Yesterday saw three violent attacks in different parts of the globe by adherents of that one religion which we cannot talk about – the religion which is peaceful and lovely, according to their acolytes, and which has nothing at all to do, according to our politicians, with any such murderous violence anywhere.

These terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait yesterday, in the second week of the muslim holy month, Ramadan, cannot possibly be brushed under the carpet by our dear leaders, but they will soon be forgotten amidst the daily farce that is the propping-up of Greece on the one hand and our home-grown Lefty moaners about “Austerity” on the other.

We simply cannot be allowed by our rulers, by the Westminster ‘elite’, to talk about the one red thread connecting so many apparently disparate incidents in our country and elsewhere. Why does it not occur to them that Abraham Lincoln’s words about not being able to fool all people all the time still apply?

In his excellent post Richard Mott wrote about ‘The enemy within’. That enemy is not simply confined to some British would-be jihadis rushing to fight on the side of ISIS, the ‘organisation’ responsible for those three terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait.

It is well and truly aided and abetted by all those in Local and National government and the local and national MSM who have been busy to actually aid and abet that enemy while denying that such manifest enemy even exist.

I don’t need to mention Rotherham here, but what is truly disgusting is the fact that the National Crime Agency, getting involved only after the report by Professor Jay, has already found 300 possible suspects – something the South Yorkshire Police was apparently incapable of during the last decade, according to this report. And we’ve now learned that West Midlands Police withheld a report about abuse and grooming for five years – for political reasons!

Terrorism is not just about the bombing and maiming and decapitating of civilians, it is also about the destruction of innocent lives by other means such as sexual abuse.

It must now be plain for all to see that those who are sworn to protect us and our lives are not doing so.

Instead they attack those who try to protect innocent lives as racists. They have cowed a generation of civil servants into being silent for fear of losing their jobs. They have suppressed public discourse with the help of willing dupes in the MSM who smear and shout down everybody who dares rise their heads above the parapet and mention the fact that there is indeed a red thread connecting these acts of terrorism, here in our own country and across the world.

There is another word for those aiders and abetters: they are appeasers. Neville Chamberlain’s infamous piece of paper about ‘peace in our time’ has multiplied across our nation, from City Halls and Police Barracks to Westminster and the MSM.

So let us ask these appeasers why the PM of Tunisia is capable of closing 80 mosques where radical imams preach hate – see here – but this cannot be done here in our country?

Let us ask them if they are really content that our country is exporting jihadis, joining ISIS and perpetrating atrocities, suicide bombings and the killing of innocents?

Is that what “UK” now stands for internationally: exporter of terrorists? Is that what we should be proud of?

Why are our politicians too cowardly to do or even talk about that which politicians such as the Egyptian PM and the Tunisian PM are doing: taking the fight to the ISIS terrorists?

Above all – why are we still letting them get away with this?

Public discourse is what the public – that’s us! – talk about. So let’s take that discourse back from the appeasers, let’s name the problem without fear. We are not racists and bigots when we name the enemy within: Islam.

If muslim politicians can be brave and speak about this, then so can we.

More: we must be brave enough now to force those cowards, that well-protected Westminster elite, to talk and take action, now, before jihadi bombs go off in our towns and cities again!

(Cover picture from Liberty GB article)

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