There is a new phenomenon to be noticed across Europe, or rather across the main EU net contributors, namely the UK, Germany and France: the celebration of loss of democracy. This phenomenon is embodied in several nations’ mainstream media (“MSM”) and enhanced by social media, i.e. Facebook and Twitter. Recently, it was evident in the self-congratulatory excess among some, which was, to put it mildly, astonishing, at the news that Marine Le Pen’s Front National did not win a single region in the second round of the French Regional elections. Some people celebrated in the official MSM and on social media as if Hitler’s Hordes had been stopped at the gates.

I use the phrase “Hitler’s Hordes” on purpose because that is exactly how those “celebrating”, in Germany, France and here, describe the Front National. Before you shrug your shoulders and say that, there is no smoke without fire and Marine Le Pen is, ahem, unsavoury, innit like, be well aware that this is exactly how UKIP is regarded, and how the AfD, the German “Alternative fuer Deutschland”, is described by those people.

We in the UK know full well how UKIP and our candidates have been and are defamed and smeared during elections. It is no different in France and Germany. What is different is that this meme, “they are fascists and must be fought”, is now poured all over the EU wherever patriotic parties dare to stand. The “International Left” knows best, and the will of nations electing conservative, patriotic parties, must be denounced, from Poland and Hungary to Germany, France and the UK.

You surely have noticed that more and more “with it”, “cool” online papers are not doing research any longer but using tweets from “celebrities” and from so-called “normal” people as facts, whereas they are of course nothing but personal opinions. In this huge echo chamber, where opinions become facts because they’re on social media, the views of the self-declared “elites” become the norm and any diversion from those views is immediately shouted down and denigrated. Facts don’t matter- facts such as that Marine Le Pen increased her take of the vote to 6.5 million, nationally, and was stopped by the now familiar “coalition” of lying establishment parties, see here . We here in the UK know exactly what happened, we’ve been there ourselves. 

But there’s worse – worse because we still assume that all would be well if only we could bring forth our arguments, if only we could be heard. Well, sadly there are those who prevent that at all costs: the official and unofficial “Left” in our countries who are occupying the MSM and determining the political discourse, helped by their own “boots on the ground”, the “Hope not Hate”, UAF (“United against Fascism”), or the “Antifa” in Germany.

Meanwhile, prominent German journalists denounce all who are questioning Madame Merkel’s policies as frightened, thoughtless idiots who ought to be silenced. That’s nearly 50% of Germans who should not open their mouths – just as the 6.5 million of French ought not to be heard. The pattern is quite simple: any opinion, any person who is to the right of “socialism” is a Nazi and must be destroyed. Just because we here in the UK don’t have elections right now, and are thus spared the comparison with Hitler’s Hordes for the moment, doesn’t mean this attitude has gone away.

So who are these people? I’m afraid it’s the generation of 18-40 years old, those who have been indoctrinated in schools and academe for decades that we, as a country and as people, are despicable and deserve to be suppressed and punished. This article shows in devastating clarity what has been going on and is going on. There isn’t just a Fifth Column at work in our country – there are also generations of Quislings.

I leave you with the thought that it’s always darkest before dawn – and with the observation that the days will start getting longer from next week onwards. The first robins have already been heard singing at dawn in our gardens …

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