Today, Her Majesty the Queen becomes the longest reigning monarch in UK history. Some jaundiced left wingers get very exercised about the fact that our, largely ceremonial, head of state is unelected. Meanwhile they turn a blind eye to our unelected President Juncker, who has shown today that his role in the day to day lives of the British people is worryingly far from ceremonial.

President Juncker gave his State of the Union speech this morning. This is conspicuously designed to ape the President of the United States address of the same name (which, if you’re paying attention, might be clue enough as to the EU’s intentions).

Our unelected President’s speech lasted well over an hour. At one point he said that he had been speaking for an hour and 12 minutes, to which the UKIP MEPs present responded “More! More!”.

Humour aside, there was more than enough in Juncker’s speech to worry every citizen of the UK, and indeed the rest of Europe.

Junker described the views of Nigel Farage as “worthless”. Whether you agree with UKIP or not, Farage has an elected mandate to serve the people of South East England. UKIP won the last EU elections in Britain, and represent 4 million voters after the last General Election. The unelected Juncker just embodies the EU’s breathtaking contempt for democracy.

We were told that visa controls should be removed for Ukraine. We were told that Juncker backs TTIP. We were told that the EU should introduce common wage scales (presumably because a common currency forced on very different economies has worked so well).

The unifying theme running through this horror show of a speech was more EU, ever closer political and economic union. That’s what you’re voting for if you vote to remain in the EU, not the EU we have today with it’s manifest problems, much less a “reformed” EU, but a full-fat United States of Europe.


Nigel Farage’s response:


UPDATE: While both Sky and the BBC reported that Mr Juncker had described Nigel Farage’s comments as “worthless”, it now transpires that Juncker was in fact referring to comments made by UKIP MEP David Coburn. So the unelected bureaucrat was arrogantly dismissing the views of a different elected representative of the British people.


Video courtesy of UKIP MEPs YouTube Channel

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