Covid, Greenery, Brussels: Madness is everywhere


It’s quite extraordinary: Post-Covid Madness is catching. It’s now jumped from government ministers to the whole Westminster Cabal, even affecting swathes of former Westminster Village dwellers. Their latest ploy is to use a label they’ve recently discovered, thanks to the Remain Tory ‘rebel’ MPs. In the wake of their objections to the Internal Market Bill and the ensuing Johnson cave-in, the cry of “it shames our standing on the international stage” can suddenly be  heard everywhere.

Obviously, ‘Our MSM’ are delighted to run with it. For example:

“A bill aimed at curbing vexatious claims against troops is “dangerous and harmful” to the reputation of Britain’s armed forces and the safety of UK personnel, the prime minister has been warned. […] The former head of the armed forces Field Marshal Charles Guthrie, the ex-defence secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind, and Dominic Grieve, a former attorney-general, last night sent a letter to Downing Street raising concerns about the Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill.” (link, paywalled)

Dominic Grieve? That dyed-in-the wool Remainer? Why, one wonders, does he and those other two ‘senior’ figures care more about ‘our reputation’ than about the lives and reputations of our people, represented by the common soldiers still willing to fight for our country?

Then there’s ‘Climate Change’ … you didn’t think the Greenies had gone away, did you? Certainly not when Labour has now discovered it as suitable ‘shame on us’ ploy:

“Labour has called for the Government to be “ambitious” by ending the sale of new petrol, diesel, and hybrid cars and vans by 2030, to create jobs, cut carbon emissions and reduce air pollution. Shadow ministers have written to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, warning him that a failure to ensure a rapid shift to zero-emissions vehicles will damage the UK’s car industry. It will also harm the UK’s standing on the world stage as host of key UN climate “Cop26” talks in Glasgow next year, Labour said.” (paywalled link)

Yes, well, we obviously have no other problems than ‘looking good’ on the International stage. In an aside – it’s become disquietingly quiet on the Autumn Budget Statement front …  but never mind that, here’s another item which demonstrates how Greenery has become an item in the Remain battle. This also shows how mandarins and civil serpents are still adhering to EU Rulz. It’s about the water quality in our rivers and lakes which is – you guessed it – shamefully ‘the worst’ in Europe. Firstly, there’s this:

“The [Environment] agency has admitted reducing the frequency of testing of rivers and has been accused of seeking to water down the testing programme after Brexit to make it easier for rivers to meet the target.” (link, paywalled)

This is the reason why “we” must be so ashamed:

“No water body achieved “good chemical status” after improved methods of testing fish and shellfish flesh detected contamination with flame retardants and other toxic substances. In 2016, 97 per cent of water bodies passed the chemicals tests but the agency said that was because less sophisticated methods had been used then.” (link, paywalled)

That reminds me of similar ‘events’ used in medicine where ‘new methods’ allowed the computer to say no or yes, through twiddling with the limits of certain biomarkers, leading to doctors prescribing more of e.g. statins.

Next, here’s the Brexit ‘hammer’:

“Sir James Bevan, the Environment Agency chief executive, was criticised by environment groups last month after appearing to suggest a change to EU methods of testing water quality after Brexit which could improve the scores for English rivers. He questioned the EU’s “one out, all out” rule, under which rivers cannot be classed as good if they fail on any of the four categories in the water framework directive. He said this meant scores might not reflect improvements in some areas.” (link, paywalled)

Ah! What a surprise! I wonder how much money those various environmental NGOs receive from Brussels. Speaking of which, the headlines in this morning’s print editions don’t mention the EU with one word. Well, Barnier and Frost are still talking, Verhofstadt was tweeting (link) his ‘fury’ – ah, that was on Tuesday … but Post-Covid madness is affecting even Brussels and Barnier.

On the one hand, early this morning The Express’ Brussels correspondent writes that Barnier, according to ‘sources’, is going to ‘assess a stricter framework, to “enforce the terms of any agreement struck before the end of the year.” (link) On the other hand, in a second article published early this morning at the same time, the same correspondent writes that Barnier allegedly told Frost he didn’t really mean to prevent food shipments to NI (link) – he only wanted to play, innit!

Well, that’s ok then, even though further down in that report we read about how angry Brussels still is about ‘That Bill’, and that Barnier wants ‘extra guarantees’ so that we cannot break any deal to which we both have agreed. Ah well – perhaps the next round will see Barnier insist on us adhering to EU rules about cleaning our waters!

And so to the proper Post-Covid madness …There was ‘a heartfelt letter’ from ‘NHS staff’ to the general public, begging us to please stay at home and not come to A & E, asking parents to please not bring their kids for Covid tests when they have a sniffle (link). There’s worse:

“Hospitals and councils have been told to find extra beds for coronavirus patients within two weeks as the NHS braces for a second spike in cases. With hospital admissions beginning to increase following a steep rise in virus infections, isolation units in which Covid-19 patients can recover are being set up, freeing space on wards for those needing the most care.” (paywalled link)

One would assume that we’d be told which hospitals are already struggling, especially in the North East now under that general NE Lockdown. But does ‘Our NHS’, do ‘Our MSM’, does Hancock give us any numbers of hospitals filling up? Do they heck! 

It’s back to ‘Save Our Holy Cow’, no questions permitted. It’s back to the regime which has elevated the numbers of people dying at home well over those dying in hospitals, never mind dying of Covid. Our friends at facts4eu, well versed in looking at stats and numbers, published a report on Wednesday, demonstrating that we’re more likely to die of non-covid illnesses (link). Do read the whole thing!

Meanwhile Hancock and his mad scientists have found another ‘cure’. They will adopt ‘a traffic light system’:

“[…] with local action being triggered when infection rates reach a set level. A template for the so-called “escalation framework”, […], includes provision for “mandatory masks” at the amber level, suggesting face coverings will be legally required in even more settings than they are now. The Telegraph understands that ministers will on Friday confirm that family visits to care homes will be paused in areas in which infections are highest.” (paywalled link)

Prepare for a weekend of more Post-Covid Madness, prepare for more and more restrictions – but don’t ask why! Be happy to be treated like illiterate kids who ‘understand’ the traffic light system – and don’t worry your pretty little heads about ‘science’! Meanwhile we’re told the reason for the testing scandal:

“Government laboratories that are processing coronavirus tests use cumbersome techniques, are running out of staff and have failed to set up automatic processes before a second wave, […] A scientist who has toured the facilities said he was appalled as it became clear that the labs were increasingly struggling to cope with demand.” (link, paywalled)

One would like to know what they have been doing during the last weeks, just as one would like to ask the managers of ‘Our NHS’ why they aren’t prepared. Did they all go on lovely summer holidays, with two weeks of quarantine at home added? There’s more:

“Yesterday a blame game broke out at Westminster over testing. Baroness Harding of Winscombe, who oversees the test-and-trace programme, suggested that predictions by scientific advisers had not anticipated demand for tests. Senior civil servants insisted that she was responsible for the system.” (link, paywalled)

Ahem. How long has she been at the helm of this civil-serpent-run entity? A few weeks? More demands for more tests must have been totally unforeseeable, especially since ‘Our MSM’ have done nought over the last weeks but tell everybody that tests are ‘the cure’. Also, see this sinister ‘advice’ from ‘officials’ who ‘believe’ that:

“the only way out is to convince people with no symptoms that testing is not a “silver bullet” to free them from quarantine.” (link, paywalled)

Obviously they, with their secure, highly-paid jobs, believe that staying at home, untested, is fine for us plebs and never mind our loss of income and probable loss of our jobs.

I leave you with a final example of how ‘Our MSM’ are keeping the fear and hysteria campaign going. There was a conference at ESCMID where a paper on one study (one!) was presented. It investigated the presence of Covid in the blood of pets whose owners ‘had symptoms’ or had been ‘diagnosed’ – that must have been before tests became as rare as hen’s teeth:

“Cat owners with suspected Covid should stay away from their pets because owners can pass on the disease, a study has found. Cats and dogs can be infected with coronavirus by their owners and in several cases pets that test positive present with Covid-19-like respiratory symptoms, veterinary science experts have said.” (paywalled link)

Gawd almighty! Don’t touch your cat or dog if you think you might have Covid! You don’t want to burden your vets as well as your GPs, do you!  It would not surprise me one bit if Hancock and his mad civil serpents will use this ‘evidence’ to make our ‘Covid’ lives even more unbearable

I leave you with these questions: how come we’re being bombarded with articles about papers from obscure scientific meetings while papers, statements and videos by truly eminent scientists rarely find their way into paywalled places from which they vanish after half a day? Above all – where are the reports from China where surely there must now also be a second wave? Is that a state secret? Meanwhile, for as long as we can, let’s




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