Amidst the photos accompanying the many articles on the EU’s “Brexit Report” published yesterday, there was one which caught my eye (see here). It’s from a billboard at the NI/Eire border, saying:  “Respect the Remain Vote” – but why the heck should we? In the 20 months since we won the EU referendum, when have the Remainers ever ‘respected’ the Leave vote?  

Yesterday’s EU ‘document’ presented by M Barnier (here is a good overview) is simply the last piece of evidence that the unholy alliance of Brussels’ EUrocrats and our wonderful British Remainiacs have no intention at all to ‘respect’ the Leave vote, no respect for 17.4 million British voters.

There is an unholy alliance of Big Business and Labour, of former PMs (take a bow, John Major and Tony B) showing their allegiance to Brussels – but not to our Country which the governed when PMs! – by conferring with Juncker and Barnier or pontificating in the House of Lords for a second referendum. That is on top of the continuous drumbeat of the BBC, the ‘Ministry for Remain’ telling viewers since June 24th 2016 that Brexit was the biggest error ever we voters committed, and that it is only right and proper that we were punished for it – by allowing the EU to keep us under their heel, subject to the ECJ, subject to all EU Directives but without having a say, subject to paying ‘transition fees’ , subject to continuing EU Immigration, not allowed to make our own laws …

The Remainiacs and Brussels want to show the rest of the EU that demanding Freedom, voting for Freedom, must and will be punished by turning us into a vassal state.

I talked about these negotiations being worse than the ‘Peace Talks’ in Versailles after the end of WWI (see here) – I was wrong. This EU Document, if accepted by May and our government, would turn our country into a 21st century example of Vichy France. Reading this:

“Brussels has demanded that EU customs officers are allowed to operate in the UK in what would be an unprecedented arrangement for a sovereign country.” (Daily Telegraph)

made my blood boil! This is what the EU demands – this is what the Remainiacs from former PMs down to “Lords” like Heseltine and MPs like Ms Soubry and Morgan want!This is what our elected Cabinet Ministers playing for ‘Remain’ want. This is what the BBC wants. This is what our Whitehall Mandarins have been working for so diligently ever since we joined the EU.

All those Project Fear Mk I and Mk II ‘predictions’, that Government pamphlet sent out by the Cameron government before the vote, the leaks, the underhand blocking of proper negotiations in David Davis’ Ministry, the secret collaboration with and in Brussels – they all are and were handled by Whitehall Mandarins who want us to remain, who disdain us plebs, and who have shown a dereliction of duty by advising the government in their biased support for the EU that is unprecedented.

Yes, there is an ‘enemy within’, and that enemy is represented in Ms May’s cabinet. Those who are colluding with and working for the EU which the majority of our population has rejected are enemies of the people, never mind that they deem themselves to ‘know better’ because they are ‘The Establishment’.

While some commentators are now waking up to the fact that we do indeed have a fight on our hands (see here), we may well ask ‘where were you in the last 20 months?’. Nowhere to be seen because these same commentators, part of the Westminster Bubble, preferred to remain inside with the remainer ‘friends’: standing up for Leave would have meant no more invitations to those champagne receptions.

But what should be and should have been of far more concern is that the Remain Camp has been undermining our political tradition for these past 20 months, aided and abetted by those who not only ought to know better but who have profited from our democratic tradition when they were elected. Allister Heath’s exemplary piece in the Telegraph is a must-read. I quote:

“Britain, the country that used to boast that it was so democratic that no Parliament could possibly bind its successors, is going down the same disastrous road [of judicial activism]. In 1997, when Tony Blair crushed the hapless Sir John Major, the 30.7 per cent who voted Tory immediately accepted the result, just as Labour voters accepted Neil Kinnock’s failure in 1992. In the 1975 referendum, eurosceptics accepted their defeat with good grace. Yet today, more than 18 months after the 2016 vote, the political discourse is dominated by hard-core Remainers who have refused to accept the outcome and are determined to thwart it at any cost. Partly as a result of the Government’s staggering incompetence, and the absence of any large-scale, independent pro-Brexit campaign, they are now starting to look as if they may succeed.”

That, dear friends, puts part of the blame squarely on us! Where indeed were we, where was UKIP? Navel-gazing and fighting like ferrets in a sack, that’s where. And please do let us place some of the blame for that on the leader who indeed worked his socks off to win the Leave vote but who washed his hands of us and of the 17.4 million voters immediately afterwards! We all remember what happened next, unto the EGM of Feb 17th.

Allister Heath writes:

“The Brexiteers have, in the main, failed to see this coming; many have performed pathetically. They naively thought they had won, that this was an ordinary, old-fashioned democratic joust, and entrusted the establishment with pursuing a radically anti-establishment policy.”

Indeed! Now we observe many little anti-Brexit campaigns sprouting up here and there, with a handful of little rallies here and there, uncoordinated and not well attended. That is another aspect of the ‘Enemy within’ winning: splintering the Leave constituency, or ‘divide ut impera’ – divide in order to rule. And we in UKIP allowed this happen. Now Gerard Batten has published a statement (here) but I am not holding my breath to find an article by him in the MSM.

The Establishment has nearly destroyed UKIP, with our collaboration, wittingly or not. They will destroy the Leave vote because we have been weakened – let’s face up to that unpalatable fact. We have one way, and one way only, to stand up to the enemy within and to the enemy at the gates: recognise that we, the grassroots, are in the fight of our lives and organise accordingly. If we don’t the Barniers, Verhofstadts, Blairs and Heseltines will have won.

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