In the aftermath of the Bastille Day Massacre in Nice, our media have been heaving with this sentence. It was perhaps not spoken, but it was and is implied in every report, in every article about the terrorist attack on July 14th.

It can easily be discerned when one looks at what the reporters actually write and say. This, I hasten to add, is not a British specialty, it occurs in all the main media in France and Germany as well.

The most blatant example was an interview on ITV on Friday morning with Nigel Farage, when the presenters asked him if his rhetoric wasn’t to blame for this attack!

They can say that this massacre was nothing to do with islam, but  was done by a Frenchman … well, French with ‘Tunisian roots’ … well, rather a Tunisisan with permit to work in France … all very normal …

They can say that this man was disturbed, had a bad upbringing (yes, really, that was in a German paper), probably on drugs, a ‘lone wolf’  … but they never say that his adherence to a certain religion might, just might have played a role.

Of course, we “can’t say that!” That would be inflammatory.

They can say, and do, that some muslims were possibly, nay, probably, nay certainly killed as well – so don’t jump to false conclusions, don’t think, just be sad.

We of course cannot say that this was Bastille Day, the day celebrated in France for starting the French Revolution of 1789, and that it would have been extremely unlikely that muslims had gone to these celebrations. No, we can’t say that and mustn’t even think that.

They can warble on about how it’s all our fault, really: the Crusades, and colonialism, and the Iraq war and Syria …

We cannot say that the crusades were a rather long time ago and were caused by the aggressive wars of occupation by the muslim armies. Nor can we say that Tunisia is not precisely next-door neighbour to Iraq or Syria.

They can say that it’s our fault for being such horrible islamophobes, and that we should simply study islam, the religion of peace.

We of course cannot say that their holy book is full of commands telling them to kill the infidel, the kuffar, and that this jihad they are on about is not about spiritual struggle but about real war against us, with real people being really killed, by bombs, machine guns, knives, machetes, trucks: it doesn’t matter as long as they kill us.

No, we cannot say that!

They – in the form of the French President M Valls, can say that this terrorism is something we must learn to live with …

We however cannot say that Islam, from its inception, has been at war with us.

They can say that the cause for this latest attack is the increase in horrible ‘extreme right wing’ movements in France and of course here in the UK. They can even say now that it’s in fact due to  ‘populism’ – that includes far more ordinary people and is very useful to clobber anybody with who isn’t wearing a swastika on his lapel.

We of course cannot say that the cause for the proliferation of these attacks is the failed policy of the left-wing ‘multi-culti’ ideology, that would be beyond the pale!

They can again wallow in hashtags, in tealights being lit on the Promenade des Anglais, in pasting the French Tricolour across their facebook pages and twitter accounts. They can tweet that they ‘Pray for Nice’, and that they now are Nice – just as they were Charlie in January last year, Paris and Brussels earlier this year. They don’t even notice the inanity of changing their “Je suis …” tags ever so often, as if something inexplicable happened, like a bolt out of the blue, like act of some strange god who must be appropriated, just as the pagans and heathens used to do. It doesn’t even occur to them that their behaviour is typical behaviour for kuffars.

We however cannot say  that there might, just might be a connection between these terrorist massacres …

We cannot say that this is not some act of a god which one can appease with candles and flowers and hashtags, nor that this sort of thing doesn’t change anything.

They can say that we should not judge, that it’s our fault, and that we must not start a backlash.

We on the other hand cannot say that it is high time that we stop being mealy-mouthed appeasers and start treating these atrocities as the acts of war they are.

We cannot say that TPTB are keeping the truth from us, such as in this report which suddenly saw the light of day. We cannot say that they use images selectively to support their drive to make us feel deeply guilty

We cannot say this, just as we could not speak about Rotherham, Rochester, Oxford … on and on. That would disturb the lovely bubble of comfortable multi-culti the ‘blessed’ in the establishment live in.

So far, Brexit has not yet been blamed for this latest terrorist attack. But there is one parallel we can already draw: during the Brexit campaign, the Remainers thought we, the stupid peasants outside the Westminster Bubble, were bound to believe all they told us. They swamped us with their arguments because we were not allowed to say differently.

Now the same is happening again: they swamp us with their well-fabricated tale of our guilt and a disturbed lone wolf, who drove into a crowd of people, killing 84, with over 50 children in hospital because of his act.

Well, here’s a surprise: we can, we do and we will say that yes, it is to do with islam. If TPTB do not take proper steps but keep on appeasing, then the results might well lead to an earthquake similar to the vote of over 17 million for Brexit.

We can say that, and we will say that, and we will no longer shut up because the establishment tells us “you cannot say that!”

Photo by kevin dooley

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