Is this the real threat  – not Covid?


Today’s date tickled my fancy: 20-10-20. Will it be the date when we have reached Peak Covid Madness? Looking at the Covid MSM one would hope so! However, I’m not holding my breath – from the government down the ‘decision makers’ are wallowing in the ocean of Covid Madness created by the Covid MSM, fuelled by SAGE. In their zeal to ‘follow teh science’ and enforce the mad covid rules, that same lot overlooks the dire consequences their madness will have on our society.

First on this morning’s Betrayal agenda is the ‘firebreak’ in Wales. It may astonish you, dear readers, but I also have ‘sources’! Following in the footsteps of the esteemed ‘global health and covid safety science blah blah’ correspondents in our Covid MSM, I don’t need to name them or verify what they said! Now here’s what my ‘sources’ told me: that firebreak decision was already made last week, Dripford’s blatherings about democratic decisions, involving debates with ‘his’ ministers notwithstanding.

We recall that at the weekend just past he told the Covid MSM that he’d deliberate over the weekend, present his plans to his ministers on Monday (yesterday) and then they’d deliberate and a decision would be made this coming Friday. That is now the day on which Wales is locked down until Nov 9th. It cannot have had anything to do with ‘saving Welsh lives’ because the latest Welsh Covid numbers do not support this. Have a look at the graph helpfully reproduced by the BC here.

Moreover, despite a rise in ‘case numbers’ at the end of September when we were already bombarded with scare stories about that 2nd wave, the Welsh Nightingale hospital in the Millenium Stadium was being dismantled. We read similar reports by ‘sources’ about the dismantling of a Nightingale Hospital in Scotland in LockdownSceptics a short while ago. 

In their Newsletter today they furthermore have impressive graphs documenting that the Manchester Hospitals are not running out of ICU beds and that in fact case numbers in the NE of England have been going down – scroll down a bit here. Why then are BJ and Hancock still trying to impose that tier 3 lockdown on Manchester? Is this more about a power game between 2nd-rate politicians rather than the much-vaunted ‘health of the Nation’? 

Don’t answer that question! We know that the many reports about avoidable deaths, well hidden behind paywalls, cannot have had any effect on the Covid ‘decisions’ made by our obsessed, power-hungry politicians, from No 10 to the leaders of the devolved Celtic Fringe.

Is it about economics perhaps? Staying with Wales, there are moans about the ‘pay gap’ because that furlough scheme only kicks in on Nov 1st, so Welsh businesses are left dangling. Unfair, innit like – or is it? There are some quite astonishing statements which make me wonder, given that the Treasury had warned Dripford about that gap (link). Yep – ‘tis unfair that the English don’t pay for the inanities of the devolved nations! This can’t go on. Here’s the first voice of reason. Matthew Lynn writes in the DT:

“England will end up having to pay the bill for policies over which it has no control, and that it is not following itself. If Wales and Scotland want a more draconian lockdown that is up to them. But they should also be willing to shoulder the higher taxes and debts that will come with it.” (paywalled link)

If the Nicolas and Dripfords believe this isn’t going to influence Treasury mandarins, never mind catching the attention of the English taxpayers, then they had better think again. Here are Mr Lynn’s concluding remarks:

“We already have devolved tax powers for the regional assemblies, and in the wake of Covid-19 the time has surely come to increase those. Wales can shut down its economy if it wants to. So can Scotland and Northern Ireland. Those countries should also be willing to raise local taxes to pay for all the economic damage such decisions will create – because anything else is simply irresponsible.” (paywalled link)

Just so! Let Nicola and Dripford raise local taxes to pay for their Covid folly. I don’t think even the most vociferous cries about ‘independence’ and ‘the perfidious English’ will cut it with their voters when they are being impoverished thanks to ‘devolved’ Covid madness. I don’t think they’ll get away with postponing the local elections in May 2021 – which is also the date for the Welsh assembly elections. Tax bills will arrive in April …

Also, let’s not forget that “we” will have been vaccinated by then, so ought to be allowed out – or will we? That SAGE prophet Vallance has now told a ‘joint committee on national security strategy’ (who they?) that:

“A vaccine is unlikely to eradicate coronavirus, with the disease instead likely to become endemic in Britain, Sir Patrick Vallance has warned. The Government’s chief scientific adviser said the “notion of eliminating Covid is not right”, adding that people would have to learn to live with the virus.” (paywalled link)

Oh really? Isn’t this just the point made by so many eminent clinicians in the past months? It gets even better, demonstrating that this is about power, not health, as Vallance continued:

“We can’t be certain, but I think it’s unlikely we will end up with a truly sterilising vaccine, something that completely stops infection, and it’s likely this disease will circulate and be endemic. Clearly as management becomes better and you get vaccination, that would decrease the chance of infection and severity of disease, and this starts to look more like annual flu than anything else and that may be the direction we end up going.” (paywalled link)

Dearie me – he used the ‘flu comparison’! This is something for which ordinary people get kicked off their social media accounts because: “fake news!’. But never mind that, here’s the old litany back:

“Sir Patrick also told the committee that more testing was still needed and experts had been left “blind” by the lack of surveillance early on in the pandemic. He said it was important to find asymptomatic people who had the virus and who may be inadvertently infecting others, “ (paywalled link)

As scientist (allegedly) he must be aware of the many papers now published even in  journals like the Lancet where more and more proof is given that “we” know more about the virus, that there are useful therapies available, that ‘testing’ or even muzzling up is not ‘a cure’. He’d still prefer us all to be treated like lepers unless ‘proven clean’ by testing, with all that implies.

It’s faintly entertaining to observe how the Covid MSM are desperately trying to look even-handed, reporting inanities uttered from other, local ‘experts’, e.g. that ‘shielding’ is better than Lockdown (paywalled link), or that perhaps ‘working lunches’ might be permitted in English areas under tier 2 or 3 conditions (paywalled link).

Also faintly entertaining are the various reports pointing fingers at ‘celebs’ who are muzzle fanatics in public but not in private. Joining Blair in muzzle infamy are now Hancock himself and … Gary Lineker, both caught out in public without muzzles. Oh dear.

Far more worrying is the kowtowing of economic and financial experts before China. In their naivety they don’t even notice that they’re supporting that inimical regime:

“China will enter the new year with a stronger economy than when it recorded the first cases of coronavirus in Wuhan last December. While European nations and the United States face a disastrous winter with possible further lockdowns, China is recording only a dozen or so new Covid-19 cases a day out of a population of 1.2 billion.“The West has been discredited,” Mr Robertson [an economic Think Tank expert’] said. “The overconfidence of the West has been punctured. [Its] status has declined, while China’s reputation has improved.” (link, paywalled)

Never mind that the West’s MSM are still swallowing whole the propaganda numbers coming from China – they and those ‘experts’ are also fine with China using their own people as guinea pigs in mass vaccinations with not one critical eyebrow raised:

“The eastern province of Zhejiang has approved the “emergency use” of one of the vaccines for autumn and winter and has been injecting people since June. As of last month, more than 350,000 people, including medical workers, disease control and prevention staff, customs and border control officers, had been given the injections and none suffered severe side-effects, according to Chinese media outlets.” (link, paywalled)

I’m sure we will all believe the reports from Chinese ‘media outlets’! They’ve  been shining examples for how to suppress ‘bad news’ until it can no longer be done. And the reason for China’s success? Here it is:

“While the western world slipped into a second wave, Mr Xi attributed China’s relative success to the merits of one-party rule. “The strong leadership is the most reliable backbone when a storm hits,” he said. “The pandemic once again proves the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, let’s dismantle our ‘discredited’ democratic societies and follow China’s superior socialist system in order to ‘beat Covid’! The Starmers, Burnhams and Dripfords will be jubilant – after all Labour is ‘socialist’, isn’t it. The report of a survey published in The Times today shows where this journey is going to take us:

“A survey of nearly five million people showed that those in their 20s and 30s, born between 1981 and 1996, had less faith in democratic institutions than their parents or grandparents did at the same stage of life. The collapse of confidence is particularly pronounced in the “Anglo-Saxon democracies” of Britain, the United States and Australia. However, similar trends are seen in Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa and southern Europe.” (link, paywalled)

This dissatisfaction is due to the millennials’ perception that they are hard done by, thanks to the ‘wealthy baby boomers’. Here, dear friends, is the real danger. So forgive me when I think this Covid Madness is a threat to our country and way of life not just because of Lockdowns: behind that smokescreen our democracy is being dismantled.

As for the cries of BJ-critics in the Covid MSM that he’s endangering the Union – well, it looks to me as if the Union dismantlers are sitting in the devolved nations. Will they be happy once their Westminster money runs out? Or will they ‘go China’ and institute a draconian socialist regime in their devolved nations? Could they?

It’s not impossible when ‘Covid experts’ propose that the hated baby boomers ‘shield’ themselves, thus removing them from taking part in the Nations’ public life, elections included …




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