No – Brexiteers aren’t winning. The ‘winners’ are the other side, the Remainers, aided and abetted by the EU, by Big Business, by our MSM, and by the despicable politicians on all sides who purport to represent the will of us, the people.

One can’t keep up with all the daily permutations and the spin put on them by the remainers in e.g. the media who have finally abandoned impartiality and come out sneeringly into the open.

A look at today’s headlines (see the News Review in UKIP Daily) is sufficient. What to make of reports that Ms May has ‘talked’ to certain Tory figures (e.g. Ms Leadsom) and is pulling her over to her side? What to make of reports that JRM’s group, the ERG, is in disarray, that other staunch Brexit figures like Owen Paterson and Iain Duncan Smith haven’t even spoken to each other?

A look closer to home, i.e. at the Brexiteer grassroots and their various groups shows that there’s not much forthcoming – except ‘newsletters’ sent to their subscribers, and that all are dead keen not to be seen to be associated with UKIP in any way. The old mantra of UKIP being too toxic for ‘undecided’ voters from the 2016 campaign is again being resurrected. Our Westminster/EU Establishment doesn’t have to do anything special to promote Ms May’s Declaration of Submission’, Brexiteers are making it easy for them.

Oh, there are some excellent articles by prominent politicians in the Daily Telegraph, but they are all behind a paywall, so remain unread. Not that Brexit voters in Labour heartlands would listen to Norman Tebbit anyway …

While the Tories are desperate to cling to power, even unto swallowing Ms May’s Surrender Agreement, Labour is, so far, proudly proclaiming they will not vote for this, they are ‘all Brexiteers’ – until they are not. For Labour, Brexit is secondary. It is an issue with which to win the next GE and then they can rescind that decision, either by aligning themselves with that group run by their former leader and PM, Mr Blair, and becoming super-populists by giving us a 2nd Referendum, or by ‘renegotiating’ and achieving at the very least a postponement of Brexit, if not a return into the EU under vassalage status.

The Blairs, Heseltines and all the rest of them are so keen on a 2nd Referendum because they are convinced they will win. It was chilling to hear the editor of the Times say in a ‘Question Time’ clip that this time, Remain would run ‘a better campaign, with more money’ … educating all the thick, stupid Brexit voters to ‘do the right thing’.

If we look at the current state of the Leave ‘campaign’ only a deluded fantasist would think we’d win again. Tory and other Brexiteers have shown that they are unable to even command space in the MSM. That will only get worse, especially as they have shown their disdain for UKIP yet again. That will continue. There is no overarching strategy, no attempt at organising the grassroots, no attempt at an overarching comms strategy where all these groups can come and work together – not when everybody thinks they’re entitled to a place ‘in the sun’, i.e. the MSM – which they will never be given.

Meanwhile, there’s the main “Project Fear” gripping the Tory Party and their MPs, and that is to prevent a Corbyn government by all and any means, even if it means selling our country short, giving in to the EU. And don’t believe that a “Centrist Brexit Party” will materialise in the short term and win a GE against Labour. Can you see Nigel Farage becoming a meek member in such Party, for the common good? Can you see prospective Tory MPs working in such Party with Nigel? I cannot.

But there’s one aspect which in all the to-ing and fro-ing has been discreetly brushed under the carpet, not just by the MSM – they would, wouldn’t they – but by all the politicians who are now grandstanding. That is the fact that it’s the Whitehall Mandarins who were running the negotiations and who would still do them regardless who occupies 10 Downing Street. Yes, we knew this, but it’s worse than we thought.

I refer to the article by Suella Braverman in the DT (behind a paywall again, of course). She was working with Davis and Raab in the DexEU, the ministry for exiting the EU. Here is the relevant quote:

“This negotiation, rapidly acquiring the moniker of ‘the worst deal in history’ is the product of the civil service, not politicians. […] the failure of accountability to politicians was astonishing. Civil Servants would routinely return from Brussels with the fruits of their endeavours, often having strayed beyond Cabinet mandates or setting policy decisions in legally binding text before Ministers had even discussed them.”

(my emphasis).

We know that Whitehall is full of remainers, we knew that they were negotiating to remain. What is unprecedented though is that they made the decisions, not Ms May, not the ministers, not the elected politicians!

To repeat: the unelected, unaccountable grey suits in the EU and the unelected, unaccountable grey suits in Whitehall decided – no elected and thus accountable politician did. Not even Ms May.

This is what we voted to get rid of on June 23rd – but it’s now obvious that no matter who sits in 10 Downing Street, they are the ones who are winning.

It is a scandal that no Brexit politician has picked up on this. It is a scandal that they are still playing their political games, posturing for Brexit. This scandal needs to be shouted from the rooftops: we are already governed by EU rules thanks to Whitehall and all our politicians are betraying us, Remain or Leave, because they are just puppets.

What to do? What we always have done – fight on, be our means ever so puny, channeling our inner Churchill, remembering to KBO. Personally, I also channel my inner pitbull terrier: not letting go of Brexit regardless.

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