A communication from Mr. Punche-Bagge:

UKIP UKIP  . . . . wherefore art thou UKIP?

Are we of the “left” or of the “right”? Are we “old conservative dinosaurs” or are we “revised new Labour”?

Or none of the above? We need to know!

I have lately been following an “alternative” US-basedd …) outfit called “Collective Evolution”. I suspect that they are not the favourite cup of tea of the average Brit; parts of their output being of the kind that most might plonk straight into the “Wild and Wacky” bin and move on.

Other parts strike me as distinctly difficult to so dismiss, in particular, this exposition (26 minutes of good sense – stick with it) on how they view politics in the USA: the Trump – Clinton, Republican – Democrat, main media – fake news (etc) dichotomies.

So what sort of outfit are they? Their objective (I paraphrase here) is to create and publish sound independent unbiased evidence-led journalism. Since their advertising revenue is diminished, they are now seeking donations from the public. Independence costs money.

Over here, courtesy of the shenanigans over Brexit, it is now beyond doubt that our Parliamentarians do not work for us. What we don’t exactly know is for whom they do work.

But we can see how they work.

One point from the CE video that struck me forcibly is that David Kurten is right about Cultural Marxism – but it isn’t confined to education. It is also deployed to promote the “left” vs “right” factional infighting, on behalf of a shadowy “them” who seem to own the politicians on both sides. “They” retain power, whoever is elected. We can scent similar manipulations going on across Europe and America.

Whilst we might have a shrewd idea about who is pulling the strings, we cannot know. We cannot say how far “they” are coordinated, nor can we be sure how the strings work.

But we can give “them” a name – let’s follow Collective Evolution’s lead and call them “the Cabal”. Now we can talk about them. Instead of arguing interminably and ineffectually about the deliberately amorphous concepts of “left” and “right”, we can talk about the People versus the Cabal. This is the reality.

Back in UKIP, Gerard Batten has characterised the party he leads as not left, not right, but “just right” – he’s nearly there. Yet in truth our primary difference from other parties is that we are (so far) not owned by the Cabal (work with me here) – we are the People’s Party, funded by the membership.

A friend of mine who tried to persuade colleagues to make good use of IT systems would attempt to impart the reasoning behind the processes. To use a system to best advantage, an understanding of why it works must underpin the knowledge of what it does. Thus, when an unusual circumstance arises, it becomes possible to work out the best way of dealing with it. Without such knowledge, the wrong action becomes at least as likely as the right action. Knowledge of the “why” promotes good decisions.

UKIP’s manifesto is based on our member’s views, moderated by the good sense of those who took on the unenviable task of distilling it from the inchoate set of survey results. It is a fine testament to their sound judgement and diligent work.

Nevertheless, some results inevitably lack the “why” required to support the “what”. Some of it, in consequence, cannot be sensibly assessed; the suspicion lingers that some policies are included as a sop to either the “right” or to the “left”, in an attempt to appeal to as many as possible.

If UKIP is to fulfill its destiny as the People’s Party, this will not do.

We need to consign the Culturally Marxist “left-right” dichotomy to the bin and look at these policies through the “People versus the Cabal” prism. Supporters of both left and right should recalibrate their allegiances.

To provide the “why” as well as the “what” for our manifesto we need a “think tank” or two to undertake the investigative spade-work that will underpin our policies with evidence and reason. I’m guessing that such independent organisations already exist if we are prepared to look for them – we need to harness their output.

The party needs to put in place a transparent Policy Development Process to review and update the manifesto. We cannot afford to let it be hijacked by a secretive (Cabal-serving?) clique in the future.

The Cabal will certainly infiltrate our Party (NB: you need acute hearing for this link), as some believe it did previously. Thanks to our democratic determination we were able to see off that attempt, but the Cabal does not give up. They will seek to split us into warring factions (Tommy vs non-Tommy?) and to lure our supporters away to false alternatives (join the Tories anybody? Leave.EU?). They will seek to plant their placemen and suborn our leaders. We must recognise these threats and neutralise them as best we can.

This is a tall order indeed, but the Cabal does have weak spots – they are few and we are many. They need to maintain secrecy and hide behind the democratic process – a process which may still be used to break their hold over us. They cannot (yet) control the internet, though they work on it relentlessly. And BRINO is alerting people to the enormity of their deceptions.

If Collective Evolution is correct, Global Consciousness is something else for the Cabal to contend with (don’t say I didn’t warn you about CE … you may need to “embrace uncertainty”!).

As a firm supporter of independent unbiased evidence-led journalism, I have made a small donation (whilst being mindful that they too may not be what they seem – the Cabal is the master of fake news . . . “by their fruits shall ye know them”).

So, to quote an English hero of old:

“England expects every man to do his duty”

“Engage the enemy more closely!”


Mr. Punche Bagge, November 2018

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