Don’t mess with granny!


Another day – another ‘event’ or two or three demonstrating Covid Madness. It’s as if nothing at all matters except Covid. It feeds the vain posturings of some politicians and ‘experts’, driven by their overweening vanity and that of most of the Covid ‘editors’ and ‘correspondents’ in the Covid MSM. As for Brexit … ‘talks’ are on again.

Let’s start with those Brexit talks. I’m sick and tired of the glowing ‘reports’ from various Brussels correspondents who still paint us and our negotiators as penitents who need to be shown the way by Mighty Barnier. The following quotes are perfect for raising our collective blood pressure. First there’s this one:

“The EU’s chief negotiator convinced UK counterpart David Frost to return to the negotiating table on Wednesday by promising daily talks with legal texts across all subjects. The EU would compromise as well as the UK and treat Britain as a sovereign equal, he promised.” (paywalled link)

Oh yes – the EU ‘would compromise’ … how eminently reassuring! And do note that it was that outstanding Monsieur Non-Nein-No who had to ‘persuade’ Lord Frost to come back to the table. As antidote to those lofty promises, please read this report by our friends at facts4eu. It’s not as if cher Michel negotiates with no background input from other EU potentates.

Next there’s this – one would laugh if these negotiations weren’t so vital for our country! It illustrates how law-abiding the Brussels anti-Brexit cabal really is:

“Senior figures in Mr Barnier’s team told EU diplomats not to leak details of their Brexit meetings to the press during the intensified negotiations. Officials warned that leaks of sensitive information could derail the delicate trade talks and risk no deal, according to diplomatic cables obtained by The Telegraph 18 hours after the warning.” (paywalled link)

These are the ‘sources’ which feed the Remainers here, disregarding their own restrictions. And rest assured: it doesn’t matter that Brussels is a Covid ‘hotspot’ – Barnier and Frost know about video conferencing. RemainCentral has vital information for us:

“Meals will be a major problem as Belgian foreign ministry advice to foreign diplomats notes “receptions and banquets provided by a professional catering company are forbidden”. (link, paywalled)

How awful – the poor things! My heart bleeds for them. This little remark, spoken aside, provides a clue as to what to expect:

“While we can do some things by video conferencing it is really not ideal,” a source said. “And we are on a very tight time schedule already.” (link, paywalled)

I recommend you read the other, latest report by our friends at facts4eu. It’s a grim warning that we’re likely to end up with no Brexit. It’s all prepared behind the smokescreen of ‘Covid!’, cooked up in secrecy because surely the Barnier ‘team’ is now also going to keep everything secret. You realise that thanks to Lockdowns we have no means of protesting before Parliament …

It’s as if we’re back in the 18th century when ‘diplomats’ worked in secret, when ‘cabinets’ met in secret’, when absolutist kings and other potentates decided ‘in secret’ as the peasants were kept in the dark, forced to swallow the results of all those secret negotiations. Mind you – the wars were fought in plain sight, the peasants dying in the open, the lands devastated for all to see.

As for the latest Covid Madness … there was that extraordinary video clip of a brief interview with a great-granny in Yorkshire. It has made the rounds – you can still watch it here. The DT gave us some background information, showing that this is not just another ‘old biddy’ who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Mrs Eames was a parish councillor for 50 years. Moreover her husband and later herself had suffered from Covid earlier this year (paywalled link).

She pointed to the money wasted, and there’s one huge waste which ought to have even the Covidians, the Lockdown fanatics, up in arms: that fabulous remedy for Covid, Test & Trace, ain’t working. £12bn are being spent on this, and this is the result:

“[…] statistics for the week ending October 14 show that just 15 per cent of people who were tested for Covid received their results within 24 hours, down from 33 per cent the week before.“ (paywalled link)

Oh dear! Never mind the still unanswered point – unanswered by SAGE and government – about false positive tests! This horrible Test & Trace failure has to be our fault, somehow, according to the Covid Leader, Patrick Vallance. He explains that:

“the system could still work in areas where cases are low “it has much less of an impact in the areas where you’ve got very high levels, and that’s why additional measures are taken”. Sir Patrick said ministers had to “take difficult decisions around premises that need to be shut, because at that point you can’t really control it any other way than by stopping contact”.” (link, paywalled)

So Test & Trace doesn’t ‘work’ because there are so many of us covid lepers wandering around, infected, and that’s the reason, according to Vallance, for the ‘difficult decision’ government ministers had to make, i.e. locking down everything everywhere. In other words: “we” need Lockdowns to ‘save Test and Trace’!

I can’t help asking myself if these lockdowns, spreading like a rash across our country, are being imposed because government still hasn’t got all the private data of all of us, but then I’m a horrible old great-granny who must be one of those awful Lockdown sceptics!

There’s more though. The Covid MSM were full of reports about ICUs in NHS hospitals being ‘overwhelmed’ by all those new covid patients. It’s so harrowing that the first Nightingale Hospital is being dusted down and reopened – in Manchester where, thanks to the political posturing and haggling of the Mayor, Mr Burnham, a week went by when all the untraced covid lepers were able to spread the virus. However, the reason for the reopening of that Nightingale Hospital is not as you’d expect:

“Jane Eddleston, medical director of the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, said yesterday that the Nightingale hospital would begin admitting patients next week. It has space for 750 patients. “The Nightingale will not be used as a critical care facility and neither was it in the first phase, it will be used as a facility for additional rehabilitation.” (link, paywalled)

But surely those hospitals were set up to treat all those unfortunate covid patients which were overwhelming the ICUs? ‘Tis just another indicator that actually, all those NHS hospitals weren’t that much ‘overwhelmed’ as the Covid MSM would have us believe! 

The unmissable Sir John Redwood asks some pointed , inconvenient questions about the NHS in his Diary entry today:

“By now I assume more have been trained to handle CV 19, and we see the good news that there are better treatments with the death rate falling substantially as a result Today I would like to ask a crucial question. What is now happening to NHS output for non CV 19 conditions? Ministers tell me the NHS is operating again as before for non pandemic conditions. Is it?” (link)

He also lists the sums budgeted for the NHS this year, with the added Covid spending given to that Sacred Cow. Do read the whole thing! Surely we all deserve answers to the questions Sir John Redwood raises – after all, it’s our money, and it’s of course ‘Our NHS’, isn’t it!

Finally, with Scotland and Nicola having suddenly vanished from the pages of the Covid MSM, a ‘new hero’ is needed. Unsurprisingly, The Times has found him. This morning they published a glowing opinion piece praising Dripford. It’s written by the ‘co-director of Labour to Win’ who moved to Wales only last month, so not biased then, is it.

I cannot resist to quote the concluding paragraph, to show how removed from reality that writer and indeed Labour is. It comes with a health warning: reading it will make you want to vomit:

“Thankfully, here in Wales, at least, we have an alternative. And the success of the measures brought in by Mr Drakeford means more than our own happiness, health and prosperity — invested in that as I am. If they work, first and foremost lives will be saved. But Mr Johnson’s lack of leadership will also be shown up again, and ultimately the change to a leader who can get a grip on this situation will be hastened. That leader could and should be Sir Keir.” (paywalled link)

Yeah right – Starmer to the front. That Starmer who first sits on fences and then calls for a ‘firebreak’, Mk ‘Dripford’, for the whole country.

I leave you with the perfect example of a politician who hasn’t got a clue about the lives we ordinary plebs lead, Lockdown or not. It’s furthermore an example of ideology and virtue signalling blinding that politician to the every-day reality of our lives, no matter how much he waves the Labour red flag. I give you – Wales’ Dripford!

He decreed yesterday that the Welsh supermarkets must only sell ‘essential’  food during the Lockdown which starts this evening. They must not sell any other items, especially not clothes or hardware. That’s to ‘protect’ small businesses who won’t be able to sell anything as their shops are shut down for the duration (link). What perfect way to get even more people switching to online buying!

It’s not the odd screwdriver or t-shirt bought in those supermarkets during that ‘firebreak’ which will be the death knell for those small businesses already on their knees – it’s Lockdown. But that doesn’t occur to the rabid Covidians who still believe that keeping us ‘fastened in our homes’ is the only way to control the virus.

Will Covid-Virtue-Signalling ‘defeat’ the virus – or will the grannies and gramps in this country prevail who are telling those covid-mad politicians to stuff it?





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