That jab may only be available at ‘vaccination hubs’, not your GP


It happened again: no scare graphs this morning in ‘Our MSM’ front pages! This is strange because one would expect them to howl with outrage, given the latest numbers. It’s now all about the mass vaccination roll-out however, as we reported yesterday. And just as we’ve learned since February 2020, the difficulties being encountered can be traced back to the entity we’ve come to love: PHE – and of course ‘Our NHS’.

In case you wondered and really wanted to know how terrible it is out there, The Times has this terse little paragraph, hidden towards the bottom of a report on ‘Retail Giants’ stopping their click-and-collect services:

“The number of new cases in Britain was 45,533, with the seven-day average down 0.5 per cent on the week before. There were 1,243 deaths, the second- highest daily total, with the seven-day average up 45.6 per cent on the week before.” (link, paywalled)

A week ago these numbers would certainly have graced the front pages of ‘Our MSM’ with huge scare graphs – but noo: we are now being told to worry about vaccine doses and who’ll get the jab. The only explanation that comes to mind is this: the MSM ‘bosses’ have realised that we’re suffering from covid-scare fatigue and that there are too many readers, i.e. us plebs, getting information elsewhere and thus are in disbelief.

Lockdown Sceptics in this morning’s Newsletter (linkhave segments on those numbers, on hospital occupancies and especially on the claim promoted in the Guardian and the BBC that more people died – of covid, natch – in 2020 than in any other year. It’s a toss-up between ‘worst since WWII’’ or ‘worst for 100 years’, but in real life one only needs to go back for ten years. Worth scrolling down to read this as well as the segment detailing that, again, ‘case numbers’ fell before lockdown #3.

Still, while ‘retail giants’ are doing their bit with enforcing muzzle-wearing in their stores and John Lewis stopping their ‘click-and-collect’ service (link, paywalled), ‘Our Sacred Cow’ is moving the goal posts again. See this:

“Pressure on the NHS is unlikely to peak until February, a health service chief said yesterday, as an analysis by The Times showed that 80 per cent of local authorities in England recorded their highest ever day of Covid-19 cases since the start of January.” (link, paywalled)

Ah – those ‘cases’ again! The Times quotes Mr Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers which represent NHS trusts. He told MPs at the Select Committee on Health and Social Care that: 

“the situation was “incredibly serious”, with infection rates “rising really very rapidly” in areas including the Midlands, North West and South West as well as London, the South East and East of England.” (link, paywalled)

We’re now into the 2nd week of January, well after the start of lockdown #3 which came on the heels of the Christmas tier 4 semi-lockdowns. There must be a huge bunch of irresponsible peasants out there who go on ‘picnics’ or, horrors, had New Year’s Eve parties, else where are those ‘cases’ coming from? There is this though:

“However, there were more hopeful signs from the Zoe Covid Symptom Study UK Infection Survey, which found a fall in cases in all regions apart from the North West.” (link, paywalled)

I’m amazed that this actually made it into The Times – not that reporting it makes any difference to their ‘hospitals-in-peril’ stories. They coyly omitted to mention that these numbers fell before lockdown #3 though. You have to go to the Lockdown Sceptics Newsletter (link) to find out.

And so to the ‘vaccination race’. ‘Our NHS’ has told GPs to re-schedule the second jab for the elderly who’ll now get that jab in three months, not three weeks. Let’s not worry, please, about the efficiency of this new vaccination schedule! It’s only anecdotal that vaccinated people have positive tests. There aren’t even ‘anecdotes’ about side effects.

There is an excellent analysis regarding these vaccines and the rollout here. It’s for the scientifically-minded and it’s a long read but well worth the effort, especially since the author quotes extensively from papers submitted by the vaccine producers and the CDC – not hotbeds of antivax-conspiracists, are they!

This morning, amidst the reports that the elderly will have to wait for their 2nd jab because: ‘infection rates are rising’ (link, paywalled) – front line staff like the police and NHs administrators need these jabs, after all – there’s an article in the DT about vaccine doses being diverted:

“Surgeries vaccinating hundreds of elderly people every day have had their promised deliveries cancelled […]. Drug companies manufacturing the vaccines said on Tuesday night that they could provide enough doses to be administered 24/7 after MPs called for more urgency. Ministers insisted vaccine supply was the “limiting factor” behind the delays, although on Tuesday night Whitehall sources confirmed plans for the pilot of a 24-hour vaccine centre to test demand.” (paywalled link)

It’s not manufacturing then which is the limiting factor, it’s NHS ‘distribution’. The Kneeler and others who demand a 24/7 vaccination programme seem to ignore this. They seem to believe that ‘Our Sacred Cow’ has unlimited capacities to distribute what’s needed, and never mind all the box-ticking introduced by a certain Mr Blair. Now add in the NHS bureaucrats obeying the Kneeler’s demand, hastening to institute 24/7 vaccination centres, and this is what we get:

“GPs in some areas are ready to begin offering jabs to the over-70s but have been denied the supplies to do so by local NHS leaders, it is understood. One senior family doctor suggested the Government was “robbing Peter to pay Paul” by diverting jabs to the giant vaccination centres launched this week.” (paywalled link)

This is another indication of the bureaucratic mindset being firmly grounded in socialist principles: ‘giant hubs’ are better than tiddly GP surgeries everywhere which would be so hard to control properly. And of course it’s about ‘fairness’, by spreading out thinly what is available:

“Government sources said there is a deliberate attempt to spread out “limited supplies” of vaccine nationally in order to avoid a postcode lottery and make sure the most vulnerable are reached. On Tuesday night, the NHS pledged that all GP surgeries would get vaccine deliveries this week and next.” (paywalled link)

Yeah right: five vials here, six vials there – better drive 40 miles to a ‘giant hub’! Moreover, we’re now slowly being prepared for ‘government by apps’. Not only is there a report in the DT about our vaccine programme failing because the NHS is still sending out letters – paper letters, the horror! – which the Royal Mail then doesn’t deliver (we wrote about this yesterday), there is one about ‘vaccine passports’. Clearly, “we” need an NHS app to herd us into vaccination hubs like they’ve been using in Israel (paywalled link) – and “we” need another NHS app to show “we” had the jab:

“Thousands of Britons who have received their coronavirus vaccine are set to be offered a health passport as part of a government-funded trial taking place this month. The passport, created by biometrics firm iProov and cybersecurity firm Mvine, will be issued in the form of a free app allowing users to digitally prove if they have received the vaccine. […] The aim of the trial is to show how the passports can be used to help the NHS keep track of the number of people that have received the first or second dose of the vaccine.” (paywalled link)

That looks like thin-edge-of-wedgeism’ to me! But rest assured: the government doesn’t think about issuing vaccine passports, not at all – they’re only playing and have only given about £75,000 to these app developers. Mr Zahawi the vaccine minister tweeted that there won’t be ‘passports’ (link), but see these weasel words:

“A spokesman for the Department of Health and Social Care said there were “no plans” to introduce vaccine passports. “At this stage of the vaccination programme, it is not clear whether vaccines will prevent transmission,” the spokesman said.” (paywalled link)

Excuse me for interrupting, but why do we need a vaccine now if it’s unclear that it’ll prevent transmission? If this isn’t a clear indication of this mass vaccination being a huge open-air drug trial then I don’t know what is! There’s more from that spokesman:

“As large numbers of people from at risk groups are vaccinated, we will be able to gather the evidence to prove the impact on infection rates, hospitalisation and reduced deaths. If successful, this should in time lead to a reassessment of current restrictions.” (paywalled link)

Yes – ’tis an open-air drug trial. Furthermore, ‘they’ aren’t only going to reassess the current Lockdown #3, they will obviously reassess issuing and using vaccine passports, in a handy app for all, the NHS Test&Trace app having been so very successful …

I leave you with news on those local elections in May. As we saw yesterday, government is thinking about moving that date to early summer or autumn. Now Labour, so concerned abut the welfare of us ‘little people’, denounced BJ of wanting to postpone the elections for horrible political reasons rather than worry about suppressing covid:

“Andrew Gwynne, the shadow local government secretary, said: “Countries across the world have held elections. But sadly the Conservatives are now using coronavirus as a justification for fixing the dates of ours to benefit them.This isn’t about the pandemic, it is about Boris Johnson trying to get a vaccine bump at the next set of elections.” (link, paywalled)

Yeah right – but when his colleague in Wales is thinking about postponing the assembly elections it’s because he cares so much about us little people not catching another covid infection: “It’s ok when we do it – it’s not ok when you do it”. 

The vaccine juggernaut rolls on while the politicians and bureaucrats show us yet again that they do not inhabit the same planet we do. We note yet again that posturing supersedes common sense. Perhaps we’ll soon have an app to herd us into voting as we’re told …




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