They’re still working – but will we be able to ‘afford’ them, given COVID?


Let’s start the week with one piece of good news, of something which still works – despite Covid, despite Brexit, despite Woke, BLM and all the rest of it. You’ll have heard that there was a crude-oil tanker off the coast of the Isle of Wight, hijacked by Nigerian stowaways but then stormed and secured by Special Forces.

I’ll not bore you with the ‘political fallout’, the predictable posturing of Ms Patel and all that jazz. All I’ll mention is that, according to Metro’s print edition, it took the Special Forces – the SBS – nine minutes (!) to secure the tanker. Amazing! Allegedly though they’re for the chop, according to the still secret spending review. We must pay for Covid, after all … priorities, innit like!

The rest of the ‘news’ this morning are about Covid, Test & Trace, Lockdowns local and national, and about the government being driven by the latest ‘issue’: starving children deprived of food during school holidays. What is it with ‘celebs’ and footballers especially, that they are at the forefront of the shroud-waving virtue-signallers? Above all, why are they demanding government money for their ‘issue’ rather than hand out some of their own dosh? That Labour and the MSM are happy to jump onto that bandwagon comes as no surprise – ‘Tories let children starve’ sells papers, after all.

This cry for ‘government to do something’ has infested the MSM for decades. The whole Covid mess is the best example for this ongoing infantilisation of our Nation. Worse: as we’ve seen during the whole Covid-Year: once Whitehall has made up their collective Mandarin Mind, it’s unassailable, no critique allowed.

We have not forgotten the whole Brexit saga where over the years any EUrosceptic, any Leaver, has been denigrated and vilified. In case you want to know: yes, Barnier and Frost are still talking, Macron is still clinging to his fish and it’ll be Mutti Merkel who will have to tell him to give a sixteenth of an inch, at the last minute. Macron is very clever: this means he can tell his fishermen that he did all he could but the bad Germans ‘made him cave in’. Well, once we’re out (if we ever get there), France needs a new ‘enemy’, and Germany will do as well as the perfidious Brits.

As for Covid, or ‘the Coof’ as some Welsh wags now call it, the news are all over the place. The Coof MSM are still playing their scare numbers game, Test&Trace is still a mess, BJ is still the culprit for everything. The latest ‘success’ story is about a quick swab test which is ‘97% accurate’ and will have a result in 12 minutes. This will be offered by Boots within two weeks, but at the moment, that’ll cost you – £120 (link).

Perhaps another ‘famous footballer’ will rise up and demand government pay for that because ‘Teh Poor’ won’t be able to afford it, not before Christmas (if we’re allowed to have Christmas) but there’s always next year when we’ll sink even deeper into debt. After all, Dripford, who today may or may not rescind his ludicrous diktat about what is or isn’t ‘essential’, has already said that another firebreak could be needed for January or February next year. Why? What numbers has he got? Are they ‘top secret’?

Oh – he did back-pedal a bit, telling the Coof MSM that of course he didn’t quite mean it, that supermarket managers could use their discretion about what to sell and what not, but this quote shows how far removed from ordinary people this Labour politician is:

“He told ITV Wales News: “I won’t need, I don’t think, to buy clothing over this two weeks and I think many, many people in Wales will be in that position too. For me, it won’t be essential. But I recognise that there will be some people who for entirely unexpected reasons which they couldn’t have foreseen will need to buy items.” (paywalled link)

Ah yes: “I” don’t need something so nobody else could possibly do so! Of course, it’s acceptable for the unwashed Welsh peasants to have to explain to store managers why they need a ‘non-essential’ item. I’m sure the other tinpot dictators who’ve been using Coof Idiocy to posture as ‘saviours of the people’ are exactly the same.

They can do this  because they don’t need to take responsibility for their actions – ‘Westminster must pay’, see! They’re blissfully unconcerned about the economic consequences for the people they claim to represent. Sir John Redwood makes some pertinent  points in his Diary this morning (link) but Tom Harwood’s observations in yesterday’s DT go a bit further:

“The fast-tracked and largely unscrutinised Coronavirus Act of March 2020 became an enabling device for power hungry leaders of devolved nations to aggrandise their own positions.” (paywalled link)

Next he remarks that the leaders of the devolved nations act as if central government doesn’t exist. They are:

“[…] play-acting as rivals to the national executive, all fortuitous beneficiaries of unprecedented power accidentally falling their way in a hurried muddle. […] Every level of government that does not reside in Downing Street has successfully evaded even rudimentary responsibility for what they advocate or do. […]The U-turns of lower rung politicians are barely noticed, as the people of the UK direct their ire at central Government alone.” (paywalled link)

While I concur with Mr Harwood’s analysis, I should point out that it’s not ‘the people of the UK’ directing their ire at central government alone but the ‘Coof Media’ who have been doing so from the get-go – selectively. It’s amazing that hapless Hancock is still escaping any criticism while the PM is made out to be the one and only culprit even though he’s dangling from the strings of SAGE, the puppet masters. Those ‘government scientists’ are sacrosanct and no amount of papers, interviews and podcasts by scientists and clinicians as eminent if not more eminent than the SAGEs are permitted to disturb them

Oh, they’re allowed to write something here or there but since they’re outside that charmed circle of SAGE, that Whitehall creature, their increasing criticism has no effect. See for example today’s newsletter in LockdownSceptics here. There are not only hair-raising reports from the ‘Test&Trace front’, there’s a segment quoting from the latest paywalled article by Prof Carl Henegan and colleagues which you should read.

There is however an intriguing article in the DT, about the analysis by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. They found that the ‘rule of six’ and the 10pm curfew had no effect on reducing ‘contact numbers’. Before you ask why we must obey those rules, here’s what this analysis is really about:

“In contrast, the full national lockdown in March reduced the average daily contacts from about 10.8 to 2.8.” (paywalled link)

Yes, it’s preparing the field for a ‘national firebreak lockdown’ because nothing else helps! Even though people being sent to hospital with ‘respiratory diseases’ at this time of year has happened in pre-Covid years and decades with no lockdowns whatsoever, now that it’s ‘Coof’, it’s a catastrophe which can only be averted by everybody staying indoors. Professor Pantsdown said so, after all. 

Not even the reports about the muddle regarding the length of quarantine – 10 days? 14 days? – is worthy of more than a mention in the Times (link, paywalled). This is of course the fault of ‘teh government’, not of the SAGEs who tell BJ what to do. SAGE is infallible, dontcha know! One has to wonder if there’s not a supranational, Europe-wide Cabal of government scientists driving their politicians. We know that BJ will ape Macron but, I suspect, he’ll now also ape Spain’s PM who wants to extend the ‘Emergency Measures’ into the spring of next year (link, paywalled). 

I leave you with some extraordinary news from China. The Times reported that:

“Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the China Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, said that attempting to test everyone as China has done was unnecessary, did not eliminate the risk of outbreaks and had vast “social costs”. “It was overkill,” he said in an interview with China Newsweek. “From the scientific perspective of epidemiology, there is no need to test everyone.” (link, paywalled)

Now isn’t that interesting! I wonder if the SAGEs will have something to say to that – no, I’m not holding my breath. There’s more:

“Mr Wu added that the decision to do mass testing had been political. “But there’s still a 1 to 5 per cent chance of uncertainty […] If you test everyone, the public and local government officials think it will provide 100 per cent reassurance that the outbreak is contained.” (link, paywalled)

Since we’re now supposed to ‘learn from China’, I wonder furthermore if our SAGE-driven government and the ‘Coof MSM’ will take note of this courageous statement. I wish Dr Wu Zunyou a long life!

As for BJ … who knows how long he’ll stay in No 10. There have been rumours and gossipy ‘news’ from various Tories that Dishi Rishi would be their successor of choice. It’s now becoming serious, as this ‘yes but’ article by Paul Goodman in ConHome shows (link, if you must).

At first glance it’s about Sunak’s plan to have the Treasury publish an economic impact assessment, but by lauding Sunak for pushing his Treasury Mandarins to publish such report you can discern how that ‘BJ Replacement cookie’ will crumble. The Westminster MSM are now taking this seriously because all of a sudden we read that:

“Rishi Sunak was under pressure to reveal details of his financial interests last night after it emerged that he had put his investments into a blind trust. Opposition parties and transparency groups called on the chancellor to be “completely transparent” about what he put into the trust, including whether any funds are held offshore.” (link, paywalled)

That is a beautiful example of getting one’s retaliation in first. You don’t need me to tell you that not one tittle of criticism has been or is directed at Labour, no matter how destructive their own tinpot dictators’ Coof measures are.

As the destruction of our Nation gathers pace all we can do at the moment is gather and share data, resist where we can, and 





Photo by Royal Navy Media Archive

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