Is this the ‘new’ ID?


September is slowly drifting towards its end. There are more local Lockdowns, more ‘rising case numbers’, more tedious Brexit news – ‘they’ are still negotiating, in case you wondered – and there’s another ludicrous announcement by BJ ‘on the world stage’. 

Let’s get that farcical BJ ‘announcement out of the way first. I’m mentioning this because, by feeding this to ‘Our MSM’, that poseur in No 10 shows that Parliament has become nought but a talking shop where ‘government directives’ are rubber-stamped, after the fact:

“Mr Johnson is expected to promise today that more than 1,500 additional square miles of England will be designated as protected by 2030 to help support the recovery of nature. He will make the commitment at an online United Nations event and will also promise to protect 30 per cent of the UK’s land by 2030. National parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONBs) and other protected areas comprise 26 per cent of land in England.” (link, paywalled)

Aren’t “we” wonderful! What a ‘caring’ PM: more Nature! Never mind that at the same time there’ll be more building on green belts – to house all those poor illegals crossing the Channel …

This is a beautiful ‘look – a squirrel!’ moment, to make BJ look good just as the ‘revolt’ by backbench Tory MPs is gathering pace. Even the whips are ‘sympathetic’, according to the DT where we read:

“Boris Johnson has been warned to expect “certain” defeat this week if he defies Tory rebels demanding a say on new lockdown powers, amid growing signs of a Government climbdown. More than 50 Tory MPs have now publicly backed a demand to put national coronavirus measures to a vote in Parliament, with rebel leaders confident that as many as 100 are on board.” (paywalled link)

The vote will take place on Wednesday, and Hancock’s interference – he wrote a letter to all Tory MPs – seems to have hardened their attitude. More interesting is that the ‘loyal opposition’ is shown up for the frightened peacocks they are.

They warble about how they’re ‘scrutinising’ government, but they have shown over the course of the Covid debates that they’re more interested in Covid-posturing than protecting our democracy. Only now, after the Tory ’rebel’ MPs initiative looks like being successful, are they courageously jumping on this bandwagon:

“Labour has signalled for the first time that it will vote for an amendment to the Coronavirus Act tabled by Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 committee of Tory backbenchers, with the LibDems and SNP also hinting they will back it.” (paywalled link)

Why didn’t they do so earlier? Did their constituents not write to them about the damage to their lives, their businesses, about the misery this Lockdown madness is creating? What were they frightened off? Being called ‘granny killers’?

Perhaps they were dazzled by the hi-tech ‘NHS App’, that steaming bovine excrement, that ‘test&trace’ thing which ‘everybody’ must have? That App where the latest ‘glitch’, the one where test data of tests done in NHS hospitals hadn’t been transferred to that tracing lot? Ah – but ‘government’ proudly tells us that:

“Six million of the downloads came on the app’s first day, Thursday. The government highlighted positive reviews, with a score of 4.5 out of five on the Apple app store and 4.1 out of five on the Google Play Store.” (link, paywalled)

Good grief! Government is ‘celebrating’ that their Covid app, the one which robs us even further of our privacy, has had good reviews on online app stores! There’s worse – Government is pushing this in the same way they’ve pushed muzzle-wearing:

“Baroness Harding […] said: “The integration of contact tracing and venue check-in is a key feature of the NHS Covid-19 app, giving an easy and straightforward way for us all to help protect one another.” (link, paywalled)

Yep – your movements must be traceable regardless of your having been tested or not, because “we” must protect each other! In any case, it’s just a precaution because you might be a Typhoid Mary without knowing it.

This is serious because government is sending out the appeal to download this app even to old phones which are technically incapable of downloading it – scroll down in this morning’s LockdownSceptics newsletter for the photo accompanying this quote:

“In a cock-up that will surprise absolutely no one, NHS Test and Trace is sending texts to ancient Nokia phones telling their owners to to download the COVID-19 app. Er, what? A reader has been in touch to tell me her 88 year-old mother got this message yesterday and was left feeling somewhat confused. She sent me a photo of her mum’s phone.” (link)

I bet there are many in that generation who will be frightened by this government appeal because they cannot, even with the best will, comply. I note in passing that government does have the numbers even of old mobiles, else how could this appeal have be texted out?

Do we now all need the latest smartphones before we’re allowed out? Is the government perhaps planning to give such smartphones to the elderly? Who is paying the connecting fees for those phones? Rishi? Is this the introduction, by stealth, of smartphones as IDs?

Here’s another little scandal that has only made it into the ‘official’ MSM because the BC will broadcast a Panorama programme on this shambles. First see this:

“Multiple public and private sector organisations are involved in NHS Test and Trace and most call handlers for non-complex cases have been recruited by Serco. The government has faced criticism for handing out to private companies multimillion-pound contracts to run parts of the scheme.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, that is pretty bad – but this next bland statement doesn’t even raise an eyebrow – one wonders why!

“Details of positive tests are now passed on to local authorities when the test-and-trace system has been unable to contact them.” (link, paywalled)

We plainly cannot continue giving government and the Lockdown fanatics the benefit of doubt. It must be clear by now that this is about one thing only: controlling us, the peasants, which they so despise.

Our privacy is shredded in the name of “Covid”, we’re no longer free to congregate because: “Covid”, and despite BJ’s words about not wanting a ‘snoops’ charter’, this is precisely what is happening. It doesn’t take an Einstein to draw a connection between test results – that’s private medical data, btw! – handed to local authorities and this next development:

“Neighbours are being encouraged by the Government to report Covid sufferers who are not self-isolating to the police, on the day it becomes an offence punishable with a fine of up to £10,000. Police will also conduct spot checks in areas with high infection rates and in high-risk groups.” (paywalled link)

How, may one ask, do ‘neighbours’ know who has had a positive test? Are they just snitching on what neighbours have told them over the garden fence – or are some getting information from ‘Our NHS’, via  ‘local authorities’? And what, pray, are the police going to check? People’s smartphones, for that appeal by Test&Target to self-isolate? See this:

“The new legal duty to self-isolate, which comes into force on Monday, covers anyone who has tested positive for coronavirus or has been contacted by NHS test and trace and told to stay at home. […] Like other coronavirus restrictions, it has not been subject to a vote in Parliament,” (paywalled link)

Of course it’s not been put before Parliament – that’s not how the Lockdown government operates – but look at that fine! What nice little earner! ‘Our MSM’ report this as if it’s just one of those things, necessary to ‘eradicate’ the virus. The Times also reports on this snitches charter, quoting Ms Patel who said:

“These new fines are a clear sign that we will not allow those who break the rules to reverse the hard-won progress by the law-abiding majority.” (link, paywalled)

Good grief! Ms Patel supports snitches and fines for ‘rule breakers’ – not Law breakers, you note – but it’s ‘not a snitches charter’? Would that she’d show the same enthusiasm for dealing with the actual Law breakers, the illegals who’ve been flooding our country, crossing the Channel!

Here’s another indication that this is about government control, by cold means because these measures are not Laws debated and voted on in Parliament, by using hi-tech means, like smartphones, and by destroying or right to congregate. Pubs, we were told, are where the virus-spreaders congregate. Now see this:

“Pubs and restaurants caused less than three per cent of infections in the week before curfew was announced, Public Health England (PHE) surveillance shows, as the new 10pm cut-off led to chaotic scenes over the weekend. Weekly data from PHE showed that schools and care homes were largely responsible for the new cases, accounting for more than two thirds of all positive tests. In contrast, just 22 cases out of 772, were caused by the hospitality industry in the week up to September 20.” (paywalled link)

Yes – words fail me, again! As scientists moan in ‘Our MSM’ that these local lockdowns haven’t curbed the rising number of cases, blaming the inadequacy of the fab NHS app, they also question the usefulness of lockdowns – yes, really! – even while supporting it at the same time:

“The data shows that although local lockdowns appear to have short term benefits, they do little to prevent the virus resurging, and according to experts, may lead to a bigger second wave.” (paywalled link)

Or a third wave, or a fourth wave … why don’t we all stay at home until “we” can all be vaccinated, sometime next year? As 60% of Wales is now in Lockdown, in addition to all the local lockdowns in the rest of the UK, here’s the reason why this is necessary – not! The Times shamefully smuggled this number in at the bottom of their lockdown report:

“The number of new coronavirus cases recorded across Britain was 5,693, taking the total to 434,969. There were 17 deaths.” (link, paywalled)

17 deaths … yes, we need emergency measures, definitely! And fines, definitely! Moar snitches! Moar police controls! Nobody must be allowed to die … of Covid! It’s ok to die of everything else though, especially since ‘Our National Covid Service’ is back to keep everybody out of hospitals, to die at home where nobody notices.

Will no one rid us of this troublesome PM and his mad government?




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