No sex please – we must crush Covid!


As we slide gently into the weekend one cannot fail but notice a certain, general tiredness pervading the newsrooms and editorial offices of ‘Our MSM’. There’s the odd Covid-article, there’s the odd ‘Outrage article’ about pubs or students in Scotland, but there are more articles about fashion or ‘Long Covid Fatigue’ which seems akin to ME

There’s one tedious article by the usual Remain correspondent, about the customary spat regarding the Trade Negotiations. It’s monotonous – just see this headline: “We will not sign a trade deal while there is a ‘gun still on the table’, say EU sources” (paywalled link). Yep, ‘tis the Internal Market Bill to which Brussels objects – because they have the right, or so they think, to tell us how to govern our country. Their ‘demands’ are tediously repetitive:

“The EU is demanding stronger and clearer guarantees over the future direction of the UK’s state aid policy, and the independence of its competition regulator, after backing down on its initial stance that the UK should follow EU subsidy laws.” (paywalled link)

Just get on with it! Next, the reports on the murder of the police sergeant – but the uproar is strangely subdued, perhaps because the circumstances are astonishing and quite unclear. I’m sure the CCTV inside that cell where it happened will provide proof of how this occurred. They do have CCTV in cells, don’t they – or would that be encroaching on prisoners’ human rights to privacy? This observation about the suspect is somewhat provocative:

“The suspect, who remains in hospital in a critical condition, was previously referred to the Channel programme, which deals with the most serious Prevent cases, The Times has learnt. He is a British citizen of Sri Lankan origin who is autistic. The man, who had expressed extreme right-wing and Islamist views, has not been named. Sources emphasised it was not deemed necessary for MI5 or counterterrorism police to investigate him.” (link, paywalled)

What on earth does this reference to ‘right-wing’ mean? Perhaps I’m a bit too thin-skinned when I object to ‘right-wing’ – a perfectly legal point of view – being smuggled into this description in The Times. Perhaps I’m cynical, again, when I put this risible label in context with the report on Sammy Wilson MP (DUP). We do know that being labelled ‘right-wing’ is likely to get righteous lefties extremely ‘excited’. This is what happened:

“Sammy Wilson, the DUP MP for East Antrim, was pictured without a face covering on a Tube train on Thursday morning. Twitter users accused Mr Wilson of breaking Government guidelines just days after fines for travelling on the Underground without a mask increased to £200. But the MP would offer no excuse for his actions and said it was “sad that we have now become like East Germany under the Stasi where members of the public think it is acceptable to act as snoops. Whoever took the picture didn’t approach me or say anything to me which I suppose would have been the proper way to behave,” he added.” (paywalled link)

This is what the government Covid policies have created: a country where anyone can be a snitch, taking and publishing photos on social media, being a self-appointed ‘Covid rule enforcer’ – a country where anyone can be labelled ‘right-wing’ without further proof added, not even by the professional reporters in The Times. 

There’s also not much of an outcry in ‘Our MSM’ reporting on various government statements. For example, they don’t notice how farcical justifying that 10pm curfew has become:

“Lord Bethell, a minister in the House of Lords, said establishments that follow the rules are unlikely to “present a threat”. “But not all pubs abide by those disciplines. Mass crowding either inside or outside and late-night intimacy, mixed groups,” he said. “This is where the disease spreads, and that is why we have cracked down including through the 10pm curfew which sends a clear signal to hospitality venues that they have to abide by the regulations.” (paywalled link)

Obviously, this curfew isn’t really about ‘slowing down infection’ but about punishment for unruly plebs. It gets even better – or worse, actually. Here’s Hancock:

“His statement comes after the Government effectively banned casual sex in areas under local lockdown. People who are not in “established relationships” in parts of the North East, North West and Scotland are not allowed to meet in each other’s homes for sex, Matt Hancock said.” (paywalled link)

No sex ‘in each other’s homes’? Should the couples have it off on park benches, after the pubs close? In the rain, in the cold? What a bonanza for curtain-twitiching neighbours and for late-night self-appointed ‘Covid patrols’!

It must be clear by now that this pub curfew isn’t about stopping that virus, it’s about control – and we’ve seen above that the Covid-Stasi can be everywhere, tweeting a photo they’ve taken surreptitiously. Privacy? That’s abolished now. And don’t ask why pubs must close when the case numbers have risen in areas where people, for religious reasons, aren’t given to drinking in pubs. 

In what can best be described as the right hand not knowing what the left is doing, there’s a report in The Times about an outbreak in a German town:

“A big illegal wedding has been blamed for sending a German city into partial lockdown after a third of more than 300 guests tested positive for Covid-19. The mayor of Hamm, in North Rhine-Westphalia, criticised rule breakers who attended multiple events earlier this month tied to a Turkish wedding, despite the state having imposed a 150-person limit on gatherings.” (link, paywalled)

That German Mayor is not mincing his words. Perhaps he’s quoted to show that Germans still aren’t sensitive enough when it comes to religion, perhaps he’s quoted because ‘Our MSM’ wouldn’t dare to be as forthright when it comes to our own country where surely such remarks would lead to an outcry by the usual suspects:

“All this because of one family celebration. Of course I’m angry,” he said. “It’s pretty clear what went wrong: it started with a hen party at which people danced very close together and tears were shed. Then there was the actual wedding with several hundred guests at which distancing and hygiene rules weren’t adhered to either. That led to a large number of corona infections. Because a handful of celebrators jettisoned all decency, distance and their masks, 180,000 people (Hamm’s population) are suffering. They behaved as if corona did not exist.” (link, paywalled)

Nah – something like that couldn’t happen here in the UK! It’s only us ignorant peasants, bent on getting drunk and having sex who spread the virus, right? If, like me, you suspect that government is actually frightened of us plebs getting together in pubs where we might exchange rebellious views about the government’s handling of this ‘pandemic’, then I think we’re on the right track.

Meanwhile, BJ is handing out more of our money. He apparently thinks Dishi Rishi’s money trees produce enough dosh. See this:

“The UK will become the World Health Organisation’s largest country donor, Boris Johnson will announce today, amid calls for the body to get tough on China and identify where Covid-19 came from. Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the Prime Minister will reveal that the UK will pledge £340 million to the global health body over the next four years, a 30 per cent increase on its previous contribution.” (paywalled link)

“We” will become ‘tough on China’? Stop laughing on the backbenches! See how “we” will hand out even more money which we don’t have:

“In addition to the £340 million funding for the WHO, the UK will increase its support for international efforts to secure vaccines for all, including developing countries. About £72 million will be spent on adding another 27 million doses to the UK stock of emerging vaccines and £500 million on aid for doses for poorer nations.” (link, paywalled)

BJ’s posturing on the international stage becomes even more ludicrous when we read:

“Other proposals include boosting global manufacturing capacity for treatments and vaccines, improving pandemic early warning systems, and agreeing global protocols for sharing data and PPE, as well as lowering trade barriers on key goods such as hand sanitiser.” (paywalled link)

BJ doesn’t seem to notice the irony that “we”, with our dismal track record on PPE and our private stockpiling of hand sanitisers, are not precisely in a place from which to hand out money and advice to others. 

It remains to be seen how ‘tough on China’ we’ll become. China has announced that they ‘have the vaccine’ – something, I’m sure, BJ must have known:

“The Telegraph, along with other media, has been invited to the newly built production facility and quality control labs as part of a publicity blitz led by the Chinese government to build global trust in the vaccine, which has not yet completed clinical trials. Construction finished so recently for the plant – expected to manufacture as many as 300 million doses a year – that a pile of excess bricks still remains at the entrance.” (paywalled link)

Did our secret services, surely aware of this development, not inform BJ before his speech? There’s of course no outcry in ‘Our MSMS’ about the safety of that vaccine, that would be ungracious, but there’s one tiny critical observation:

“Our goal is to provide the vaccine to the world, including the US, EU and others,” CEO Yin Weidong said this week, though it remains to be seen if the company can win approval in Western countries with tough regulatory processes.” (paywalled link)

Indeed – but surely, it’ll be perfectly ok to use it in all those other ‘hotspots’ around the world, like Brazil, Argentina, India, won’ t it! This last quote however is, ahem, interesting:

“Beijing appears to be on the cusp of declaring success in the global vaccine race after having already claimed victory in the “people’s war” against the coronavirus. It would be a bold move for China, underscoring its advancing scientific prowess, and one that could help the government deflect global anger against its pandemic cover-up.” (paywalled link)

No – don’t even dare to think that it’s surely somewhat strange how firstly there’s been this WuFlu virus let loose on the West and then China is the first country (allegedly) to have developed that perfect vaccine, for ‘all the world’. That would be ‘conspirationalism’!

Never mind – it’s good to know that “we” will be ‘tough on China’, just as “we” are tough on drinking and sex in our country …




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