Be afraid! Both CV-19 and bureaucrats are out to get you!


If we had any doubts that, despite Brexit, we’re still ruled by faceless, unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats – those include the self-appointed CV-19 ‘rule enforcers’ in public life, in ‘Our MSM’ and on the internet – then today’s ‘covid news’ are a wake-up call. It’s as if there’s a global consensus to push two ‘CV-19 treatments’ on the population of every country while waiting for that vaccine. These two ‘treatments’ are ‘test and trace’ and ‘muzzle up’. 

Scare stories from across the globe are used to enforce compliance. Any divergent opinion, even if based on scientific evidence, even if you’re the President of the USA, is ‘disallowed’, i.e. ‘cancelled’ – by faceless ‘experts’ who reinforce the WHO Party Line. Twitter for example banned Trump and his re-election team until they removed a tweet where he “made false claims about CV-19”. The DT reports:

“The offending tweet contained a video clip from a TV interview in which Mr Trump himself claimed that children are “almost immune” from Covid-19. In fact, research suggests that children can spread the virus as easily as adults, and some children have died from it.” (paywalled link)

So ‘almost immune’ is a false claim? In an accompanying report the DT helpfully provides ‘evidence’ which is truly amazing in it’s vagueness, aimed primarily at frightening parents from sending their kids back to school until everybody is ‘safe’:

“Dr Sanjay Patel, a consultant in pediatric infectious diseases and immunology at Southampton Children’s Hospital, says the data on children with Covid is “still pretty flimsy”. […] “Data from Iceland and other Chinese data showed that rates of infection in children were about half that in adults, but the truth is that until they’re doing population level serology [diagnostic examination of blood serum], it’s really hard to know who has been infected and who hasn’t. […] All you can say for sure is that children are getting milder illness.” (paywalled link)

Data from Iceland – a beautiful country, with a huge population (not!), and from China? The place where suddenly people have ‘left their masks behind’ (link) to celebrate the ‘International Quingdao Beer Festival’ (link)?

It’s obviously a case of ‘my experts are more expert than yours’ when it comes to keep the world in thrall to CV-19. It’s not the virus which is being kept under control – it’s us, the people. Findings by clinical experts suddenly don’t matter:

“An exclusive report by The Telegraph in May revealed that the Royal College of Pediatrics had found that there have been no cases where a child had passed coronavirus to an adult. Similarly, major studies into the impact of Covid-19 on young children suggest they “do not play a significant role” in spreading the virus. Experts note that there has not been a single case of a child under 10 transmitting the virus, even in contact tracing carried out by the WHO.” (paywalled link)

But ‘almost immune’ is a ‘false claim’ … ! Any research which doesn’t toe the official ‘we’re all gonna die unless …’ line must be cancelled. Let’s also not forget the reports from NHS doctors a few months ago, telling us that they are forbidden to make public statements if they want to keep their jobs.

There are more ‘news’ demonstrating that clinical observations simply do not matter when it comes to keeping us afraid – afraid not just of the virus but of the heavy hand of unelected enforcers, supported by certain parts of the population. Take that infamous ‘advice’ to wear muzzles in public. From this Saturday onwards, they must be worn everywhere. 

‘Tis now ‘the law’, and ‘officials’ have come up with a new slogan: “We will engage, explain, encourage and finally enforce as a last resort” (paywalled link) – ooh, “Four E”, so easy to remember by us stupid plebs! Hancock enlightened us with some astonishing reasons, unsupported by any evidence:

“[He] said: “The death rate of sales and retail assistants is 75 per cent higher amongst men and 60 per cent higher amongst women than in the general population.” He added: “There is also evidence that face coverings increase confidence in people to shop.” Staff themselves will not have to wear a mask.” (paywalled link)

I’ve not found anything anywhere to support these astounding death rate numbers – if you have links, please post them in the comments – but that mask-wearing ‘increases confidence ‘ in shoppers doesn’t seem to be supported by findings showing that most Brits still work from home and aren’t ‘going shopping’ either:

“Only about 34 per cent of Britons are back at their desks compared with roughly 75 per cent of Germans, Italians and Spanish. France has the best return rate of the major economies, with 83 per cent of office staff now back, the study by Morgan Stanley found. In the UK nearly 50 per cent of office staff are still working five days a week from home, while 25 per cent have returned only part time.” (link, paywalled)

I’d respectfully suggest that enforced muzzle wearing everywhere in public might reduce that number even further, and if government plans to extend mask-wearing even to people working in offices then that 2nd Lockdown which Johnson doesn’t want may well turn out to be done privately by people who just won’t bother going back to work under those conditions. 

The momentary slight rise in ‘footfall’ in our towns and cities may well decrease again, especially since our secret PM, the unelected Sir Patrick Vallance, believes that people who can work from home ought to keep doing so. The director of yet another Think Tank believes it’s ‘fear of CV-19’ which keeps people working from home, combined with the ‘ease’ of doing so. He said:

“This is having a damaging impact on city centre businesses such as shops and restaurants that depend on office workers for much of their custom. Last month weekday footfall in London was just 12 per cent of pre-lockdown levels.” (link, paywalled)

With ‘Big Employers’ such as Google and indeed Whitehall top mandarins telling their employees that they don’t have to come back into their offices if they don’t want to, that’s not going to get better, is it! And Hancock still thinks that enforced muzzle-wearing will make us more ‘confident’ to go shopping? Why would we when we can work and shop from home where we don’t need to muzzle up!

But surely, that other ‘cure’, i.e. ‘test & trace’, will make people more confident to go out shopping? Well, there’s a slight hiccup. Apparently, people aren’t answering those tracing calls:

“The NHS Test and Trace service is failing because people do not want to answer the phone to 0300 numbers owing to bad experiences with cold callers, the Local Government Association (LGA) has warned. Call centre staff enlisted by the Government to track down people who have come into contact with positive Covid-19 cases use the “unrecognisable” 0300 number which is deterring some people from answering the phone. The LGA called for “boots on the ground” in local areas to reach those who may feel they are being “pestered” by cold callers or debt collectors.” (paywalled link)

We saw yesterday that local authorities have been given more powers from central government to ‘deal’ with CV019. Can we now expect council employees – wearing muzzles, of course – trotting up and down our streets, knocking on doors and telling people to self-quarantine? And will this be ‘enforced’ by police? Will said police also check out what those ‘infected’ have been saying on social media, now that they have names and addresses? After all, a huge amount of police work already goes into finding people who’ve offended someone on social media with ‘hate speech’.

Meanwhile, for sanity’s sake, I highly recommend looking at yesterday’s issue of Lockdown Sceptics (link). There’s one segment reporting on how well other countries are doing with their tracing apps (not well at all) and there’s another excellent one looking at the validity of those CV-19 tests.

There’s also a segment on muzzle-wearing according to which government took a long time to answer questions from the Chair of the 1922 committee, Sir Graham Brady, on scientific evidence for mask-wearing. He wrote those letters on the 17 of July and got his answers … yesterday! Read the whole thing!

I leave you with news that we cannot stop being afraid. On the one hand, we ought not to believe official CV-19 numbers coming from India but “must fear” their ‘huge hidden infection rate’ (link, paywalled). On the other hand research from China must make us even more fearful: ‘over half’ of patients in Wuhan who had been on ventilators still show lung damage and are weak and depressed. Well, that study looked at 107 patients, so they’re talking about some 54 people (link, paywalled). How large again is the population of China?

Never mind: be afraid, peasants, tremble in yer boots! Don’t go out without your muzzle! Above all: don’t ever contradict the ‘official’ statements of ‘experts’ on your social media accounts. How safe do you feel if even the President of the USA can be made to recant?




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