‘Tis only weather … 


Today is the start to the August Bank Holiday weekend and it looks as if the various specialist editors, reporters, columnists and especially politicians have gone away, to enjoy this traditional break and to replenish their mental reservoir of Covid Madness, ready for September.

First though – a ‘weather warning’. We all know that you can bank on rain for a Bank Holiday Monday. This weekend though is going to be different – it might turn out to be the ‘coldest August Bank Holiday evah!’. Well, for ‘some regions’, that is (link), with London going to be ‘hotter’ than Scotland – amazing, isn’t it!

I hope the various Westminster Bubble dwellers haven’t taken off on ‘city breaks’ to countries formerly not on the government list of quarantine imposed on returning travellers. There’s a ‘digital travel editor’ at the DT – no, I also have no idea what that means! – reporting on this latest Covid Madness:

“Last night, for the fourth consecutive week, a clutch of countries were struck from the UK’s dwindling list of quarantine-free travel destinations. The move – announced on Twitter, because apparently that’s the best place to declare policy changes that will ruin hard-earned holidays and further cripple the economy – means anyone currently in Switzerland, the Czech Republic or Jamaica has less than 24 hours (35 when the tweet was published) to dash back to Britain, or face two weeks of house arrest. What a way to run a country.” (paywalled link)

I couldn’t agree more! The reason for this government policy is truly ludicrous. It’s not based on a whole raft of oh-so-hifalutin’, precautionary principle driven ‘factors’, it’s based on one simple number:

“The only factor, it would seem, is the seven-day case rate per 100,000. If it reaches 20, the country is removed. No ifs, no buts. Computer says no. Take Austria, for example. A week ago it was ditched, along with Croatia and Trinidad and Tobago, just hours after the latest European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control data revealed that its case rate had reached exactly 20. […] Sorry Austria, you’ve reached 20. Computer says no. (That infection rate has since risen to 20.6; hardly suggestive of a country overwhelmed.)” (paywalled link)

Now it’s the turn of Switzerland, not precisely a third world country when it comes to health care, nor have Swiss citizens broken their Covid-rulz en masse:

“Switzerland, binned yesterday, offers an almost identical case study because yesterday its seven-day case rate reached 21.7. Computer says no. The other two nations taken off the travel corridor list on Thursday were Jamaica and the Czech Republic. With seven-day case rates of 20.7 per 100,000 and 20.1, they offer further evidence of a trigger-happy Government without an ounce of common sense.” (paywalled link)

Expecting ‘common sense’ from this government or indeed the mandarins who present ministers with reasons for making decisions during this whole Covid Madness is a bit much! After all, aren’t they all only ‘following the science’ and doing their best to protect us? Isn’t that what ‘Our MSM’ keep demanding?

How can we complain about computers saying ‘no’ when none other than Hancock, allocated an interview in The Times, is warning of ‘extensive lockdowns’ for the fast approaching autumn and winter months – because there might be this 2nd wave! Yes, we must be kept in a state of constant fear and anxiety, following even the most ludicrous decisions made by government computers:

“Matt Hancock said that under a “reasonable worst-case scenario” Britain could find itself contending with a surge in coronavirus and a bad outbreak of seasonal flu as people spent more time indoors. […] He said that a second wave of Covid-19 was “avoidable but it’s not easy” and that the return of children to schools next week presented challenges in stopping the spread.” (link, paywalled)

Ah yes – this 2nd wave, ‘visible in other parts of the world’ only to Hancock and government! We’re not told what this 2nd wave consists of: people dying of CV-19, again en masse, or just more instances of ‘caseitis’? I’m sure ‘the computer’ will tell us, the same computer which says ‘No’ when 20 cases per 100,000 people are reported from wherever.

That this ‘reasonable worst-case scenario’ – the exact words used by SAGE sages earlier this month – is simply another spectre to keep us trembling with fear, willing to follow whatever new restrictions will be imposed, becomes quite obvious when we read that:

“The prime minister said yesterday that schools would be closed again only as a last resort. He is expected to push again to get people back to work next month amid concerns that city centres are dying.” (link, paywalled)

Any bets that this ‘last resort’ will become the ‘first resort’, especially when teachers, muzzled or not, produce positive tests, or when ‘The Computer’ produces a number which is irrelevant and only used to scare us, for example:

“Official figures suggested yesterday that Britain’s coronavirus outbreak may be growing. The R number, indicating how many people each infected person will, on average, go on to infect, stands at between 0.9 and 1.1. When it is above one, the outbreak is increasing.” (link, paywalled)

Be afraid, very afraid – because of ‘suggestions’? I suggest it’s time to pull the plug on those government computers! It’s irrelevant that this number has been discredited by non-government, non-SAGE scientists in various articles, listed for example in LockdownSceptics. The actual ‘worst-case scenario’ however is this:

“Mr Hancock also said that social-distancing measures would remain for the “foreseeable” future and suggested that, unless a vaccine was approved, grandparents would be unable to hug their grandchildren this Christmas.” (link, paywalled)

So – no vaccine, no Christmas cheer! I think this is Hancock and our ‘health establishment’ preparing us for vaccine blackmail. Grannies and Gramps will surely take up the offer of an unproven vaccine, with unknown side- and after-effects because they will want to hug their grandchildren for Christmas, won’t they! After all, what cheaper guinea pigs for a ‘live vaccine experiment’ can be found, especially with ‘Our NHS’ having such a great track record treating the elderly!

Given these covid-madness ‘news’, I can’t even muster some anger about the Brexit negotiations, not even as Ms Merkel has removed Brexit from the agenda of the next meeting of EU ‘deputy ambassadors’ taking place next week. Apparently ‘Our Michel’ is giving up, sort of:

“[He] has started urging leaders in the bloc’s national capitals to appeal to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to step in on the talks. […] Michel Barnier said this week that during the last round of talks, he presented the UK side with a timetable proving a deal needs to be in place by the end of October to ensure there is time to ratify it in the relevant parliaments around Europe. Barnier has warned a deal “seems unlikely” and that they have been “wasting valuable time”.” (paywalled link)

Yes, well, when one keeps saying ‘Non, No, Nein’ then ‘making progress’ is going to be somewhat difficult, n’est-çe pas, Michel!

Meanwhile, as ‘Our MSM’ are desperately trying to keep the Covid Madness alive, as eminent commentators write about the BBC, Immigration, Brexit  or Whitehall – it’s the same old stuff which we’ve been writing about all this week, nothing new there – there’s one event which has had most of Germany in an uproar during this past week. There were no reports about this  in ‘Our MSM’ which is truly astonishing – or perhaps not … 

What happened was that the organisers of that anti-covid demo earlier this month had set up another one for today, also in Berlin. The Berlin senator for Home Affairs forbade this demo because people wouldn’t observe ‘strict hygiene measures’, such as muzzle wearing. That is precisely what the demo is against!

However, this prohibition was so blatantly against German law, so blatantly against one of the pillars of their ‘Basic Law’ that Germany was in uproar. The fact that this senator then permitted demos against this demo which he’d just forbidden was just the icing on the cake. (You need to know that Berlin is ‘governed’ by a coalition of greens and reds, one of those red parties being the successor to the East German communist party.)

Early this morning the Berlin Constitutional Court declared the prohibition of the demo unlawful and cashiered that senator’s decision. This demo will now go ahead, and it will be a biggie as thousands, even those who believe it’s necessary to adhere to the muzzle rule, are already travelling to Berlin, to defend democracy. Should you have time on your hands and need to stay indoors this afternoon because of rain, storm and perhaps a plague covid-locusts, try and watch live streams on social media. 

It seems that ‘Our MSM’, always so keen to exhort our politicians to ‘learn from Germany’, are not so keen for us lockdown-sceptic plebs to learn something from the German people!




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