“Question” is a foreign word for ‘Our MSM’


It’s most definitely the Silly Season! ‘Our MSM’ have so far refrained from publishing stories about dogs, cats or unaccompanied snails and caterpillars sighted somewhere in these Isles. Instead, they document their silliness for all to see in their ongoing CV-19 fear and hysteria campaign without asking pertinent questions. The other items of interest this morning are on the invasion by illegal rubber-dinghy ‘travellers’ crossing the Channel – finally noticed by ‘Our MSM’! –  and there’s a concoction about Cummings and Whitehall.

Let’s look at the CV-19 ‘news’ first. France is now on the government watchlist and that returning travellers might find themselves forced into quarantine if the case numbers there don’t decrease within the next five days (link, paywalled). Keep that information in mind – we’ll get back to it below.

Now let’s look at some ‘good’ news: ‘Our NHS’ is going to ‘release’ at least some of the private hospitals which they commandeered at the start of Lockdown. It’s become too expensive to keep them standing empty, pointed out in many reports since May. This is now being spun as an act of generosity, the reporters never asking how come these private hospitals were not used during the height of the pandemic. Johnson has committed more of our money to ‘Our Sacred Cow’, to enable them to prepare for winter as NHS ‘chiefs’ are willing to give some of it back to the private hospitals, in some sort of ‘new deal’:

“An NHS spokesman said: “Thanks to this extended agreement, tens of thousands more people will be able to benefit from quicker access to surgery and other treatments, tests and checks. As we move into the next phase of the response to coronavirus, the NHS will also be negotiating a new deal available to all independent-sector providers based more closely on activity to ensure taxpayers get full value from the expenditure.” (link, paywalled)

Isn’t that nice and caring! Don’t ask why ‘Our NHS’ has prevented patients from having this ‘access’ until now! The increasingly critical reports from all sorts of medical royal colleges and experts about the collateral damage the lockdown has been creating for all non-CV-19 patients have of course got nothing at all to do with this, of course not!

Next, there’s been a study looking at how health workers had been affected by CV-19. At the start of the pandemic here in the UK there were reports that one diagnostic sign was a loss of the senses of smell and taste. This was added to the list of danger signals, leading to ‘test and isolate’ advice. Now look closely at this quote:

“The study, led by the University of East Anglia in collaboration with University College London, found that 168 out of the 262 healthcare workers who completed the questionnaire reported losing their sense of smell or taste at some point between mid-February and mid-April.” (link, paywalled)

This study, undertaken in one hospital, is being spun in The Times to support ‘testing’ – but not a word about the date: ‘mid-February’! Ought this not have led them to ask since when CV-19 has actually been present in this country? Perhaps there were hundreds of ordinary people with these symptoms, with none the wiser, since they didn’t require hospitalisation? Perhaps that dreaded ‘herd immunity’ was already on its way?

Next, there’s another survey, this time conducted by Imperial College London and Ipsos Mori, one of the polling outfits. They found that the easing of Lockdown did not lead to the feared and ‘predicted’  increase of cases with CV-19:

“Community prevalence actually fell after lockdown measures were relaxed, decreasing from 12 infections per 10,000 people in May to eight in 10,000 by mid-June to early July. […] Of the 159,199 swab tests carried out in the latest two weeks, just 123 were positive. At any one point in the two weeks between June 19 and July 8, there were 39,000 people with Covid-19, compared to 74,000 in May.” (paywalled link)

Well! So how come we must still be very afraid and must now wear face muzzles everywhere? The answer is predictable. Compare and contrast:

”Steven Riley, professor of infectious disease dynamics at Imperial College, said: “The epidemic has transitioned out of lockdown phase but prevalence has continued to decrease. We estimate a decrease in prevalence from 0.13 per cent to 0.077 per cent. […] “Prof Paul Hunter, professor in medicine at the University of East Anglia, said: “[…] it is important to realise that the fact that the early relaxations in June did not cause an increase in cases does not mean that further relaxations will have done so already or will do so in the future.” (paywalled link)

In other words: stay scared of CV-19 because, even if the prevalence is going down, it just might go up again if we’re trying to go back to the actual, not the ‘new’ normal. Am I being cynical when I suspect that all those professors and experts who push the CV-19 scare stories are scared of finding themselves relegated back to academia, out of this new CV-19 limelight which they like very much – unless they help ‘Our MSM’ to perpetuate the fear and hysteria campaign?

Now – remember that warning about travellers from France possibly being forced into quarantine? It’s interesting that writers in ‘Our MSM’ have overlooked – on purpose or because of mental laziness – the increase in illegal immigrants crossing the Channel and landing on our beaches. It’s not as if this only happened yesterday.

Since it’s Nigel Farage who has documented this invasion in his videos – his latest is here, should you not have seen it – ‘Our MSM’ studiously ignored it. However, these illegals are now coming in thick and fast, so ‘Our MSM’ can no longer disregard this as some sort of inevitable summer event:

“More than 3,700 migrants have arrived this year, including more than 202 yesterday — a new daily record — compared with 1,850 in the whole of last year.” (link, paywalled)

One of those ‘Immigration officials’ blames this on the weather. Unsurprisingly, others blame Ms Patel. She definitely deserves all the blame she gets. Her latest attempt to stop this invasion is ridiculous:

“Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, has ordered a review of the UK’s current sea capability in the Channel, which could see the Navy recalled to help tackle the situation for the first time since her predecessor, Sajid Javid, requested military aid last January. “We are looking at what other assets might be needed – including, potentially, the Navy,” said a Government source. “We would need to decide their exact role, but we don’t want them to become a taxi service.” (paywalled link)

That taxi service is already provided by the Border Farce, as Nigel has pointed out. And another review is surely going to frighten all those people traffickers into stopping their lucrative business! Mentioning Javid in this context is also ridiculous since he’s sitting on his hands in his constituency, not dealing with the situation in those hotels, as pointed out by Nigel. It’s also odd that there are no reports about illegals coming in on lorries – people who are seeing them walking along motorways in Kent must surely be hallucinating.

However: where are the calls for testing and quarantining those invaders? If holiday makers coming back from France might be put into quarantine then surely those illegals, coming from France, ought to be similarly confined? Or would such demand be racist?

And so, finally, to Whitehall mandarins and the latest outbreak of that ‘Cummings War’ in ‘Our MSM’. ‘Experts’ from University College London undertook a study and their findings, reported in the DT, are deliciously ludicrous:

“The study, published in The Lancet, analysed survey results from more than 40,000 individuals between April 24 and June 11 […], shows that trust was high at the beginning of lockdown but began to drop as the Government announced that it would begin to lift restrictions on May 10. […] Confidence was beginning to rally again following the “release dip” as virus infections and deaths dropped, but there was a sudden decrease near the end of May, which researchers have described as “the Cummings effect”.” (paywalled link)

Never mind that this is the exclusive interpretation of London researchers, frightened by the fear campaign exacerbated by the ‘Cummings War’ in the metropolitan MSM. Apparently, the dwellers on the Celtic Fringe didn’t show a similar ‘drop in confidence’ – nought to do with devolution because Cummings only reigns in England!

Perhaps ‘the English’ have a more robust and critical attitude to government in general, based on their observations in their localities on the asininity of those ‘rules’? Perhaps the findings on the decrease in CV-19 prevalence, noticed up and down England by ordinary peasants, has something to do with it? Be that as it may – it’s about Cummings and that’s that.

Add into this concoction the amazing report in The Times, on ‘leading candidates’ to replace Mark Sedwill having ‘ruled themselves out’. Their reason is … Cummings:

“Senior Whitehall sources say that a “dysfunctional” Downing Street and the power wielded by Dominic Cummings […] have put off almost all the contenders. “Most people have come to the conclusion that the job is a hiding to nothing, […] You’re head of the civil service dealing with an administration who are not keen on the civil service. Sensible people are giving it a pass.” Another said that they had spoken to people who had considered applying but decided not to. “It is not a fun job,” the source said. “People have seen what has happened to Mark and thought ‘no thanks’.” (link, paywalled)

Oh-my-God! This top job must now be ‘a fun job’ for civil serpents to take on? Are these people for real? Or are they just hiding their incompetence behind “Cummings!”, to the delight of the anti-Cummings warriors in ‘Our MSM’? Perhaps it’s not the ‘Cummings Effect’ which led to that ‘drop in confidence’ found by London ‘experts’  but people having noticed that civil serpents are only running the country for their own ‘fun’?

As the Silly Season continues perhaps we ought to ask if all those ever-so-brilliant Whitehall sources are actually working at their Whitehall desks or if they’re all gossiping from home, chatting with friendly colleagues and intrepid reporters … ‘for fun’.




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