The following letters by two contributors to UKIP Daily provide some great material for use in arguments against the “Remainians”, now that the starting shot to the Referendum has been fired by David Cameron.

The first, by Peter Baillie, is a very useful refutation to the often heard claim that there’d be war in Europe again if we didn’t have the EU:

Who has brought peace to Europe? Not the EU!

Apologists for the EU, desperate to seek a reason for us to remain, will often say that it has brought peace to Europe. This is another nonsensical argument trotted around by the hysterical fearmongers of the “In” lobby. It was the creation of NATO in 1949 – a military alliance of Western European countries lead by the USA – which brought stability and peace to a Europe devastated by WW11. NATO, still effectively dependent on US military power, has nothing to do with the EU. NATO was established as an alliance of sovereign nation states and has been tremendously effective in banishing another, major state-on-state war on our continent. It was ten years after the peace of 1945 and six years after the creation of NATO that senior politicians from six European nations – France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg – met at Messina in Sicily to discuss what would become the European Economic Community. And it was in 1958 – thirteen years into a serenely peaceful Western Europe – that what we then knew as the Common Market was formed. So much for the EU being a harbinger of peace! Proponents of the EU will often claim that it was formed on the basis of lofty ideals about co-operation among former enemies. The formation of the EU was not about peace – it was about power. France had suffered mightily at the hands of Germany three times in the space of 70 years. There was defeat and disgrace in the Franco Prussian War of 1870/71. The country suffered huge losses in the Great War of 1914/18 where the German Army surrendered while still holding French soil and then in WW11 came the abject humiliation of German occupation. For centuries France has seen itself as the master of Europe and time and again fought to assert her hegemony. What has become the EU was France’s means of regaining that mastery of Europe which she saw as her right. In 1953, in an act of pragmatic altruism, the world agreed to either write off or reschedule Germany’s crippling debt mountain. This would massively accelerate the country’s economic recovery and lead to the so-called “German Economic Miracle”. Germany however was also burdened by a great weight of guilt, desperate to atone for its monstrous crimes and be re-admitted to the community of nations. The European Economic Community was a pathway to that goal. Meanwhile, it could use its burgeoning economic power to counter France’s desire to dominate.The other four, smaller nations did what they had always done and bowed to the will of their two powerful neighbours. So, was it the EU that brought peace to Europe? No. It was peace that brought the EU to Europe and the people of our continent continue to pay a very heavy price. Indeed, we should be very afraid that the heavy handed, relentless and undemocratic urge by the EU elite to ride roughshod over the national sovereignty, culture, laws and traditions of member states could have a far from peaceful outcome. Britain’s exit from the EU would pose a major challenge to that relentless lust for power and we might, just as we have done in the past, save Europe from itself.

I will be voting to Leave.

Peter Bailley

The second letter is by Richard Mott, another contributor to UKIP Daily. His letter is a perfect medicine against the ‘Campaign of Fear’ which Cameron and the “Remainians” are starting to unleash:

We are GREAT Britain for a reason!
So it’s to be 23rd June – Independence Day, Freedom Day, Liberation Day, Resurrection Day, a new dawn, fresh start or rebirth – call it what you will. That day could prove to be the key that unlocks the shackles or the axe to cut through the Gordian Knot that is the European Union. In some ways we resemble the passengers on board the RMS Titanic. The difference now is that we can see the EU iceberg; we know what damage it will do if we do nothing; we have the time and opportunity to change course. We now have a life-boat which could provide us with the chance to leave the ship before it takes us beneath the waves. In the coming EU referendum campaign, pay attention to those who argue to remain. Watch out for all the excuses why we shouldn’t do this or can’t do that. Make a note of the defeatists, the pessimists, the cowards; witness the threats, veiled or otherwise, the lies, the vested interests; note those who are more concerned about private gain and self-interest than the restoration of our sovereignty and the unleashing of the innate energy of this nation; listen to the inertia of staying in the EU being the safest option. Why do some doubt? What’s happened to us? Too many spineless politicians telling us we are no longer good enough, that’s what. Free speech, reasoned argument and democracy stifled by left wingers spouting their vegetarian ideals with carnivorous ferocity. Are we no longer the people that saw off the Spanish Armada? Who was it that brought twilight to the territorial ambitions of the Sun King Louis XIV? Which country was at the forefront of abolishing slavery and then used its navy to enforce its eradication? Remind me who crushed, both militarily and financially, the tyrant Corsican emperor? Who gave its blood and treasure to defeat a certain Kaiser? Who stood alone and then provided the means to free Europe from the darkest shadow ever to stain that continent, if not the world? Still not convinced we’re GREAT Britain? Are we not the nation of Alfred the Great; Francis Drake; Walter Raleigh; Captains CookBligh and Vancouver; William Shakespeare; William Caxton; Dukes of Marlborough and Wellington; Horatio Nelson; Charles Babbage; Alan Turing; Alexander Fleming; Michael Faraday; David Livingstone; William Wilberforce; D H Lawrence; John Dalton; Joseph Priestly; Florence Nightingale; I K Brunel; George and Robert Stephenson; Marie Stopes;  James Clerk Maxwell; James Watt; Charles Darwin; Robert Hooke; Humphry Davey; Edward Elgar; C S Lewis; Stephen Hawking; Edward Jenner; Tim Berners-Lee; Thomas Hardy; Anthony Trollope; Lord Byron; Robert Burns; John Logie Baird; Howard Carter; Emmeline Pankhurst; Geoffrey Chaucer; Mary and Percy Shelley; Charles Dickens; Jane Austen; William Booth; Winston Churchill; Isaac Newton; H G Wells; Francis Bacon; William Wordsworth; Rudyard Kipling; Ernest Shackleton; Robert Baden-Powell; Charlie Chaplin; Laurence Olivier; Ridley Scott; Harold Pinter and so many more.Among our many contributions to the world are steam engines, railways, vaccines, a uniform postal service, fine china, the jet engine, computers and the World Wide Web. This remarkable little island created the largest empire known to history and has given the world its global language. Does all this count for nothing? We are GREAT Britain for a reason! And yet, is it really possible that this country could vote to remain an appendage of an entity claiming such notables as Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker, Herman van Rompuy and Angela MerkelWe are the envy of less happier lands and it shows. On 23rd June vote to leave the European Union.

Vote to restore our independence, pride and dignity. Per ardua ad astra.

Richard Mott

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