Our Western governments tell us that multiculturalism is the enlightened path and since Enoch Powell’s infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech any criticism of their multicultural agenda is immediately pounced upon by the Social Marxists and Politically Correct brigade, but is this fair now that we have imported abhorrent practices such as Female Genital Mutilation, honour killings and forced marriage which are becoming more and more widespread within the UK?

Any criticism or questioning of these practises has often been aimed at the followers of Islam yet moderate Muslims claim that these are cultural and not religious practices and this is why not all Muslims in the UK subscribe to such barbaric practises. There has to be some logic in this statement or else we would be seeing and hearing of many more of these types of crimes than we already are.

However, if this is the case and these are cultural and not religious practises then surely it raises the obvious question as to why are we are still promoting the concept of multiculturalism?

Surely by doing so we are allowing these practices to continue? Often in secret without the full glare of society falling upon then. These are crimes predominantly against women and children which are happening within our borders. Our authorities failure to intervene is once more the turning of a blind eye to issues which are too hot to handle in the diverse utopian mirage of 21st Century Britain.

Let me state from the outset that the UK is a multi-racial society and has been for centuries and will continue to be so long after this article has faded from memory.

So having stated that now let’s question the unquestionable and ask what are the benefits brought to the UK from the multiculturalist experiment which couldn’t or wouldn’t have been experienced through a policy of managed immigration and laws recognising freedom of religious expression?

Which incidentally already exist

The usual banal response is that our gourmet choice has been improved massively by having a multicultural society, but the notion that somehow if we didn’t allow multiculturalism to exist that immigrants to these shores would suddenly forget recipes at the border is quite frankly laughable and beyond logic.

There must be some advantage in allowing this to happen but I am unable to give one single benefit which could not be achieved and reproduced by a sensible and managed immigration policy and a legal right to religious freedoms.

Can you?

I can think of many disadvantages however in allowing multiculturalism to exist. The first and most obvious is that cultures will inevitably clash when what is acceptable to one group is not acceptable to another. This is how and why conflict exists the world over, people are people but what separates them primarily is culture. Yet we are allowing differing cultures to exist within our island nation and within our towns, villages and local communities without expecting full or even part integration in some cases.

We are already experiencing friction caused by cultural differences and why should anyone be surprised that the indigenous population would find certain practises, views and values from the third world would be unacceptable within our liberal, western secular society is beyond me?

Yet our authorities allow this social experiment to continue, even when at best it offends sensibilities by allowing segregation of the sexes or at worst looks the other way when children are being raped and abused by grooming gangs whose cultural points of reference sees these children as fair game and the lowest of the low.

We are a diverse, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious population and for years countless politicians have tried to define what ‘Being British’ is all about.

I would suggest that it’s very simple thing to answer.

It’s about culture, and the shared tradition and values of this wonderful, amazing country. We are weakened and divided by allowing multiculturalism to exist within our borders as we are all British and it’s only through shared values and traditions that we are united and strengthened together.

We need to be one community, where trust and certain standards of behaviour can be maintained and policed.

We need one culture and it’s the culture which millions from the four corners of the world have embraced on arrival here and it’s time to stand up for the values and traditions which have made this country a preferred destination of choice to people from all over the world.

Any traditions and practises which are at odds with the pre-existing culture should not be endorsed, condoned or ignored by our political leaders anymore. They should be highlighted, challenged and changed so as we can all enjoy shared values and standards with which to provide a safe environment to raise our families.

When we have the situation last week where West Midlands Police stated that it may not be in the interests of a child who had endured the horrors of female genital mutilation to see their parents prosecuted, then you know that acceptance of cultural practices which are at odds with those of this country has gone beyond what any reasonable person would ever have imagined possible.

Multiculturalism has failed so many and as it brings no discernible benefit which couldn’t be brought through a sensible immigration policy and religious freedom laws then it must be ended as soon as possible because too many women and children have seen their lives sacrificed to ensure this social construct continues.

Enough is enough and we in UKIP should vow to consign this to history where it belongs. We need to stand up and denounce this social manipulation which has allowed Third World cultural practises to be brought into UK society. These practises do not belong here and if the only way to stop them is to remove the multcultural express which brought them here, then grab yourself a hammer and a spanner as it’s time for UKIP to dismantle this particular train of politically correct thought.


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