The swamp that is ‘The News’ – covid, budget: swamps are everywhere


I didn’t, honestly, guv – I didn’t look at the MSM yesterday (Sunday)! I picked up the gossip about Rishi’s plans only from various blogs. However – I was incandescent then and am still bouncing off the ceiling in anger, for example when I read that the opinion-polled lemmings were all ‘happy’ with ‘moar taxes’, especially for the NHS, and that they’re also keen on that tax for ‘online deliveries’.

Who the fluff are they thinking will pay this ‘little extra’? They themselves will! And that’s not taking into account the local taxes – rising because: “Covid!” – and the energy bills: rising because that’s what they do, regardless, and never mind all the green piousness BJ and his female handler in No 10 spread around.

The worst however, the very worst is that none of those so keen on more taxes actually understand what is going on here – not the polled lemmings, not the ’economists’. They don’t get that we, who’ve first been put into lockdown prison without our consent, are now going to be forced to pay the costs of that imprisonment. The ‘leaks’ about no windfall taxes on those who’ve profited have sunk below the surface – it’s ‘online deliveries’ which might be taxed. Do these ‘moar tax’ lemmings not understand that it’ll be us who’ll pay for that, not the companies?

As for those brainwashed lemmings who’d like to make all of us hand over even more of our money to the already bloated Sacred Cow: words simply fail me! The point to keep in mind is that Sunak and BJ will of course use the findings of that opinion poll to justify the tax rises which are coming. ‘You asked for it’, after all.

According to more leaks, Sunak will keep going his covid-relief measures like furlough until June 21st when, allegedly, we’ll be let out. There’s also an ‘outcry’ by female business leaders who demand that the ‘beauty industry’ and the fashion industry ought to get special treatment. Give me strength!

To round up this excursion into the Budget-Tax-Swamp, I’ll just point out that the ‘green shoots’ of economic recovery some experts have detected – people are buying things on their credit cards – will vanish like snow in April. It doesn’t seem to occur to those ‘experts’ that people are buying now because they anticipate that prices will go up, thanks to all those little extra covid-taxes. The outlook for us peasants out here isn’t jolly, that I can predict without a degree in economics, thus the mini-spending spree. We may be plebs but we’re not stupid!

In any case – how do we know we’ll be rid of Lockdown anyway? The headlines in this morning’s covid papers are about ‘The Hunt for the Brazilian Mutant’ – the one of which we must really be very afraid because allegedly the jolly good vaccines won’t protect from that – no, don’t ask how they know. So now there are six (!) patients with that mutant and the covid authorities want to find the very first one who brought this covid variety to our shores:

“Health officials are hunting for a mystery Covid patient thought to be one of the first in the UK to have a Brazilian variant that may spread more rapidly and respond less well to vaccines. […] Public Health England (PHE) has admitted it has no idea who one of them is, nor where the person was tested. Health officials have begun a scramble to try to find the person and track down hundreds of passengers on a series of connecting flights into the UK from Brazil earlier this month.” (paywalled link)

No, we’re not told if those unfortunates are all in hospital, we’re only told that Ms Yvette Cooper MP (Lab) – we remember her as an inveterate Remainer – blames this on the ‘inadequate quarantine measures’ of the covid politburo. Her statement is priceless – she said:

“The Brazil variant was first identified a month before one of these cases was brought in on Feb 10 and many weeks after the Prime Minister was warned that indirect flights were a problem, yet the Government delayed putting stronger measures in place.” She said there were far too many holes in the current hotel quarantine system, which only covers one per cent of travellers, […]” (paywalled link)

Oh if only BJ had listened to that Labour MP! Every passenger from every flight from anywhere would’ve been put into quarantine an no mutant would’ve entered! So now PHE and the lockdown fanatics are scrambling to play covid detectives. Well, they better get a move on because continental MSM have murmured about mutants found in Turkey or Nigeria.

I bet that “we” can find many more, if only we’d look more closely and made an effort. After all, being able to deal with new mutants is one of the conditions for giving us back our freedom and thus these mutants must be found to convince us that we need to keep staying at home. Rishi will pay for it, won’t he!

Meanwhile, to make us feel properly scared, The Times has yet another report on the ‘heartbreak’ caused by ‘Long Covid’ (link, paywalled). The Germans have already set up a clinic for them, having found 400 sufferers between 20 and 40 years of age who can’t go on with their normal life. One of them – don’t cry, and don’t laugh, you heartless so-and-so’s! – forgot to close the tap in her kitchen and flooded her flat because of ‘Long Covid’. Goodness gracious me!

Someone pointed out in the comments that this is precisely like that ‘Yuppie Flu’ which struck our country. That was in the 1980s and while some of us remember this perfectly, we cannot expect our ‘health & science’ editors to recall events that far back in history. I recall though that doctors were harshly telling sufferers that it was ‘all in their heads’ and they better get a grip. How times have changed …!

Let’s finish today’s news from the covid swamp with a beautiful report in the DM, according to which unvaccinated police officers don’t want to police the masses going to beaches and parks any longer. It’s an outcry to please get Plod vaccinated now, or else:

“Ken Marsh, the chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said on Sunday that his members no longer want to regulate the law. ‘Police don’t want to police this. We have had enough of this. It is not policeable. It is not manageable,’ […] Currently police officers have to regularly break coronavirus restrictions to continue their duties – including flouting the two-metre rule when apprehending uncooperative suspects. Mr Marsh has said that the union is seeking legal action as to whether officers could refuse to break rules in the line of duty unless they receive their vaccines.” (link)

We are of course not told how many police officers are off sick with covid, caught ‘in the line of duty’ when policing all those lockdown rule breakers. That would lead to other inconvenient questions, such as ‘don’t the masks work?’, since plod is of course muzzled up, or perhaps to wondering if those ‘asymptomatic covid spreaders’ aren’t actually spreading covid after all.

I leave you with a beautiful example which illustrates the famous statement of the German Pastor Niemöller which you can read here. It’s about the now well-known censoring of opinions on social media. To his amazement a certain Mr Daniel Hannan found a piece on covid and liberty which he’d written for the John Locke Institute removed from that institute’s facebook page (paywalled link). Well, I cannot recall that Mr Hannan stood up for any of those who were similarly censored, for example such eminent scientists like Prof Carl Henegan. 

Now that it happened to himself, Mr Hannan is mildly outraged. Perhaps he might ponder that Niemöller quote and think out loud about the fact that Freedom of Speech is for all, not for a select elite, chosen according to social media moguls.

Mind you, I won’t hold my breath waiting for Hannan to take a stand.




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