The Conservative Party did not want to hold a Referendum. They were forced to. The Conservative Party wanted the UK to Remain within the EU. It took 17,410,742 people in the UK to tell them otherwise. Theresa May, despite advocating Remain herself, has taken on the task of implementing the will of the majority to leave the EU. To restore to the people of the UK the Sovereignty of Westminster Parliament.

Theresa May coined the phrase Brexit means Brexit. Can we guarantee Brexit means Brexit? I would suggest;

Vote UKIP to guarantee that Brexit means Brexit!

It was the United Kingdom Independence Party and the dedication of Nigel Farage and other MEP’s who, for over 20 years, laid bare the systematic destruction of UK Sovereignty by the unelected Brussels Commission. A Brussels Commission the people of the UK did not elect and, over which, have no control whatsoever. The Accounts of the EU have not been signed off in over 21 years which, by comparison, would make some British Bankers eligible for Sainthood.

Sovereignty is everything. Without UK Sovereignty, there is no control over immigration, no control over the economy, various taxes, border controls and a myriad of other areas that affect our daily lives. Without the persistence and growing support for UKIP, there would never have been a Referendum. Knowingly, or unknowingly, nearly 17.5 million people voted for the aspirations of UKIP.

However, be aware. Brexit has yet to be achieved. The terms of Brexit must be acceptable to the British people. Teresa May and the Government must be held to account by the people and not be sold down the river by the Establishment.

But who will stand up for the people? A Conservative Party who on the whole voted to Remain? A Labour Party dragooned to vote Remain by the Unions and a turncoat leader who lacked conviction? Liberals who would sell their own mothers to Remain? In fact today, we still hear those same politicians, including the Mayor of London, state “We failed to persuade the people to Remain”.

They don’t get it do they? It is not their duty to persuade. It is their duty to listen. They failed to listen to the people they are supposed to represent. So who will hold the Government to account? Who will hold these deaf politicians to account?

There are calls for a new political party, particularly to fill the vacuum left by Labour. A once noble Labour Party that has been traduced to an abortion of infighting, back stabbing and Union Barons jostling for position with no thought for the people they are supposed to represent. Not much listening there then, particularly here in the Labour dominated North East.

Comment has been made that UKIP could become the ‘Third Party’ in Government. Now that Brexit is in progress, I would suggest that UKIP, or a Party evolving from UKIP, should not be considered as the ‘Third Party’ in Government. Instead, UKIP should be considered as the ‘Second Party’ representing all people from all political persuasions, in Government to hold the Government to account.

Which brings me to my final point. The new Leader of UKIP.

As the ‘Second Party’ in Government with a viable manifesto as well as Brexit; who in UKIP do you see holding Teresa May to Account? Who do you envisage across the Dispatch Box from Teresa May at Prime Ministers Questions?

As UKIP members, these are the qualities I believe you should be looking for in a new leader. To me, there is only one person to fill that position; Diane James. She is now the only MEP putting herself forward with a combination of political experience, and the presence and intellect to hold such a position. But don’t take my word for it. Judge for yourself. Diane Jame’s website is worth a visit, in particular look at ‘Why’ and the 5 priorities she will work on in the run up to the next General Election

Diane James will be at the Gateshead Hotel, Metro Centre on Thursday 8th September. You can book free admission on her website to go and judge for yourself.

We may have won the battle. We’ve yet to win the war.

Photo by Motarile

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