UKIP Daily goes to Wythenshawe and Sale East, to help fight it out on the battleground of the doorsteps! The main aim of this article is to show some photos of the “action on the ground” with activists at work, to try and give some feedback on how it is going, and to perhaps encourage a few more readers to come and join us here, if only for a day.

First stop of the newly arrived activist is the campaign shop, and this is what it looks like: Darryl Pitcher, Lisa Duffy’s deputy at work behind the counter, and the candidate, John Bickley, talking to a voter (off camera).

wyth 00

Then you get tasked, out onto the doorsteps, with a box full of leaflets, a map of where to go, and canvassing instructions. This is where it starts to get interesting – interacting with the voters, trying to sway the undecided into voting for us. The amazing thing (to us political animals) is the number of people who do not have a clue about UKIP, what we stand for, why we are so different to the other parties, and why they should vote for us.

So, when you ask them what worries them, it is usually, immigration, jobs, wages, pressure on local infrastructure and local councils not delivering the services they used to deliver. If they will give 5 minutes to show them how our policies will help fix most of those issues, they begin to see the light.

And the way it feels to me, over a slightly more than 2 days canvassing is that it is a close run thing between the number who say they will vote Labour or “not for us”, and the number who will vote for us. There are precious few who say they’ll vote Tory or Lib Dem, and then there are still quite a few undecideds, but hopefully either our words on the doorstep or their reading of the “What We Stand For Leaflet” will help them decide in our favour.

Here’s a few snaps of “the team” in action. One evening we went on a “pub crawl” – no drinking, just leaving UKIP newspapers and leaflets surreptitious lying around in strategic places including…

Here we see Victoria Ayling (Lincs CC UKIP Councillor) diving into the Ladies loo to strategically place some leaflets there, and “Mike the DJ” in that self-same UKIP-friendly pub proudly displaying his UKIP badge. He played a request for us: “Making Plans for Nigel”


Wyth 01Wyth 02








Out the next day, whilst canvassing we came across Peter Reeve (RO Eastern Region) erecting garden boards on one of the main roads out of Wythenshawe & Sale heading for the motorway – in the end he had up twice as many boards as Labour did!.

Wyth 03

I hope that gives you a flavour of what’s going on in Wythenshawe this week. If you can, get in your car, head for South Manchester, the UKIP Office, School Road, Sale, and offer your services to Lisa Duffy and she will give you a task where you might be the one swinging that one vote that could win us this By Election and get UKIP’s first MP!

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