Last year we published sample letters (see here and here) for readers to use, adapting them to their own MPs.

Given how TPTB are scrutinising increasingly what is said on social media, and given that, as we’re still in the EU, EU Directives regarding hate speech still apply, a ‘letter campaign’ looks more and more to be an excellent way to get our, the Brexiteers, view across to the people who will decide, one way or another: the MPs. They do want to be re-elected, after all.

Roger Arthur, whom many of you know from his letters which we have happily published in our “Letters”, has great experience in letter writing and has come up with some proposals to send to your MP and indeed your local or even the national papers.

First, Roger Arthur gives the background, the rationale if you wish:

Target seats:

While over 60% of constituencies voted to leave the EU, only 25% of MPs did. But Lab/Con committed to respect the referendum outcome and >80% of people voted for that.

Many who voted to LEAVE will now be angry at those trying to frustrate Brexit and UKIP should have prospective candidates in Leave constituencies, giving them hell.

If we can worry one or two Remainer MPs in key Leave constituencies, then we might just stop them from leaving us under ECJ jurisdiction. We might even eject one or two at an election.

Such MPs have failed to discharge their Parliamentary Oath. Some have stood idly by over the years watching Parliament emasculated. They should have either supported the referendum outcome, or resigned.

Are we going to let them get away with their duplicity, or are we going to challenge them? Let’s not leave voters without a champion. Let’s give them a voice and a lightning rod, as a priority now!

The question is where can we have the greatest impact? I believe on MPs who have undermined Brexit the most.

Some of those may not understand that they are at fault in not exposing the ongoing conflict with our  Constitutional Law. So let’s worry the hell out of them.

Some MPs in Leave constituencies seem upset at criticism from their constituents. Here is a possible email for them:

Sample email:

Dear …

Before the Referendum you said “it is for the people to decide.”

But you still seem unable to accept the EU Referendum outcome, although over 400 out of 650 constituencies voted to leave the EU.

That is of serious concern, bearing in mind that:

  1. The British people have never voted for the independence of Parliament to be handed over to a foreign entity.
  2. The 1972 EC Act ran counter to our Constitutional Law, which makes it unlawful.
  3. Lord Kilmuir advised that the 1972 European Communities Act (ECA) posed a direct threat to the independence of Parliament.
  4. MPs failed to keep their Oath to the Crown, when the Queen was made an EU citizen, through the Maastricht Treaty.
  5. Any MP who tries to frustrate the removal of the UK from ECJ jurisdiction will be failing in their duty to uphold our Constitutional Law and their Oath.

They will be guilty of conspiracy to treason under the Act of Praemunire 1377 which is extant law.

So any MP who fails put the sovereign rights and wishes of the people above all other considerations, would be well advised to resign. In the name of God GO.


Just sent this to the national papers. I do not advocate another referendum, but am exposing those that would do, whatever the outcome:

Sample letter:


544 MPs voted for an EU referendum, but failed to make the outcome legally binding. So after 400 constituencies voted to leave, some argue that people did not know what they were voting for.

So if there is to be another referendum, why not ask:

“Do you want to stay in the EU as it moves to Fiscal, Political and Military Union?”

The British people have never been asked that question before!

But sadly even if the vast majority did vote NO, some would still say that the result is advisory only, which is another reason not to hold a third referendum.

Yours faithfully,

(name, postal address, phone number – which won’t be published)

We hope that you will make good use of these samples and that the rationale for them will give you ideas for further letters and emails. Finally, Roger sent us this:

Sample verbal rejoinder:

A remainer just said that we should not have been allowed an EU referendum. I responded:

“Heath didn’t hold a referendum before he signed the 1972 EC Act.  I don’t think that he should have used the Royal Prerogative to do that.”

It’s a New Year. We don’t need to wait for our leaders to tell us what to say and what to do. We can do it ourselves – and with the above samples we’re now well equipped to go forth.

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