On Christmas Eve I wrote about the way cultural Marxists in the National Archives had been using an exhibition of historical photographs to promote the view of the British Empire being involved in slavery and thus supporting the leftist view that our history was shameful and that we have to atone for it. You can read it all here.

But there is worse news, and it indicates something more disturbing than just the denigration and re-interpretation of our more distant past.

On Boxing Day, I scanned the headlines of various online media and came across one item which made me rub my eyes in astonishment. This item was on RT (a.k.a. ‘Russia Today’) – but before you say ‘Putin Propaganda’, let me reassure you: they were only quoting an article which had just been published in the Guardian.
The headline on RT was a giveaway:

What files? Thousands of govt papers on Falklands & Troubles vanish from National Archives

It is, however, much worse than just the National Archives ‘losing’ important files. The headline in The Guardian is more forthcoming:

Government admits ‘losing’ thousands of papers from National Archives

What happened, according to that report, is that civil servants from various departments removed these files from the National Archives and then reported them as ‘lost’:

“Almost 1,000 files, each thought to contain dozens of papers, are affected. In most instances, the entire file is said to have been mislaid after being removed from public view at the archives and taken back to Whitehall. [..] In other instances, papers from within files have been carefully selected and taken away. […] The disappearances highlight the ease with which government departments can commandeer official papers long after they have been declassified and made available to historians and the public at the archives at Kew, south-west London.”

Two points occur immediately to the interested reader: which Whitehall departments were involved? To no-one’s surprise, they are the Home Office, the FCO and the MoD. The interested reader would, of course, like to know what they are hiding and why.

The other point is that in this way – by hiding files – said Whitehall Departments could easily throw out any Freedom-of-Information requests by the unwashed public. Keep in mind that all these ‘lost’ files had officially been de-classified and made available to the public – us, who pay for this sort of thing.

It is of course not just the ordinary public who is prevented from accessing these files – so are historians especially, but also journalists. Thus all sort of speculations are given free rein, as is the perversion of our history by ‘interpreters’ with a vested interest to make us look as bad as possible: if there are no documents to refute claims that the British Empire supported slavery, as my previous article described, then surely we must accept that leftist view without questioning!

There’s a hefty sting in this sorry tale. The Guardian article linked to above refers to one written four years ago! There, the same author writes:

“The Foreign Office has unlawfully hoarded more than a million files of historic documents that should have been declassified and handed over to the National Archives, the Guardian has discovered.

The files are being kept in a secret archive at a high-security government communications centre in Buckinghamshire, north of London, where they occupy mile after mile of shelving.

Most of the papers are many decades old – some were created in the 19th century – and document in fine detail British foreign relations throughout two world wars, the cold war, withdrawal from empire and entry into the common market.

They have been kept from public view in breach of the Public Records Acts, which requires that all government documents become public once they are 30 years old – a term about to be reduced to 20 years – unless the department has received permission from the lord chancellor to hold them for a longer period. The secret archive is also beyond the reach of the Freedom of Information Act.

The culprits are named in that old report, and again we note that it’s not just the FCO, but that the Home Office, as well as the MoD, have similar ‘secret’ archives.

Whitehall Mandarins have thus undermined the Freedom of Information Act – by using secret archives and by ‘losing’ files which legally should be accessible to the public. Let’s not be mealy-mouthed here: they have been and are acting illegally.

These are the same people who are dragging their feet over the Brexit negotiations if not consciously obstructing them. These are the same people who tell our ministers – elected by us in a GE – what to do. These are the same people who have created ‘Project Fear’, who have never envisaged that we’d vote for Leave and thus didn’t even bother to draft contingency plans. These are the same people who are so full of disdain for us and our elected representatives, the MPs and government, that they act illegally, for years, with impunity – and get gongs for their illegal acts in a New Year’s Honours List!

They obviously think that falsification of our History by leftist professors is neither here nor there. We, the plebs, simply don’t need to know. They obviously think that they are the ‘elect’, steering the fate of our nation: by allowing cultural Marxists to flourish, undermining our whole education system; by selectively allowing ‘suitable’ files to be used for historical research; by undermining our belief in our Nation, making us easy prey for the globalists and ‘no-border’ fantasists, thus shackling us to the supranational dead body of the EU.

I’ve learned two things from this sorry story: the Sir Humphreys do not want us to be proud of our achievements, and they don’t care if we and our children are being brainwashed through the selective and selected interpretation of our History by leftist professors. Furthermore, the Sir Humphreys don’t give a toss (I’m refraining with difficulty from using stronger expressions!) about our country, about our Nation.

If they want to prove me wrong, if they think my interpretation of their disgraceful, illegal activities is unjustified, then there’s one action they can take immediately: find and release all those ‘lost’ files!

Surely, they don’t need to worry about anything because surely they have nothing to hide …
But then again, perhaps they do?

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