Here in our Pinged Isles it’s become painful to have to watch the daily madness about numberswhich has our covid experts, all the way down from BJ, in its grip. 18 months after the official outbreak of covid the whole lot of them seem to have lost the skill to understand numbers or put them into context.

One’s gotta have pity with the poor things though when one sees that even scientists outside SAGE have come up with another inanity: covid in schoolchildren can best be ‘controlled’ by daily testing, not by making them and their classmates self-isolate (paywalled link). Just look at this – and take note of the numbers:

“Daily testing of secondary school pupils exposed to Covid-19 is just as effective at curbing the spread of the disease as making them isolate, research suggests. […] More than a million pupils in England were out of school last week for Covid-related reasons, although only 47,000 were thought to have the virus.” (link, paywalled)

47,000 schoolkids ‘are thought’ to have covid? Do they not know? Don’t they test? And over a million kids are self-isolating? Well, a million is neither here nor there between friends, is it! Not when we read that 1.3 million’ people were pinged in the last week (link). So, naive as I am, I ask myself if those 1.3m and the ‘over 1m’ kids shouldn’t be added together. That would give us a lovely ‘pingcidence’ of well over 2 million Brits. 

There’s another set of numbers which puzzles me. Are those 47,000 kids ‘thought’ to have covid included in the latest scare numbers which our MSM are bandying about? Oh please – don’t panic, there were ‘only 39,000 ‘positive tests’ yesterday (link). Of course, yet another ‘expert doctor’ warns that it’s far too early to relax, that the numbers might still rise because of ‘freedom day’. At least there’s the statement that these are ‘positive tests’ – well, isn’t that what we’ve been saying for some time, that we’re seeing a ‘testdemic’? Then we read:

“The data also showed that a further 84 people had died within 28 days of testing positive as of Thursday, up from 73 on Wednesday, and an increase of a third on last week.” (link)

So those poor people who’ve died had tested +ve four weeks ago, but again none of the official covid writers ask if the primary cause of death might conceivably have been due to something else. Here are more numbers:

“The average number of people dying from the virus each day now stands at 55, which is double the figure earlier this month but still 20 times fewer than at the peak of the second wave. Latest data shows there were 788 Covid hospital admissions on July 18, a rise of 35 per cent on the previous week. Hospitalisations appear to be doubling roughly every three weeks.” (link)

Yet again, numbers and percentages are bandied about with gay abandon, but instead of shouting that all these numbers and percentages are much lower than in January and isn’t that wonderful – we need to be kept in panic. Moreover, at the same time as our covid ‘leaders’ screech that people must vaccinate, we’re told in the next paragraph:

“But, like deaths, they [hospital admissions] are being kept five times lower than the peak in January thanks to the vaccine rollout, which saw another nearly 230,000 doses administered today. It means that in total, 36.6million Britons — the equivalent of 69 per cent of adults — have been fully jabbed and 46.4m have had at least one dose, or 89 per cent.” (link)

Shouldn’t BJ and the rest celebrate that over two thirds of Brits have been double-jabbed, and nearly 90% have had one jab, instead of pushing scare numbers as if their life depends on herding those last 11% unvaccinated Brits to the next jab-centre?

Here is another conundrum, a conundrum which has me scratching my head in puzzlement. Firstly, there’s that pingdemic: are the ‘1,3 million’ pinged all newly pinged people, or is this a cumulative number where the 500,000 from the first week of July and the 600,000 from the second week of this month are rolled up, so as to get those 1.3m pinged? And what about the schoolkids? Are in fact 4 million Brits of all ages self-isolating? That’s the number I get when I add them all up.

Now recall that our own PM has told the pinged ones that they must self-isolate, just in case, because one third of them might be infected already.  I dunno where he got that number from – SAGE? – but we can make this simple calculation: assume that BJ referred to the 600,000 pinged ones from last week. One third of 600,000 means 200,000 would be infected, according to BJ. So why then are there ‘’only” about 50,000 ‘new cases’? Are those 600,000 not testing themselves? Why are the MSM not full of cries that ‘200,000 Brits have covid’? Perhaps the test centres can’t keep up with all those tests the pinged ones need to undergo? 

I’ll leave you with a heretical question: could it be that the tests are an artefact of vaccinations? Haven’t we read that jabbees can ‘shed’ viral particles? So mightn’t these shed particles show up in the tests? After all, well over two thirds of Brits – 36.6. million – have been double-jabbed, so one would expect that those ‘viral shedders’ would turn up in the test regime. Why then are covid government, SAGEs and the MSM so hell-bent on keeping us running for ‘moar tests’, on keeping more and more of us in quarantine because: “ping!”?

It would of course be silly of me to suggest that it was the heatwave which caused the pingdemic. Why wouldn’t Brits who’re denied their summer holidays try and grab a few days on our own beaches while the sun shines hotly, taking advantage of “ping!”?

As for me, after suffering from a week of hot temperatures – that’s because of the weather, not covid! – my little grey cells are incapable of coming up with an answer. 






Photo by Conor Lawless

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