‘Our Saviour’ – if you believe ‘Our MSM’ …


There are no current Covid scare stories as far as ‘Our MSM’ are concerned. The latest Lockdown measure, that ‘traffic light scheme’, garnered a couple of articles. Us peasants have had our ‘outcry’ in comment posts and antisocial media, so now we’re expected to shut up again and do as we’re told because that’s our ‘civic duty’. More on that below.

However, since fear and hysteria sells papers and generates clicks on online pages, Brexit was dusted down yesterday. I’ll quote the relevant passage from yesterday’s ‘Live’ politics blog in the DT because it is indicative of how rumours are created:

“Last-minute Brexit deal could be followed by ‘one or two year implementation period’ MPs told” – Two other experts have backed Shanker Singham’s suggestion that a deal could be struck at the very last minute this year, but warned there could be a knock-on effect on businesses. […] Prof Catherine Barnard warned there was “no obvious mechanism to extend transition… it’s not at all obvious how you get there”, suggesting the creation of a whole new period instead. It is likely there will be proper implementation period, most trade deals have an implementation period,” she explained. “There may be a one or two year proper implementation period to steadily turn off the positions we are in.” (paywalled link)

This was turned into ‘there will be a two-year transition period’, implemented by government and Brussels, and was spread in comment posts all over the place. Sorry, no – we’re not yet at a stage where the conjectures of ‘experts’, even when presented to a HoC Select committee, are turned into law, nor are headlines tweeted across the media sphere proof of government policies..

It’s different with Covid directives published in ‘Our MSM’. In a typical ploy government used the announcements from Monday and Tuesday to scare us silly, even unto the threat of having the Army patrol the streets. Now though the ‘traffic light scheme’, mentioned as possibility at the weekend, is on Johnson’s desk – no decision has yet been made (paywalled link).

It’s a beautiful scheme – just right for us illiterate plebs who are confused about all those local lockdown differences! Of course you do need to have a smartphone and that NHS app for it to work:

“Local coronavirus lockdowns are set to be automatically triggered by a three-tier “traffic light” system, with alerts sent directly to people’s mobile phones, […] The planned new approach divides the country into different areas based on local infection rates, which will dictate the severity of local lockdowns. It will work alongside the new NHS Test and Trace app [… wich] will then send a message to the user about lockdown conditions when the coronavirus risk profile changes.” (paywalled link)

This app is very important, see, and according to government, it’s going to be a ‘must-have’ – you do want to ‘protect your family’, don’t you:

“The public will be told to download a coronavirus tracing app to protect their families today in one of the biggest government advertising campaigns. Attempts will be made to convince people that their risk of infecting vulnerable relatives will be reduced if they use the delayed app, after appeals to civic duty were less effective. However, one in three people told to isolate by the app will have been given a “false positive”, in which it will have wrongly thought that they had been within two metres of an infectious person for 15 minutes. This is because of its reliance on Bluetooth signals, which can be affected by nearby objects.” (link, paywalled)

This made me hit the roof again – I’m getting used to that! Note the latest ‘false positive’ – this time because the app wrongly tells people they’ve been in contact with a covid-leper. It’s in line with ‘your cough could kill yer granny’: we peasants are too stupid to decide if our cough will kill our nearest and dearest, that’s why we need that app!

Having that app is going to be another of our ‘civic duties’, like muzzling up. Don’t ask if there will be penalties imposed on those who don’t have a smartphone. Don’t even think about what the NHS and government will do with all those data. “Patient confidentiality” only applies when you want to find out why your mum was treated so badly in hospital but not when government wants your data.

Meanwhile, there are news regarding the vaccine creation. ‘Our MSM’ report breathlessly that there will be ‘challenge trials’. This is where volunteers, after having been given ‘the jab’, will be exposed to the virus after four weeks – to see if the vaccine works:

“In a groundbreaking trial, scheduled to begin in January at the Royal Free Hospital in London, patients will be inoculated with a vaccine developed by Imperial College, and then exposed to coronavirus. “Challenge trials” are controversial, but can give a quick answer about whether a vaccine is effective and several Nobel laureates have called for them to take place.” (paywalled link)

Well, I suppose it is far less ‘controversial’ to vaccinate us plebs before we know if that jab actually works – nothing like a huge, population-wide, uncontrolled ‘challenge trial’: so scientific! There’s more:

“The aim is to accelerate assessments of whether vaccines work. A more conventional trial being run by Oxford University over the summer, pictured, in which about 5,000 people were given a candidate Covid-19 vaccine and another 5,000 a placebo, ran into issues. To know whether the virus gives protection a certain number of people in the Oxford trial — probably about 150 — will have to be infected. Low levels of cases have risked slowing down results.”(link, paywalled)

For ‘ran into issues’ read ‘severe side effects’. Given that there are now so many ‘cases’, I’m sure that vaccine development will gather speed! Never mind that ‘one in five Brits don’t want to get vaccinated’, according to a ‘social survey’ by University College London, published in The Times where we read:

“More than 70,000 participants were questioned, of whom 53 per cent believed that vaccines could cause unforeseen effects and 30 per cent that they might lead to future problems that had not yet been discovered.” (link, paywalled)

Sounds reasonable to me … more reasonable than the manufactured outcry by Remainers in regard to what they label “Passport needed for Kent”. No – this isn’t about those illegals still crossing the Channel – here’s the latest:

“At least 393 migrants on 26 boats made the crossing on Tuesday, the Home Office confirmed, bringing the number of arrivals this month to at least 1,880, about the same as in the whole of 2019. September has been the busiest month on record, with a week still to go.” (link, paywalled)

That ‘border’ is wide open, they don’t need no stinking’ passports! This ‘passport’, when one looks just a tiny bit deeper, past the ‘gasp-horror’ headlines, is about preventing lorries from stacking up at Dover because French customs would turn them back without the proper paperwork:

“Michael Gove, the Cabinet Office minister, said that drivers who did not have the correct paperwork to pass French customs could be stopped by police using automatic number-plate recognition technology. They would be turned around and the drivers issued with £300 fines as part of efforts to prevent tailbacks and chaos at ports. Updating MPs on the government’s Brexit preparations, Mr Gove said that in a “reasonable worst-case scenario” only 50 to 70 per cent of large businesses and 20 to 40 per cent of small and medium-size enterprises would be ready for strict EU requirements.” (link, paywalled)

Our Remain reporters indulged the critics who screamed that this would create an ‘internal border’, but none of them ask why it is that the haulage firms and the export businesses are still ‘not ready’. Is it because of Brussels? Might we suspect that this is thanks to the EU dragging their feet? Is it not fair to ask why it is wrong to prepare ourselves in the face of proven EU intransigence?

The point of these reports, criticising Gove, is that they’re a handy weapon for ‘Our MSM’, Remain or not, to discredit him in the veiled warfare of who will or ought to replace Johnson. The preferred candidate of the Westminster Cabal, as we’ve hinted yesterday, is Dishi Rishi. Therefore his plans, to be announced in the Commons today, are celebrated:

“Rishi Sunak will announce today a multibillion-pound package of support for the economy in an attempt to avoid mass redundancies this winter. The chancellor’s measures will include wage subsidies for part-time workers, VAT cuts and more loans for struggling businesses. Mr Sunak will set out his “winter economy plan” in the Commons. It is expected to feature a German-style subsidy scheme in the government would help to pay the wages of people returning to work on a part-time basis.” (link, paywalled)

How wonderful! Isn’t it lovely to be praised for handing out money one doesn’t have, money which we will have to pay for later. Oh – and Sunny Sunak is doing this to ‘save jobs’ … doesn’t it feel great when ‘Our MSM’ are painting a halo around one’s head! But then there’s this:

“Mr Sunak’s November Budget has been postponed until next year because of the current financial turmoil that saw markets plunge after new nationwide coronavirus restrictions were imposed this week.” (paywalled link)

The Times is more forthright as to why the Budget will be postponed, hiding a little sting in the tail:

“Mr Sunak will also say that his plans for an autumn budget have been scrapped because of the resurgence of coronavirus. The government’s spending review, which sets budgets for Whitehall departments and local authorities, could also be reduced to one year, although an announcement is not likely to be made now.” (link, paywalled)

So: no budget because: “Covid”, which is our fault, and don’t worry about spending reviews: we have the money! Perish the thought that the Treasury just doesn’t want us to know how and when they can get the money to pay for all this.

This sudden elevation of Sunak is a bit worrying. Are ‘Our MSM’ trying to fabricate a ‘Blair-Brown feud’ in their fight against Johnson? Are they scared that Gove might supplant Johnson? Or are these contrasting reports, of ‘bad Gove’ v ‘wonderful Sunak’, driven by the Mandarins of Whitehall who’d rather see someone in No 10 who has already been successfully domesticated by the Treasury Mandarins?

Time will tell … and while we wait for the denouement, we’ll




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