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Young Independence (YI), UKIP’s youth wing, has been forced to cancel it’s ‘Free Speech Conference’ after the venue they had booked terminated the contract just six days before the conference, scared that there could be violent protests from the far left.

This is the second conference in a row that YI have organised that has been blocked by fears of violent leftists, with their national conference last year also being shut down following violent leftist threats against multiple venues that had been booked.

 In a statement, YI said: “It is with deep regret that we have been forced to cancel our Free Speech Conference this Saturday, once more due to security threats from the far left.

“Despite booking the venue & informing them of our planned speakers well in advance, they have blocked our conference from taking place and decided to inform us just six days before it was due to take place, leaving us with no time to rearrange with another venue.

 “Everyone who has purchased a ticket will be issued a full refund in due course.

“Their reasons for blocking our conference were akin to the reasons that three different venues blocked our conference last year; threats and fears of violence and abuse from the far left incited by groups like ‘Hope Not Hate’ and ‘Stand Up to Racism’ who fail to adhere themselves to the doctrines of tolerance and inclusion of which they preach so vehemently.

“Last year, the leftists were extremely angered at Martin Sellner, who was due to speak at our national conference and as a result of our event, they threatened violence against the small boat business which we were planning to use during the conference. They also violently threatened the main venue of our conference. As a result, both venues blocked our conference from taking place and all subsequently booked venues also declined to host our event due to threats.

“This year, we wanted to defend free speech and show that UKIP does not cave into leftist threats by hosting a Free Speech Conference with Martin Sellner as a guest speaker once more. Unlike last year, we did not release the venue in advance and we took extra precautionary steps to up security and ensure that the venue were fully able to mitigate any risks. However, yet again we have been banned because of security concerns in relation to the far left.

“It is clear that there is a far-left monopoly over what can and cannot be said in today’s society. Any individual or organisation which attempts to exercise their right to free speech outside the parameters set by the leftists is met with violent threats and censorship.

“Young Independence will never be silenced by the far left and while they may have stopped this event, they have only made us more determined to defend Britain’s constitutional right to free speech.”

A YI officer said: “The termination of YI’s Free Speech Conference this week demonstrates that Britain is falling into a culture of Orwellian political correctness where no differing opinions can be aired, and no questions can be asked.

“We will never accept censorship or submission as viable options and we will always stand up for Britain’s free speech, whatever the risk and whatever the cost.”

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