Look at this big, fat, hairy squirrel! Don’t look at anything else!


Our Covid MSM are outstanding when it’s about producing big, fat, hairy squirrels to distract us! They do it ‘in concert’, in a way that would have made the dictators of the last century proud. There’s no need for a “Ministry for Propaganda and Enlightenment” when the editors do it all by themselves. And what could be better than combining virtue signalling with a bit of ‘anti-racism’ to really fatten up that squirrel!

This morning they’re on about ‘feeding the kids’, providing school meals during school holidays, a campaign kicked off by that footballer Rashford. Oh look – aren’t “we” good: “we” all support this campaign! Only the DM isn’t toeing the party line, their front page shouting “It’s Covid Hysteria”. Better late than never, aye.

That hysteria is about the Dripford decree that only ‘essential’ items are to be permitted to be sold in supermarkets. The photo accompanying the report in ‘Walesonline’ (link) has made the rounds. That’s what hysteria looks like! Don’t believe for a moment though that it’s only the Welsh Labour dictator displaying Covid Hysteria. Look at this:

“Gloucestershire police said on Friday they would patrol the border to make sure people in Wales did not cross to buy contraband items.” (paywalled link)

I’m still trying to figure out if Gloucester police want to keep the covid-leprous Welsh out of pristine Gloucestershire or if they think that the Welsh are prohibited from buying baby clothes or screwdrivers for some strange reason and that they must therefore support the Dripford dictatorship. 

There’s one extremely disquieting development which apparently deserved just a mention, not an editorial, in the Covid MSM. Scotland’s Nicola – we’ve not heard much of her in the last week or so – has now tightened her covid screws. She’s instituted a ‘mini-circuit-break’ earlier this month but is now going for ‘more:

“At her press conference Ms Sturgeon said she was introducing the new tiers system, rather than continuing with the mini-circuit breaker, in part because she believed mirroring the approach in England would help public understanding of the rules. She used Chris Whitty’s suggestion that Tier-3 restrictions in England might not be severe enough to drive down infection rates to justify adding an upper more draconian tier.” (paywalled link)

Forget about her latest ‘measures’, disregard that the famous ‘case numbers’ already creeping down. It’s about imposing measures first and then allowing the elected assembly members to nod them through. This has now become the norm – not just in the devolved nations but in Westminster itself. Our “leaders’, be they BJ, Dripford or Nicola, don’t need no stinking parliamentary scrutiny. Why would they when the Covid MSM are fully supportive of those draconian, useless measures!

The majority of the people – those that agree to be polled, that is – are also fully supportive. The various scandals regarding data manipulation simply don’t register, even when reported here and there. One huge area of scandal is of course Test & Trace which is ‘overwhelmed’, according to yesterday’s reports. So now see this:

“Check-in data from tens of millions of people who visited pubs, cafés and restaurants has barely been used by the government’s official contact-tracing programme, The Times has learnt. Venues were required to record customer details to ensure that they were “Covid secure” as a condition of being allowed to reopen at the end of the national lockdown in July. Hundreds of millions of visits have been logged but almost none of that data has been requested or accessed by NHS Test and Trace.” (link, paywalled)

Why should we trust a regime which puts a vexatious burden on pub owners and then doesn’t even use the data collected! Furthermore, shouldn’t we ask on which evidence SAGE and all those health ministers, national and local, are basing their diktat to shut down pubs?

One hesitates to suggest that they have a secret agenda. Surely they’re not trying to prevent us peasants to congregate, to exchange freely our critical opinions! It can’t be about preventing us plebs to drink ourselves into oblivion. After all, the sale of alcohol in Welsh supermarkets isn’t prohibited – it comes under ‘essentials’.

There are other inconsistencies which the Covid MSM only mention in passing. For example, we recall that during the last months and weeks many ‘science’ editors supported the call to ‘shield’ the vulnerable elderly and let those below the ‘danger age’ of 70+ or 60+ or even 50+ to get on with their lives. So now see this:

“A strict lockdown for the over-60s was considered by Government scientists to allow Covid immunity to build up in the younger population but was dismissed as unworkable, a Sage paper reveals. Sir Patrick Vallance, the Government’s chief scientific adviser, asked experts to put together an advice document about the feasibility of letting the virus run rampant while shielding older people. […] However, Sage concluded that the plan was unfeasible and warned that locking away the over-60s for many months would have a negative impact on their lives as well as “substantial” legal and ethical ramifications. […] It warned that it would be impossible to prevent the virus spreading from younger people to older even with extra shielding measures in place and said asking a very large proportion of the population to “withdraw from daily life” would have a “profound negative effect”.” (paywalled link)

How very kind of SAGE to consider the ‘negative impact’ of such age-related lockdowns for the elderly! This is however not the actual reason for SAGE to shy away from age-based personal lockdowns. It’s again, as expected, about ‘Saving Our NHS’:

“Experts said an uncontrolled epidemic in younger age groups would have “dire consequences” for the NHS and could leave those infected with long-term effects.Even if high levels of immunity could be achieved within the younger age group, it is almost certain that a further epidemic wave in older people would occur once segmentation ended,” the scientists concluded.” (paywalled link)

Oh really? Isn’t this precisely what lockdown sceptics have been pointing out for months – that after a lockdown infections would be bound to rise? 

Actual Covid scandals are of course never mentioned in the Covid MSM. You need to look at the various segments in yesterday’s Lockdown Sceptics (here). It really beggars belief that these news items, out for all to see, some even based on government-produced data, are invisible to the ‘science blah blah’ editors in the Covid Press.

I’ll pick out two items which are simply mind-blowing even though the scandal that medical journals are suppressing a research paper about the efficiency of masks, or the scandal of the latest government ‘advice’, to count test results twice, are sufficient to make one’s blood boil all on their own!

We’ve suspected for some time that the aim of SAGE and thus the government is to get us all vaccinated and to keep trashing our lives, never mind the economy, until vaccines arrive. So now see this:

“Seasoned sceptic Barry Norris on the Argonautica blog has written an incisive and well-researched piece on the widespread misconceptions of what the Covid vaccines are likely to achieve. Surprisingly, it’s not to prevent infection or reduce the risk of death or serious illness …” (link)

Mr Norris has based his research on statements by the vaccine producers. It’s not secret, conspiratorialist stuff. Since it’s the weekend, you might like to read his tightly-argued, well documented piece for yourselves here. He concludes that the vaccines act more like a ‘covid treatment’ than a proper vaccine which provides immunity. That ought to knock the props out from under the ‘vaccine prophets’!

Finally, there’s James Delingpole’s podcast with Dr Mike Yeadon. Some of you may have listened in already. If you haven’t, I recommend you do so here. Be warned – this is a very long podcast, albeit worth listening to. However, if you’re pressed for time, you might like to read the paper to which Mike Yeadon keeps referring. It was published in Lockdown Sceptics – where else! Here is the link. It’s got the graphs to which Dr Yeadon refers in the podcast.

Strangely enough, Sir John Redwood asks in his Diary today for our views on how we should live with Covid (link). Far be it from me to even hint at the suggestion that you might think of providing Sir John with the links to Dr Yeadon’s article or podcast in the comments  – he does read them all. Dr Yeadon’s article or podcast might help Sir John in his deliberations, no?

I leave you with this quote, the concluding sentence in Mr Norris’ article on the vaccine scandal because it applies to the whole Covid mess:

“We have been promised the Duke of Wellington but instead will get Captain George Mainwaring and Lance Corporal Jones.” (link)

Just so! Meanwhile, as we still hope for a 1st Duke of Wellington to come to the fore in this ‘Covid War’, we’ll just have to suffer lockdowns, a trashed economy and a trashed democratic system, won’t we! Or will we?




Photo by pete. #hwcp

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