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Let’s recap:

Madame Merkel ‘invited’ the poor refugees to come to Europe – and a good million came, to Germany, since September 2015. More are on their way, with 50,000 already newly arrived in Germany this year alone.

Thousands “wait” in the Jungle camps near Calais, all wanting to come to the UK illegally, with the usually so law-abiding French Police declaring themselves ‘powerless’ to remove them. Don’t mention their daily attacks on our truck drivers, the EU will say you’re insulting migrants.

But wait – these are just the outward signs of something which has been long in the making, and which has of course not been mentioned in our MSM or by our politicians, not here in the UK, not in Germany, not in EU Central, i.e. Brussels.

We’ve been sent links to documents showing that this phenomenon is wanted, by supranational organisations – organisations paid for by us, the tax payers, with our money.

First and foremost is an entity called WUN . Never heard of it? Me neither … They’ve been churning out ‘research’ about ‘migration’, and how and why it’s desirable, see here and here (check the date: this is from 2010!), or see this and this .

I learned a new word when I read that last link: “xeno-racism”… mind you, that hasn’t yet appeared in our MSM, but just wait until the first hacks clobber us with being ‘xeno-racists’ which is obviously worse than being plain racists or plain xenophobes …

Why is this important and very upsetting? Because it illustrates very nicely how the UN, that supra-national organisation, has been spending our money to implant concepts like ‘no borders’, ‘migration is great’, and especially Peter Sutherland who strongly believes that ‘national homogeneity’ needs to be ‘undermined’.

This secretive ‘undermining’ has been going on for years, without the MSM reporting it even though it’s our money which is used and abused to to excoriate our nation states and our society. Now you know why a former BBC Director General was moaning about the BBC being ‘hideously white’, now you know why certain German politicians think Germany ought to be ‘abolished’, ‘diluted’, and ain’t worth saving.

But it goes deeper, reaching into historical research, using innocuous-sounding names, such as this lot.

And lo and behold, there’s yet another UN organisation (paid for by us) which is driving this mass migration, the IOM . And here is one of their latest ‘research’ texts.

The German paper “Die Welt” just today published an interview with the current Director General, Mr William Lacy Swing, here . (You’ll need your machine translator to read it.). He, what a surprise, praises Madame Merkel for her ‘open borders policy’ and condemns the rest of the EU member states for not taking in those who came to Germany in an equitable fashion.

You will have noticed that in a strange – or rather, obvious – way, EU MSM and our own MSM have cleverly muddied the waters by using “refugees” when they mean migrants.

The reason should now be obvious: people resent migrants coming willy-nilly especially when budgets, jobs and housing are already at breaking point. But who can say anything against “refugees”, especially when instead of strapping young males – that’s 80% of them, according to the German government – we get shown sweet toddlers with huge eyes by our MSM.

We’re being duped, we have been duped, on an enormous scale, and what is worse, we’ve been paying for this and are paying for this by our “contributions’ to the UN and the EU, above what we’re paying through our benefits system.

Those who ought to do their job informing us, the MSM, are not only not doing so, they are ‘in it’ with those various, clever and innocent-sounding organisations.

I’m now waiting with bated breath to be called a “xeno-racist” …



Thank you very much indeed to a contributor who provided us with these links, who did the work, but who wants to remain anonymous.


Photo by John Englart (Takver)

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