“You may be wondering …..” was often the opening phrase a TV reporter called Fyfe Robertson – on the “Tonight” programme hosted by Cliff Mitchelmore – began his piece with, after the camera had turned its lens to reveal this hatted, bearded and, craggy looking character ”…… what I am doing stuck half way up this desolate windswept mountain?”.

You may well be wondering along with me just what on earth is going on in “our “ party of UKIP. To me, it appears to have all the characteristics of a “Soap Opera” – a continuous and apparently endless sorry and tasteless drama. It has all the characteristics of a self devouring tropical medical condition.

What has moved me to put pen to paper is the news last night that my local UKIP party organiser had been taken to hospital with a heart attack. He had written to me a few days earlier, advising me that there was to be an   extraordinary area meeting  in early September to discuss whether we should join 82 others in calling for a national  EGM, the motion for which being “Requests the party hold a national EGM to discuss Constitutional Reform”.

Obviously his notification had not come as too much of a surprise, as amongst all  the constituent parts of the UKIP “Opera” discussed on here I had heard an EGM had been mooted.

I will give a brief summary of the questions I thought should be answered at the meeting:

  • a) Comprehensive agenda.
  • b) Details of the factions producing it.
  • c)Chapter and verse of which particular sections of the Constitution require reform.
  • d)The likely effect of the reforms and the effectiveness for the party.
  • e) I wish to know what forward policy is, even if we have a policy, who is responsible for producing it and who will be enunciating it.
  • f) I would also like to know what the chain of command is, i.e. who is in charge and the degree of independent authority he/she has.

Bear in mind this letter was written before I saw Jonathan Arnott`s exceptionally able contribution to this site – How to lose votes and alienate people – on 19/8/16, where he outlined and condemned the internal petty squabbles in UKIP along with the reason a national EGM was a non-starter, for example that it couldn`t take place before the new elections for NEC members which are already on schedule.

In my letter to my leader I also had a word or two to say about the leadership election.

I quote:

“We all know the election of the new leader is a shambles, I don`t believe any of the candidates has sufficient stature, nous or knowledge, nor the ability to think on his or her feet, certainly not of the class we have come to expect of Nigel and I think the whole process should be shelved.I truly believe Nigel should be dragooned back, before UKIP just dissolves altogether, as to me and others it seems to be fast doing.”

A few words on the future … I quote again from my letter to my local Party organiser:  

“You also know my views on harnessing the LEAVE.eu and GO mob with UKIP as a “new deal” cross party democratic organisation, or grouping, reflecting grass root populist views as monitors of total Brexit. I would like to know if these organisations are still in existence – after all, it won a substantial proportion of the Brexit vote. “Vote LEAVE” or most of `em are too closely allied to the Conservatives and thus still contaminated with EU ideology. Finally has anybody realised the Remainians are now the new Xenophobes?”.

Regarding the meeting I said:

“I’ll be there, but unless I hear some convincing answers to the above questions, I doubt I would vote for change – they will just be reorganising the deck chairs on the Titanic!”

In view of the likelihood that my questions will not be answered and taken together with Jonathan Arnott`s sensible strictures, I will not be voting, even though I count myself a grass root member who has put up with countless brickbats and indignities from sharp elbowed YBF Carpet Baggers – not ‘You’ve Been Framed’, but a pernicious Conservative Think Tank, who are probably calling the ‘Vote LEAVE’ shots. Its up to them to recant and retract and just join in the melee instead of so prissily standing aside and not mixing with us street fighters that delivered their bacon.

Over to you, Candidates, Party Organisers, and all who rely on us grassroot members and street fighters to deliver your bacon!

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