A well-informed worm will turn, sooner or later …


This morning I wondered if some covid worms are actually starting to turn. These are, for example, the members of the JCVI, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, who must give their permission for the vaccination of schoolchildren. They won’t recommend it for the time being. More on this below. 

There are also various Tory politicians now coming out with warnings that the ‘terminus’ on the 19th July must be the last. Well, they ought to have turned sooner and told BJ not to fall for the SAGE whisperings. I won’t mention names – they’re irrelevant because they are only turning now, when it’s ‘safe’ to do so: after the event. No Labour politician has raised his or her head above the lockdown parapet. 

There are even some scientists warning the covid emperors that another ‘really, truly, positively last heave’ could backfire, sort of, and might put more pressure on our Sacred Cow by pushing that ‘covid third wave’ into autumn (link, paywalled). 

There’s also an NHS worm turning, sort of, who told the DM that, thanks to vaccines, there are now only ‘1 in 100’ hospital beds occupied by covid patients (link). This is the chief of NHS England, Sir Simon Stevens. Cynical old so-and-so that I am, I think he’s speaking out now because he’ll retire at the end of July, with his gong round his neck. 

There are even some MSM writers and editors apparently ready to turn. Some reporters do it surreptitiously, giving their covid reports a critical aspect. Some chief editors also seem to turn cautiously by permitting the publication of critical reports on various covid government schemes.

The most significant worm however turned early yesterday afternoon. The DT published an article by their ‘Health and Science Correspondent’ and their ‘Data Projects Editor’. They actually analysed the covid government’s graphs used by SAGE and BJ to justify their latest robbery of our freedom. They were cautious in their choice of words but by publishing their own graphs, showing the government ones next to theirs they demonstrated perfectly that and how we were lied to, putting paid to the scare graphs once and for all.

Here’s the link – I believe you’ll be able to see the striking graph at the top, paid up or not. If you can, scroll down a bit further for an even worse one – worse for the covid government. That one demonstrates beautifully how the SAGEs are lying with stats by using percentages rather than actual numbers. 

Clearly, this lockdown cannot be justified on ‘Save the NHS’ grounds. However, there’s the official ‘reason’, namely that even more Brits must be jabbed. I wrote yesterday that we seem to be locked down because of vaccine supply shortages. As ‘ministers’ (who? Matt-the-Han?) have advanced their ‘target’ of giving all over 40s the offer of a jab, we’re told that:

“the rate at which jabs are dispensed is slowing and is set to keep falling further. Overall, just 1.2 million first doses were dispensed in the last week, compared with more than three million a week in earlier stages of the programme, with the UK now lagging behind Germany, Italy and France.(paywalled link)

Oh dear. Lagging behind Germany, Italy and France is clearly bad, really bad! It’s even worse because our covid empire is actually to blame for this shortage:

“The pace has slowed because of the decision by Government advisers to recommend alternatives to the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab for the under-40s and limited supply of the two alternatives – Pfizer and Moderna.” (link)

A critique of government vaccine policies? Well I never! I wonder how that government advice came about … the reported side effects of the AZ jabs couldn’t have had anything to do with that, by any chance?

Might this be the reason why the JCVI will advise the covid government not to press ahead with jabbing school children? The DT came out with an ‘exclusive’ yesterday night:

“Experts on the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) are expected to make a recommendation against the vaccination of under-18s in the immediate future. The committee is understood to be preparing an “interim” statement for release as soon as the end of the week following a meeting on Tuesday. At a meeting, members are understood to have voiced serious ethical concerns about vaccinating children, given that they rarely suffer serious illness from Covid.” (paywalled link)

Ah! And what about the 19-24 age group now being urged to get the jab? They also ‘rarely suffer serious illnesses’, correct? Here’s another astonishing admission, from the usual faceless ‘Whitehall source’

“A Whitehall source said: “Nobody is going to green light the mass vaccination of children at this stage. Scientists want to see more data from the US and elsewhere before taking a firm stand either way. Nobody is going to make a final decision at this point. The JCVI will want to weigh up the benefits against the risks before vaccinating children, and it wants more data.” (paywalled link)

Excellent – wanting more data is certainly the way to go! Perhaps another turning covid worm might ask why data regarding the side effects of those vaccines are kept from public view – those that have actually been collected.

The next quote, more than anything, shows that the covid empire’s vaccine ‘strategy’ is obviously run by the typical, idiotic Whitehall bureaucrats who can’t ever do joint-up thinking:

“The advice [by the JCVI] may disappoint ministers, who have instructed officials to be ready to roll out vaccines for children this summer in order to suppress Covid and help keep schools open. Ministers have said Britain has bought enough of the Pfizer vaccine to offer jabs to all children aged between the ages of 12 and 17.” (paywalled link)

Shouldn’t the jab tsar, Mr Zahawi, shift those jabs to the ‘hotspot’s where they’re needed now? Or will they be kept because the MHRA has deemed the Pfizer jabs ‘safe’ for the 12-15 age group, therefore ‘ministers could ignore the JCVI’s advice’? After all, the USA and France are going to jab their schoolkids – what could possibly go wrong!

For the record here’s a brief survey of MSM reports on government plans to make vaccination mandatory for nursing home staff (link, link paywalled) and the report on the surreptitious attempt to introduce a ‘vaccine passport’ via a NHS smartphone app, so that ‘capacity crowds’ can be ‘unlocked’ for the footie games and for Wimbledon (link).

However, an article by the DT’s travel editor caught my eye. He took a close look at the covid government’s ‘travel scheme’, the test and quarantine hoops through which intrepid travellers have to jump. The headline sums it up:

“Farcical ‘Test to Release’ masks the truth behind the Government’s travel policy. A costly, complicated process that’s open to abuse, but is that the duplicitous plan all along, to deter people from travelling?” (paywalled link)

Criticising the covid government’s efforts to keep us ‘safe’, with a surreptitious hint at reasons other than covid to prevent us travelling? Well I never! What is going on? Are some MSM reporters and editors as fed up with this covid government as we plebs are? Is this the unintended consequence of the unspeakable photo of the G7 cavorting with no regard for any covid rules while their plebeian servants were muzzled up?

I leave you with news that apparently there’s a new ‘variant of concern’ on the horizon – in Moscow (link)! So far nothing much is known, but be warned: it’ll become the next ‘reason’ for keeping us in lockdown come July 19th. Or perhaps not – after all, it’s much easier to stop all flights to and from Russia than stopping flights from China and India!

Even though one turning covid worm does not an uprising make, let’s hope that there will be more of them, even in the face of pressure from the covid empire. They can’t be pleased to see the money (from our wallets) they’ve given to the MSM being wasted in such turn-coat fashion.



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