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We know that our dear Mandarins are very adept at smuggling in ‘bad news’ when the Nation is transfixed by good news such as a championship win in whatever sport. In this they’ve always been helped by their Westminster MSM. Now Whitehall mandarins are doing the reverse, smuggling in good news when ‘bad news’- I mean the forthcoming interview of ‘Ginge and Whinge’ –  are being pushed on us by the MSM who couldn’t care less about good news which might make us question the covid government.

One had to scroll down the online pages to find that the ‘mysterious Brazilian’ has been found, hurrah. That ‘manhunt; consisted of 40 ‘tracers’ combing through the data relating to those travellers’ tests. Turns out the person has actually come forward and has been dutifully quarantined himself even though not having had symptoms. I find the language about this episode rather offensive – from ‘manhunt’ as if there was a murderer on the loose to the remark at yesterday’s statutory covid PR conference that ‘he has handed himself in’ (link). We’re told that

“[…] there was no sign the virus had been transmitted outside of the man’s household since he was sick in mid-February. Scientists will now examine all swab tests from the South London neighbourhood where he lives to ensure there are no other cases of the troublesome mutation, and there will be mass testing done in the area to weed out any other cases.” (link)

Please explain to me why there must be ‘mass testing’ when he and his family have been quarantining themselves! Have those ‘doggedly working’ public health authorities got nothing else to do? Are the Test&Tracers going to be out of work otherwise? Hancock had the cheek to tell the MSM at his PR stunt yesterday that “we have successfully identified the person in question.” (paywalled link). No, you and these ‘dogged workers’ didn’t – he came forward, for fluff’s sake!

Moreover, regardless of people following the rules like this gentleman did, “we” must keep testing so that something surely can and will be found. I don’t want to be in the shoes of this gentleman and his family who may well be blamed in their neighbourhood for whatever the oh-so-precautionary ‘health authorities’ will find:

“The best evidence is that this person stayed at home and there is no evidence of onward transmission, but as a precaution we are putting more testing in Croydon, where they live, to minimise the possibility of spread.” (paywalled link)

Even when one follows the rules,  the covid empire will find a way to keep their boots on our necks! The next item is about the good news that there are now fewer ‘infections’ and fewer deaths:

“Coronavirus infections have fallen by one third in a week, data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show, as Public Health England (PHE) surveillance confirmed death rates were back to normal. […] Latest figures from the ONS show that there were just 248,000 infections in the week ending Feb 27, compared to 373,700 the previous week. It means just one in 220 people are now infected, compared to one in 145 the previous week.” (paywalled link)

The rate of deaths is falling and ‘hospital admissions were now falling by 29 per cent a week, the fastest fall at any point in the entire pandemic.’ (paywalled link) but that doesn’t mean the BJ-roundabout map of restrictions will be changing! It’s back to ‘dates, not data’, so forget your Easter holidays even though countries like Greece or Portugal would welcome travellers with ‘vaccine passports. 

Regarding yon passports, let’s firstly look at the inevitable poll, this time published in the DM. That poll was commissioned by London city Airport – so it’s not exactly unbiased, is it!  We know, after all, how such polls are conducted. We also know that the covid politburo will be grasping that poll result to justify any vaccine passport decision they’re making:

“Three out of four Britons would be willing to carry proof they have been vaccinated if it meant they could travel, a new survey suggests. Acceptance is highest among people aged over 65 who have been offered Covid-19 jabs ahead of most younger people, with 89 per cent happy to carry some sort of vaccination passport, the poll found.This figure falls to 67 per cent for 18 to 24-year-olds,” (link)

There’s however another ‘survey’ taking place, this time by our government. One of our readers drew my attention to it. I was flabbergasted: the Hancocks of this world weren’t precisely asking us to ‘take part’, nor were the MSM. So here’s the link to the official government site. Take note that the deadline is March 11th. You might like to read this article first though. It provides an important background to this survey. 

And so to problems with mass vaccination. After all, you can’t have such ‘vaccine passport’ without having had the jab – well, not unless you’ve got a tech savvy family member, friend or acquaintance who would be able to fake such digital ‘passport’, that is. While most of the population is happy to get the jab because that passport to ‘covid freedom’ is being dangled before their eyes, there’s the strange thing of NHS workers being reluctant to get the jab. Do we believe the soothing words yon Matt H. made? You decide:

“Healthcare workers could be forced to have the coronavirus vaccine under Michael Gove’s review of passport schemes, Matt Hancock has revealed. […] “I urge everybody in the NHS to get the vaccine, and we have seen the take-up increase,” Hancock said in Downing Street yesterday. “We are not going to bring in mandatory vaccination across the board and at this stage we are not proposing to bring in mandatory vaccination for NHS staff.” (link, paywalled)

He and his SAGEs aren’t going to do this as of yet – but chances are they will. Here’s how the ‘authorities’ are planning to get the NHS staff to comply: 

“NHS England has called for line managers to have one-to-one conversations with staff who have refused the covid vaccine by next week, to discuss its ‘powerful protective effects’.” (link)

Well, with sinking numbers of covid patients and covid deaths those managers certainly will have the time for such one-to-one ‘chats’! Obviously, nobody ever would feel coerced when their line manager has a one-to-one talk, aimed at convincing the recalcitrant person to comply!

And so to some intriguing findings regarding those who’ve had covid before they got the jab. Apparently they’re showing more side effects to the vaccines, especially to the second dose:

“Vaccine side-effects are seen up to three times more often in people who have previously been infected with coronavirus, new figures show. The latest data from the King’s College ZOE app, which has logged details from more than 700,000 vaccinations, found those with a prior infection were far more likely to report side-effects than people who have not had the virus.” (paywalled link)

This is being spun as evidence that one jab rather than two is sufficient, and that moreover those ‘side effects’ – we’re not told what these effects are – are proof that the vaccines are working. Interestingly, experts who are now wondering if those who’ve had covid might need a second jab at all, they are not wondering if people who have had covid might in fact not need any jab whatsoever.

There’s the inevitable ‘caution’ that only those who’ve had a +ve PCR test should be considered for getting one jab only – but these experts don’t question the evidence that so many of those tests were false +ve. It also leave open the question about all those who’ve actually had covid when it wasn’t ‘officially’ recognised, such as those of us who thought we only had a very bad flu in the last months of 2019. I found this finding particularly interesting:

“The King’s research showed that women were twice as likely as men to suffer side-effects from the Pfizer jab and around 50 per cent more likely from the AstraZeneca vaccine.” (paywalled link)

Hm. Are wimmin more wimpish or is this opening up another field of research, into the connection between genetics and covid ‘response’? Again, we don’t know what these side effects actually were.The various experts seem to think this finding might encourage authorities to go for a one-jab strategy, especially where vaccines are scarce. Well, our good old friends in France (EU) are now also thinking out loud to keep their AZ vaccines for themselves rather than allow them to go to AUS, following their Italian friends (link).

I wonder if the resident rabid remainiac of the Times, Matthew Parris, knew about this when he wrote under the headlines “Frost’s fight with the EU is political thuggery – Britain’s reputation will be shredded by kneejerk decisions about Northern Ireland that look like patriotic posturing” that:

“The prime minister and his new Brexit minister — a hooligan and his legman — have delivered a gratuitous kick in the shins to the European Union and the Republic of Ireland.” (link, paywalled)

Words fail me! Mr Parris’ Remain bile must’ve veritably choked him during this covid time where Gove has been making kind and considerate, non-thuggish cave-in noises to Brussels. Perhaps he ought to think about the thuggishness posturing as defence of the Holy EU where Brussels bureaucrats would rather NI residents starve than allow leniency in regard to one tittle of irrational bureaucracy!

I leave you with news that you better not plan a trip to China any time soon. This isn’t coming from some obscure ‘anti-vaxx conspiracist’ blog, it’s the Times reporting:

“China has made anal swab tests for the coronavirus mandatory for almost all international arrivals, deepening a row with other countries over a practice many have described as humiliating. […] China says that the anal swab provides a higher degree of accuracy than most established Covid-19 testing protocols. The expansion of the swab test to airports that now include the hubs of Beijing and Shanghai is part of more sweeping “scientific adjustments” to China’s pandemic-control measures, according to the government.” (link, paywalled)

It’s ‘Chinese Science’ see – and no, I won’t enter into any bets about how long it’ll be before the WHO will support this mandatory testing ”because: Science!!”. It doesn’t take much phantasy to envisage a scenario where SAGE tells us that we can either accept an invasive vaccine passport or we’ll have to undergo anal swabs and quarantine when coming back from summer holidays.

The covid madness can always get worse …




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