Don’t you dare stop being afraid, very afraid!


This Lockdown is now becoming a joke. Day by day there are reports of more ‘experts’ no longer singing from the same song sheet, be it about death numbers, be it about ‘Our NHS’, be it about the scandal of the Care Homes. 

Yesterday evening, as we all know, there was yet another clapathon. Private reports from across the country (they are all anecdotal, thus meaningless in the scheme of ‘Our MSM’) showed that the enthusiasm for this display has waned hugely. Still, BoJo and Carrie did their duty outside No 10 – and since BoJo is now a repentant sinner, he’s allegedly said that the ‘next war’ would be on ‘Fat’ (link, paywalled). He’s publicly admitted that his ‘fat’ exacerbated his CV-19 infection. So there we have it – a ‘new war’, and the accusation of fat-shaming is ‘out’: slim to save ‘Our NHS’!

Meanwhile, the ‘Care Home War’ is gathering speed. It looks as if ‘experts’ are now running for the hills, in a remarkable ‘CYA’ display. We are being told, for example, that some modellers sort-of warned of this early on:

“The early warning about the virus spread came from […] SPI-M which feeds directly into SAGE, the government’s panel of scientific advisers. The committee circulated an assessment on February 10 stating: “It is a realistic probability that there is already sustained transmission in the UK, or that it will become established in the coming weeks.” (link, paywalled)

So they were talking about ‘realistic’ probabilities at a time when nobody had any numbers, when even the WHO hadn’t declared this ‘A Pandemic’. Thus they are the good guys while government is the culprit! There’s more:

“On February 25, however, Public Health England (PHE) told the care sector “the current position in the UK” was that “there is currently no transmission of Covid-19 in the community”.  The PHE guidance said that care home staff did not need to wear facemasks and added it was “very unlikely that anyone receiving care in a care home or the community will become infected”. That guidance, which remained in force until March 12, was at the centre of Wednesday’s Commons clash between the prime minister and Sir Keir Starmer.” (link, paywalled)

So – not ‘government orders’ but PHE ‘guidance’ …! This comes under ‘it wasn’t us, guv’. Fingers point again at PHE, a NHS quango (did people clap for this as well?). Some astounding numbers on those care home deaths were reported in another article in The Times. Frankly, how can we believe a word these authorities say. See this:

“The Office for National Statistics said that 8,314 (deaths) were recorded as having resulted from Covid-19. That leaves 10,000 not officially explained. There are 410,000 people living in 15,487 residential or nursing homes in the UK. A study published this week by the London School of Economics suggested that the real coronavirus death toll in care homes may have passed 22,000.” (link, paywalled)

Note the wording: a study ‘suggests’ – that’s not precisely factual, is it! But it’s a good ‘scare’ number. Now look at some actual numbers:

“The NHS was ordered on March 19 to discharge 15,000 patients to free space for people with Covid-19. Ninety-five per cent were to be sent home, which meant 600 would go to care homes.” (link, paywalled)

While we’re not told who ‘ordered’ the poor old NHS – Johnson? Hancock? Perhaps some top administrators of PHE or indeed in the NHS? –  this ‘release’ of 600 patients into care homes looks very strange indeed. I wonder why our intrepid journalists haven’t actually tried to find out if this is a true number, or if these were all ‘elderly’. Next, it’s the care home providers passing the buck:

“Providers have said the number was higher and that they were put under pressure by the NHS to accept people at short notice. People were not tested before being moved, a policy now blamed for having seeded the outbreak in a vulnerable population. The NHS rejects this allegation and says that between January and April the numbers being discharged into care homes each day fell by 40 per cent. It has not provided the numbers.” (link, paywalled)

Nice lot of finger-pointing here! And a wail that the NHS ‘didn’t provide the numbers’. Yeah, well, ‘tis probably because of ‘patient confidentiality’. Perhaps ‘our hacks’ are incapable of finding out for themselves? Don’t they have contacts and ‘sources’? And what about all those released into their own homes? Have they died, can the ONS provide us with those numbers? 

Perhaps this is another MSM attempt to get their favourite subjects aired: ‘government didn’t provide PPE for everybody – there were no tests – Starmer good’. And just look at the dates: February – March – April. Yeah, government ought to have had perfect foresight …!

Next – an amazing statement by one of the SAGE experts, Graham Medley, made in a online lecture:

“The mathematical models underpinning the government’s Covid-19 strategy are largely informed by “educated guesswork, intuition and experience”, one of its scientific advisers has said.” (link, paywalled)

“Expert guesswork” is so much better than what we plebs experience in our own lives! This same expert then said that:

“a half-good answer given before the decision is made is infinitely more useful than a perfect answer given after the decision is made.” (link, paywalled)

He goes on explaining how much they would have liked to have proper data, and that they want new data about how infections spread in pubs, gyms and hairdressers. Sorry, Prof – that’s impossible thanks to your SAGE experts advice: Lockdown, innit! Sometimes I think all these experts regard the Lockdown as a perfect experimental set-up to harvest data, with us plebs being the guinea pigs. 

But what all those academics can do, PHE can do as well! Here’s the latest, and do put down your cup of tea before reading:

“The latest coronavirus modeling by scientists at PHE suggests that huge numbers of people have already been infected with the disease, around 6.5 million overall in England, including 1.8 million in London.” (link)

Oh really? Is that so? Then how does that compute with this report on the Oxford vaccine trial which is in its necessary test phase:

“The Oxford University vaccine trial is heading into hospitals amid fears that Covid-19 is not prevalent enough in wider society, a leading scientist has revealed. […] Prof Bell [one of the vaccine boffins] admitted there was a risk that there may not be enough “active disease” to infect people, prompting the team to employ different tactics. “The disease is on the wane and there is a risk that we won’t be [sic!] enough active disease to catch people, […]” (link)

If the ‘the disease is on the wane’, are all those millions already infected, according to PHE, not spreading the disease after all?  Is SAGE wrong? Are the models wrong? Is the government wrong to keep us in Lockdown? I’m very much looking forward to how “Our MSM”, the providers of ‘Fear&Hysteria’, will twist and turn in the wind after I read this:

“Fewer than 24 people are catching coronavirus each day in London, new modelling suggests, with forecasts predicting the virus could be wiped out in the capital within a fortnight. Analysis by PHE and Cambridge University calculates that the “R” reproduction rate has fallen to 0.4 in London, with the number of new cases halving every 3.5 days. If cases continue to decrease at the current rate, the virus will be virtually eliminated in the capital by the end of the month, raising questions about whether the strict lockdown measures would need to continue.” (link)

Now isn’t that interesting – especially since we were told repeatedly that the virus cannot be eliminated, that we have to live with it. Is the MSM’s ‘Fear&Hysteria’ worm turning, perchance?

But keep being scared – a WHO director (for Europe, it turns out) is warning of a second wave in autumn, which could be worse than this one and might even coincide with a flu outbreak (link). 

It’s interesting though that he and others, e.g. Chris Whitty, are using the Spanish Flu outbreaks from the last century as stick to keep us frightened. At the same time we’re being told that CV19 isn’t like the flu. No indeed – ‘tis a corona virus, so is it not scientifically possible that it may just vanish, like SARS? Who knows! Who even dares to ask when social media moguls are wiping off accounts which question the latest, global ‘Holy Cow’, the WHO?

It won’t be our MSM, that’s certain. They are unrepentant and one of them , Nick Robinson (BBC), has written a piece in The Times, dripping with condescension. Here’s the key quote:

“It was the job then and it is the job now for the BBC, for journalism in general, to challenge those in power, to test their claims and expose their failures as well as to inform, educate and explain. Though I doubt they believe it, it is also in the interests of the politicians and, yes, the scientists who advise them to allow this to happen. Those who’ve led armies in real wars know the danger of groupthink all too well.” (link, paywalled)

There is of course no such thing as ‘groupthink’ in “Our BBC”! And of course the collective wisdom of the hacks in “Our MSM” must never be questioned. After all – do they not hold ‘government to account’? Haven’t they shown how wonderful they are at questioning even “Climate Change” scientists in their reports? Oh wait …. 

Well, we mustn’t blame the poor things for not doing some proper research and investigating! They must after all  ‘challenge those in power’ (funny how that worked during the Blair years …). For our efforts, doing our own research, our own digging,  we’ve been called names by those wonderful ‘journalists’ and are regarded as enemy #1 by the ‘non-deniers’, the Remainers, the Lockdownistas …

As we go into the weekend let’s do what our PM told us to: use our common sense and decide for ourselves. That might even help our confused modellers and scientists to garner some more data!




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