“Covid-Fear is the Key”


Another day of ‘you couldn’t make it up’, presented by ‘Our MSM’ with not a hint of insight, never mind sceptical questions. Well, being sceptical is now a major sin, worthy of all sorts of medieval torture or, according to the more ‘enlightened’ lefty writers in the Westminster bubble, of something akin to detention in a sort of covid GULAG. To my astonishment I still find that I can be outraged by reports in the covid MSM even though I ought to expect their inanities by now.

First the ‘good news’ though. According to the Evening Standard, poor old Hancock had to go into quarantine. It’s virtue-signalling of the finest:

“The Health Secretary said he will be “staying at home and not leaving at all until Sunday” after being “pinged” by the coronavirus Test and Trace system. In a video message shared on Twitter, Mr Hancock instressed [sic!!] that self-isolation is “perhaps the most important part of all the social distancing.” He added: “I know from the app that I’ve been in close contact with somebody who’s tested positive and this is how we break the chains of transmission.” He did not give any details on the identity of who this “close contact” was.” (link)

Let’s disregard the fact that this is again ‘reporting by twitter’. Let’s leave aside that only those with secure income can afford to ‘follow the rulz’ and ‘break the chain of transmission’. Let’s ask instead how and why it is that, after a year of feverish studies of this ‘new virus’, we’re still meant to believe that somehow someone who has already gone through a covid infection, as Hancock has, is still ‘capable’ of spreading the virus because he was in close contact with someone who’d tested +ve.

Doesn’t this imply that the whole lockdown circus must continue until all have had the jab because otherwise, even immune people will spread that virus? Let’s not even go to the issue of what happens when more mutations are found. Or rather: yes, let’s ask if we’re meant to become a nation of hysterics who cannot conceive of a life without tests, masks and fearful obedience because: ‘the computer sez yes’ .

To round this up, let me just point to the blatant attempt by the reporter to breach another person’s privacy. How can it be the concern of the MSM who that person was who tested +ve, with whom Hancock was ‘in contact’! Will the next step of the covid-obsessed government and MSM be that the names of people with +ve tests be made public?

It can’t happen here, you might say. Well, the lockdown rulz since March last year show that there are no bounds to what the ‘public’ demands in order to be ‘kept safe’. That is the same ‘public’ which has secure jobs and can WFH, planning their next holidays in foreign countries because they can afford it and things are just so drearily lockdowned here in Blighty, dahlink.

And so to the next round of ‘lockdown measures’. BJ seems to aim for an ‘easing’, that is: back to ‘tiers’ from Good Friday on the 2nd April this year. Other ‘ministers’  – not just common-or garden ‘sources’! – are hoping for an ‘easing’ around the 8th of March. However, there’s ‘a poll’ which I couldn’t find. Coyly, the DT in their report doesn’t provide a link either:

“The public does not back a rapid easing of lockdown measures, ministers believe as they plan a cautious timetable for the lifting of restrictions. Early March has been earmarked for moving the first areas out of lockdown – but only into the toughest tiers, with little further easing expected by Easter on April 4, The Telegraph understands.” (paywalled link)

Any bets that the frightened, well-paid covid profiteers are going to demand that on no account must the measures be eased until all have had the jab and no-one is tested +ve ever again? No, I didn’t think so! They’ve now got another reason to be afraid, very afraid. The Times reports on a study under the appetising headline “Maskless chats indoors spread coronavirus more than coughing”, nicely aimed at fuelling the flames of covid fear and at preventing, in effect, a return to life as we still knew it 12 months ago:

“The coronavirus is far more likely to spread through chatting than coughing and it can travel farther than two metres within seconds in a poorly ventilated room, a study suggests. Researchers from Cambridge University said their findings indicated that social distancing alone did not protect against infection. Ventilation and masks were also needed to slow the spread, they conclude today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A. The study drew on mathematical models to predict how the virus spreads in indoor spaces depending on the size of the room, its occupancy, its ventilation and whether masks are worn.” (link, paywalled)

More ‘mathematical models’: so much better than real-life experience! Now let’s wait for the next covid measure: wear masks at all times, indoors as well as outdoors. You want to be ‘safe’, don’t you! But what about ‘the jab’? Doesn’t that make us immune? Who knows!

Meanwhile, there are clearly more people now thinking about how best to get us to accept a ‘immune passport’. When even Patrick O’Flynn can ponder the need for such things in a DT Comment piece, writing that such ‘documentation’, in one form or another is ‘here to stay’ (paywalled link) then we can assume that plans are already being prepared in our covid ministries.

As for those jabs – oh dear! So there are some logjams, not because some ‘First Minister’ is ‘saving’ vaccine doses, but because local organisations are apparently as inept as ‘Our NHS’. There are outcries about a ‘jab postcode lottery’, and there are ‘fears’ that Pfizer won’t be sending us more vaccine because they’re ‘upgrading’ their factory in Belgium (e.g. link, paywalled).

One is tempted to wonder if someone involved in this covid-propaganda exercise oughtn’t to have made certain that there’ll be sufficient vaccine doses available, to ensure that BJ & Hancock can reach their goal of having all oldies vaccinated by the middle of next month. One is sadly tempted to assume that no, there wasn’t one because it was again about announcing goals before making sure they can be reached.

Well, as always, the cup is either half empty or half full, depending on the paper’s attitude: more bashing of BJ or more bashing of local council and local NHS chiefs. These are now told to show more compassion, because it’s ludicrous to make the over 80s travel long distances to immunisation hubs (link, paywalled). There’s a somewhat more rational report:

“NHS guidance released on Tuesday night says that, in situations where vaccines could go to waste, they could be given to those outside the priority groups. The advice to GPs says this should only be done if there is a risk that current stock “will become unviable if unused”.“ (paywalled link)

That’s what the Israelis did who organised their mass vaccination exercise exceedingly well. However, here in the UK the ‘spirit of socialism’ reigns supreme, in the NHS and thus in ‘Our MSM: nobody must be permitted to look as having ‘jumped the queue’. Thus we read about more ‘guidance’ from the NHS to doctors, telling them to:

“be “pragmatic” in ensuring that members of households who fall within the top four priority groups can be offered the jabs at the same time. The NHS England guidance says that within those groups – which cover all those over 70 – the priorities do not have to be kept in strict order, meaning a woman in her 70s could be offered the jab at the same time as her husband in his 80s rather than expecting each age group to be done in turn.” (paywalled link)

I’m speechless that this common-sense approach even needed to be spelled out to GPs! But don’t worry – eventually we’ll all be made to ‘get the jab’ even though nobody knows if it’ll help against new mutations. When in doubt, make everybody get another, new jab, perhaps every year, like the flu jab (link, paywalled). A nice little earner for some, innit like!

I predict that even a proliferation of jabs and jabbed won’t make the covid-obsessed, power-hungry health tsars and their willing helpers in the covid MSM loosen their grip on their power. After all, they’ve now become accustomed to a cushy life where the WFH ‘workers’ are beginning to look like a new class, emerging into a new, covid-feudal society separated into castes.

This new covid society will be based on possessing money, ‘jabs’ and ‘vaccine passports’. This new caste will be able to enjoy travels and access to fine restaurants with their vaccine ‘passports’. The rest of us, the actual workers not employed in and by the NHS, not employed in the public sector, will have to see how the can scratch a living. Just as serfs in the feudal societies of old supported their overlords by their work without enjoying even a smidgeon of their liberties, in this new covid society those who do have work are supporting the covid overlords in their new lifestyle by paying even more taxes.

It’s a grim outlook and I’m sorry to have no ‘sunny uplands’ to offer, not even a silver lining. Covid is here to stay – not as health threat but as instrument to force us into a society where we’re robbed of our freedoms with barely a murmur raised, a society where the ‘cancel culture’ is being applied to those who stand up against covid fanatics, a society where irrational fear has become the instrument of rule.




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