Today is the last day in this campaign, the last day before we all must stand up to be counted if we want our country back.

We’ve all ‘enjoyed’ the campaign waged by the Westminster media against UKIP, either from the Left, with the BBC at the front, followed by the Guardian, or from the “Right”, that is the Tories, waged by the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail as exemplary fighters.

We didn’t mind the opinion pieces, the ‘news’ about Nigel Farage, the ‘gosh golly, they don’t sound like fruitcakes’ reports about other candidates like Tim Aker and Victoria Ayling. There were always opportunities to make our voices heard in the comments sections – up to a point, that is.

Yesterday and early today however, there have been two blatant pieces of election propaganda – not as opinion pieces, not as editorials, but as plain, in-yer-face ‘you must vote this way or else’ – ‘or else’ of course being the bugbear of a Miliband victory, propped up by the SNP. Never mind that the MSM have been ohh-ing and ahh-ing about that phenomenon which is Nicola Sturgeon, who doesn’t even stand as a candidate in this election, and whose party only stands in Scotland – no, it’s ‘vote Cameron or the sturgeon will get you’.

Who do these writers, who do these editors think they are!

They’re like the vicars of old who preached from their pulpit whom their sheep must vote for, if they didn’t want to go straight to hell! This is what our modern society has degenerated into: political ‘High Priests’ from the MSM telling us what to think, whom to vote for!

Not surprisingly, that advice, or rather, that propaganda is not to vote UKIP in certain seats. The DT gives us 26 such seats, the Daily Mail goes one better and gives us 50 seats.

While the Daily Mail shows with colours how UKIP votes must switch to Tory, as if these seats were actually in our hands already, the DT cunningly avoids that.

Both these propaganda pieces, published for maximum impact on the last day of the election campaign, are basing their cries not to vote UKIP on the by now thoroughly discredited polls from the usual suspects – the polling companies which have been shown to be severely biased here on UKIP Daily for a good year now, by Brian Otridge (read his posts if you haven’t done so already!)

It does not enter the heads of the writers and editors of those two papers that voting UKIP in those particular seats will also keep Labour out. That, you see, the establishment cannot allow to happen. I do think, seriously, that the Westminster establishment is actually extremely relaxed about who gets to be the major party, Lab or Con, as long as that horrible UKIP fox can be kept well out of the Westminster hen house.

The voters opinions just don’t matter, nor do the political arguments we’ve put on the table.

But there’s been one other article, this time in the Spectator by the usually so astute Brendan O’Neill. While it is of course entirely up to him not to vote tomorrow, and to say so, what I found very sad is that so many comments on this article are applauding him and saying that they also will not vote.

How can we ever hope to change the dire situation we are in if even those who really ought to know better, and whose opinions chime with ours, refuse to vote because ‘they are all as bad as each other’ …

While there’s still time, if your constituency is amongst those named and listed in the DT and the Daily Mail, please inform your candidate of this propaganda, so they can address it in their last, final push!

Good luck, all and everybody, for tomorrow!

Photo by PropagandaTimes

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