1. Introduction

The report on Tony Blair’s claim that productivity in the UK has fallen since Brexit hours before new data revealed productivity growth has, in fact, hit a six-year high is typical of the lies and deceit by the Europhiles. It was not long ago that Nick Clegg vehemently said during his televised debate with Nigel Farage, that the EU was forming an army was a dangerous fallacy. This was an outrageous lie to the British public, yet he is being “rewarded” with a knighthood! (I hope most sincerely millions more people will sign the petition demanding that that he not be knighted.) Conservative Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has claimed the proportion of household growth in England down to immigration is 37 per cent. But Migration Watch says that according to the Labour Force Survey by the Office for National Statistics, 1.65 million of the 2 million new households (82%) needing homes in England between 2000-2015 were headed by someone who was an immigrant. In a stinging attack, Migration Watch UK said it was “entirely false and misleading” to suggest two-thirds of housing demand is the result of natural population growth.

Significantly, despite these obvious lies NO apologies are ever made public and none of the three political parties or their politicians publicly corrects them. They are all in it together. In fact, they are all following the deliberate lie about the UK’s loss of sovereignty by Ted Heath, Conservative prime minister in 1972. This lie was re-enforced and compounded by Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson when he instigated the EEC referendum in 1975 on the basis that the UK had simply joined a trading bloc.

  1. The cover-up

It is abundantly clear that the Conservative, Labour and Lim Dem parties have been following to the letter the advice given to them in the 1972 FCO paper FCO30/1048. This paper, which remained locked away for 30 years, advised the British Government to:

Cover-up the realities of EU membership so that by the time the public realised what was happening it would be too late (my emphasis).

So for over 45 years all three parties have clearly lied and deceived the British public as to their true intentions with regard to EU membership which was:

To destroy the United Kingdom as a sovereign nation and make it part of a supra-national European country. In the process the British public would effectively be dis-enfranchised, be made liable for horrendous costs to sustain the project and we would lose our nationality.

Think about that for a while!

It is absolutely devastating that three of our main political parties and their elected politicians have not only deceived the British public as to their true intentions for being in the EU, which was to destroy our nation, but incredulously, all three parties have consistently and deliberately maintained this deceit for over 45 years, and they are all still doing it!

  1. Current examples

3.1. The Labour and Lib Dem Parties and many politicians in the Conservative Party advocate staying in the EU’s customs union. WHY? It costs every household up to £1,000 extra/year.

The EU’s customs union is costing the average UK household up to an extra £1,000 per year. This must hurt poorer households, the Labour Party’s traditional support base, the most. Why do they not tell their members and the voters that they are making them pay more and for what benefit or purpose?

3.2. The Labour and Lib Dem parties and politicians in the Conservative Party advocate staying in the EU’s single market. WHY? It has already cost us well over £1 trillion.

After trading with the EEC/EU since 1973, the current accumulated balance of trade is a DEFICIT (loss) of well over £1 trillion. So trading with the EEC/EU has already cost us over £1 trillion. Conversely, since 1973 the current accumulated balance of trade with the rest of the world, using WTO rules, is a surplus (profit) of well over £200 billion.

Membership of the single market also entails free movement of people which inevitably costs the UK a fortune in money and puts a severe strain on all UK services such as the NHS, transport, housing etc and it is the UK citizen who inevitably loses out to the immigrants from the EU. The additional cost, 0.2% GDP, of supporting unskilled immigration from the EU due to free movement needs to be added to the £1 trillion total cost of being in the single market, as does the vastly increased costs of the pressures on the infrastructure and services due to increased population growth due to uncontrolled immigration from the EU. This figure has not apparently been calculated by the government and is not therefore publicised officially.

Every country in the world already has access to the single market with the EU. The USA and China are massive exporters to the single market without the facility of having a trade deal with the EU yet neither is bound to accept free movement of people or membership of the customs union. In addition, neither country has to bear the horrendous overhead cost of EU membership, currently estimated to be £185 billion/annum.

To be continued in Part Two here on UKIP Daily on Friday.

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