We can simply answer this question by going to Google, typing in her name and “Wiki” to get the relevant biography on Wikipedia.

A Ugandan Asian, granted the right of abode in Britain under our obligations to the UN Refugee Convention (the same convention which Nigel Farage recently re-affirmed UKIP’s commitment to) she describes herself as a “leftie liberal, anti-racist, feminist, Muslim, part-Pakistani, and … a very responsible person”

You do not need to read her leaders in The Independent to see where she is coming from, her biography page on The Independent itself lists all her recent articles: she thinks Britain in becoming more unequal (not wrong, but her solution is wrong: more Tony Benn and Bob Crow), she thinks poverty in childhood scars for life (but how many self-made business people have come from under-privileged backgrounds?), she thinks the flooding proves the Climate Change case (not a lack of dredging)… You’ve got it, a leftie liberal with a strong voice in the media.

So, why am I drawing attention to her? Hands up all those who watched Martin Durkin’s fly on the wall documentary where he followed Nigel around for 6 months from the Conference in September to the end of March? And can you remember your reactions when this woman, this leftie liberal, interjected with her judgements on Nigel Farage and UKIP? Let me refresh your memory:

“What has to happen between now and when the Elections that are coming up, is that the media has to be kind of controlled in terms of how often Farage gets to rule the airwaves. I think we should be very very worried.”

I could not believe my ears when I heard this:  a member of the media, that very same media which fought the recommendations of the Leveson Report to prevent government controlling the media, now calling for exactly that, to control the exposure of one man, one party, in a multi-state democracy.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – on whose mandate are you calling for such censorship?  You are a very dangerous woman indeed.

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