A new species: two-legged covid lemmings!


It’s what the covid lemmings wanted: a perpetual round of covid jabs, with flu jabs added for good measure. After all, “we” all want to save our beloved Sacred Cow, don’t we! The government’s jabbing campaign has now reached the youth who are queuing up to get jabbed. If they – and you – thought that this would be the end of it: tough cookies, it’s not. 

Then there’s the latest nudge campaign, aimed at softening us up: remember how nobody was permitted to use the word ‘flu’ in any combination with ‘covid’? Well, the SAGEs are now doing so themselves, with no outcry in the media. 

In another attempt at softening us up there’s the latest attempt at making us accept an ID: remember how some of the covid cabinet ministers rejected the thought of ‘covid passports’? If you didn’t believe them: well done! It’s now going to be run under a new label. 

And finally – all of this has come to pass and will come to pass simply because the many lockdown sceptics didn’t and don’t ‘have a leader’. Yes, really – according to a ‘comment piece’ published in the DT, with a disgusting bit of shroud-waving in the headlines:

“Riven by divided leadership and without a strategy, the anti-lockdown movement has decisively failed – It was never going to be sufficient to shout ‘we want our lives back’ – when so many were losing theirs” (paywalled link)

Blimey! The author claims that there was no ‘coherent’ anti-lockdown leadership, listing the ‘forces’ arrayed against them. He writes that no ‘senior anti-lockdown Tory’ emerged, that Starmer made Labour into lockdown lemmings, and that ‘throwing anti-lockdown arguments into the public sphere’ wasn’t sufficient, that individual ‘acts of rebellion’ made little difference as too many were too timid to join (paywalled link) – yes, really!

I don’t know where and above all how that author has spent the last 18 months. Didn’t he notice that locked-down citizens cannot organise themselves, that the lockdowns were the precise instruments the government used to suppress any such attempts? You can read the comments under this elaborate without paying. Some of them are very interesting indeed.

Now to the other covid ‘news’. Apparently, the promise of ‘freedom for jabbees’, i.e. freedom to travel to summer holiday destinations, is bearing fruit. The age group of 18-24 are  queuing up and the covid ministers are now promising to reward them and the millions who’ve had two jabs by announcing the easing of quarantine restrictions – from August onwards, perhaps:

“British holidaymakers who have had both coronavirus jabs could enjoy more quarantine-free travel from August under government plans to rescue summer breaks. Ministers are set to announce an overhaul of travel restrictions on Thursday. While they are not expected to add a significant number of countries to the green list, they are likely to unveil plans to exempt travellers with two vaccine shots from the requirement to quarantine for ten days after visiting an amber list destination.” (link, paywalled)

Now that’s truly generous, isn’t it! So roll up – get yer jab and you may be allowed to travel! Better not bank on this though, because the top covid tsar, Matt-the-Han, hedged that bet with the usual weasel words:

“Yesterday Matt Hancock, the health secretary, raised hopes that the plan could salvage summer holidays, telling BBC Breakfast: “We’re not ready to be able to take that step yet, but it’s something that I want to see and we will introduce, subject to clinical advice, as soon as it’s reasonable to do so.” (link, paywalled)

See – the covid government would love to give us back our freedom but alas, there’s always that ‘clinical advice’, the ‘science’ which will tie their hands! Furthermore, as ‘The Han’ is preparing the Nation for a covid booster jab starting in September, a NHS head honcho is telling the MSM that he expects there’d have to be such booster jabs ‘for ten years’  while moaning that the NHS needs to be given ‘more time’.

The reason for that is because there’s not just the latest Hancock drive regarding covid booster jabs being started, there’s also the fact that in September the annual “flu jab campaign” kicks off. We now learn that the next flu season could be worse because, thanks to lockdowns, most of us haven’t developed any immunity to the flu:

“Professor Harnden, deputy chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), said the low rates meant barely anyone had been exposed to flu and built up natural immunity, leaving the bulk of the population vulnerable.  He warned it could cause havoc on the NHS this winter if there is a large influenza outbreak. ‘I will emphasise that actually flu could be potentially a bigger problem this winter than Covid,’ he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.” (link)

Is this perhaps a veiled critique of the lockdown policies, that they’ve weakened the general health of the Nation? Surely not – it’s only lockdown sceptics who say something like that! “We” are surely only too happy to submit to new autumn and winter lockdowns, to keep saving that Sacred Cow! There’s a little snippet of information which has been surreptitiously slipped into this report:

“But deaths from influenza and pneumonia are currently killing three times as many people as Covid, other data suggests. It comes amid plans to roll-out booster Covid vaccines this winter to cut down the threat of a potential third wave. The booster objections [sic!] are expected to be administered at the same time as flu jabs and could happen alongside each other for next 10 winters.” (link)

People actually die ‘without covid’? Who knew! Better get us to accept ten more years of covid booster jabs, to accept jabs from autumn onwards, both against covid and flu. Vaccines are safe, aren’t they, and we know so much about possible interactions between flu and covid jabs inside our bodies! Oh  sorry – there are no data for obvious reasons, but hey, let’s do it anyway: we must save you-know-what!

The Nation has accepted the covid jabs without murmur and can be expected to accept two simultaneous jabs – especially since those SAGES, Professors V & W are now telling the MSM that we’ll have to learn to live with covid as we’ve learned to live with the flu (link). Interesting, and even more interesting is the fact that V & W have told us so all along! That’s news to me, but what is a little re-write of history between friends!

“Vaccine passports” are now back on the agenda because this nation of covid lemmings have shown they’d do anything if it means they could go on summer holidays or go to pubs: why worry about having to show all and sundry private ‘controllers’ that you’ve been a good little lemming, documented by this innocent little ‘covid jab app’ (link)!

This is for the coming autumn and winter. Considerations, nay: anger that this ‘passport’ might well create the covid society where the jabbees have some little ‘freedom’ while the non-jabbees have to stay lockdowned when there’s not just covid but also flu. And we know, don’t we, that flu jabs are extremely good at ‘saving’ us from the flu! 

Above all, don’t worry about the side effects of the various covid jabs already being documented, e.g. here in Lockdown Sceptics. There are no warning voices that it is surely irresponsible to prepare for a simultaneous covid booster and flu jab. After all, it’s all in the good cause of ‘saving’ our beloved Sacred Cow. Hadn’t BJ told some of the MSM that jabs create a ‘breathing space’ for the NHS who sadly have to deal with this huge backlog created by the lockdowns (link, paywalled)?

So roll up and get jabbed, regardless – you do want to ‘save the NHS’, don’t you! Don’t worry if perhaps the side effects of booster jabs combined with the flu jabs might make people ill and thus ‘overwhelm’ the NSH “we” want to save! We’ll become a nation of jabbees – it’s all in a good cause, and the covid stasi will never become unemployed because they’ll be given permission to demand ‘proof of jabs’ to their hearts’ content – legal considerations be d*mned.

And it’s all our fault because the ‘anti lockdown movement’ is ‘leaderless’, defeated by the might of the covid empire? I don’t think so!





Photo by Tim Dennell

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