enjoyed. As Dr Sabrosky says:

Europe collectively and especially Germany are at a crossroads now, and whichever path they take will be inexorably final. They can be ruthless now and recover what they had before the migrant invasion occurred, or they can be restrained now and ruined forever. Choose wisely – and then strike back hard and fast.”

The above article is well worth a read. I think we all realise now that our current predicament was carefully planned by globalists and their various organisations, primarily the European Union and the United Nations but there are others including Non Government Organisations, many of these funded by the likes of George Soros. Yet still our government led by Theresa May refuse to allow us to break away from the European Union. This will end in disaster for our country and way of life.

There will come a time in the not too distant future when, like our parents and grandparents, we will have to accept the fact that we are at war, the lies and propaganda will count for nothing and we will have no other option than to fight.

We must not allow ourselves to be guilt tripped for our past successes, so called white privilege or any other ridiculous propaganda. We must be proud once again of our heritage and our country. We must accept and realise that White Genocide is a very carefully planned reality, planned by globalists and their organisations, that day is going to come whether you like it or not.

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