Somebody please have pity and get this kitten, our Covid Government, out of that tree!


‘Manchester locked down’ scream this morning’s headlines in the Covid MSM. BJ has ‘forced’ Manchester into Lockdown and our ‘global health, Covid, ‘science’, security blah blah … ’ editors don’t know what to make of this: celebrate plucky Burnham or support BJ for having taken a stand. 

Well it’s difficult, you will agree: the Covid MSM chief editors surely must follow their months-long war cries of ‘we’re gonna die’, ‘save lives from Covid’, ‘don’t be callous and put the economy before lives’. Thus obviously BJ must have been right to lock Manchester down and Burnham was callously putting a price on his voters’ lives.

On the other hand, with more and more data coming out and being published here and there – the DM has been slowly turning towards Covid and Lockdown scepticism – then surely, by supporting Burnham the Covid MSM ought to question the whole of BJ’s Lockdown policies.

I’m sorry to say that they are not. They are displaying what can only be called ‘Covid schizophrenia’: lives must be saved, therefore we need moar Lockdown  – but BJ is wrong to implement them. Still, BJ and Burnham have 48 hours to reach a ‘compromise’, and the Welsh ‘firebreak’ also won’t come into force before Friday evening.

There are other, confusing news. Not only does the Mayor of London now demand an end to that ‘10pm curfew’ after having asked for ‘London Lockdown’, even a SAGE member is described as breaking the Lockdown ranks, according to a headline in The Times – but see what he actually said:

“A national circuit-breaker lockdown would be “difficult to justify” for low infection areas, the deputy chief medical officer for England said. Jonathan Van-Tam offered a boost to Boris Johnson’s regional strategy when he became the first government scientific adviser to speak against a fortnight half-term lockdown, which was proposed by SAGE.” (link, paywalled)

It seems he advocates a ‘patchwork’ of lockdowns. That would of course work because “we” have become so compliant that no one would dream of leaving one’s local lockdown place to drive into another parish, district or town not locked down. Of course not! But then he said:

“[…] a lockdown would have had a bigger effect if imposed a month ago when it was first proposed. “If disease levels are higher when you lock down, the effect will be less overall than if the lockdown is inflicted at a point when disease levels are much lower,” he said. “I wouldn’t expect the same magnitude of effect if one were done now, as if it were done early in September or mid-September.” (link, paywalled)

So there you have it: BJ ought to have locked everything down when SAGE told him to, even while it would’ve been ‘difficult to justify’. So what is it? Who governs this country anyway? Unelected ‘government scientists who twist and turn? The Covid MSM with their screaming headlines? 

The editorial in this morning’s Times however shows that, highfalutin’ attitudes notwithstanding, it’s about money, and only about money. Apparently Burnham wanted £65m and BJ was only ‘offering’ him £60m. That’s peanuts compared to the sums spent on the whole Covid madness:

“[…] in the context of the £200 billion that it has so far spent on response measures, including £12 billion on setting up the test-and-trace programme and the lucrative contracts with private-sector suppliers procured without a tender and with minimal transparency, the sums at stake were small beer. Yet the cost of failing to strike a deal, not least in terms of the impact this may have on willingness to comply with the new restrictions, may prove to be high.” (link, paywalled)

So for the sake of ‘national unity’ those £5m ought to have been given, never mind who will have to pay for this. This concern about money is however a beautiful big fat squirrel. It’s because Burnham’s reservations about the data for this lockdown, while mentioned, deserved one sentence only in that editorial:

“Mr Burnham was also right to demand that he be shown the evidence underpinning new restrictions and for him to insist on a clear exit strategy.” (link, paywalled)

Indeed he was, and so are we – but don’t expect the Covid MSM to demand such ‘evidence’! This would undermine the SAGEs edicts which those MSM have been following from the get-go. It would mean they’d have to question their own editorial strategy, their ongoing Project Fear & Hysteria.

We all know by now where to go to find such data! Here, LockdownSceptics has published the latest, collated by Dr Mike Yeadon, laying bare the propaganda lie about ‘Our Sacred Cow’ being overwhelmed. Before the Covid MSM and the Covidians shout that this is ‘only anecdotal’, I’d like to say that it’s as ‘anecdotal’ as all their gossip, using ‘senior sources’ in Whitehall or No 10.

We see ever more clearly that this government cannot admit they were wrong, nor can the Covid MSM. Oh, they do publish the odd critical article here and there but these never lead to writing thundering editorials demanding this madness be stopped. Back to The Times’ editorial where they concede that ‘there are no good answers’ regarding how to tackle this mess. Then they give a nod to economic necessities:

“Even as things stand, the mounting cost of tackling the pandemic looks likely to force Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, to scrap this year’s spending review, including an important defence review.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, well, you can’t demand at the top of your voice that ‘government do something because we’re all gonna die’, based on SAGE’s data without referring to those presented by the ONS, used extensively by Prof Carl Henegan and then not ask about the economy. This will become the next battlefront, and Dishi Rishi is being put into the limelight as a BJ ‘adversary’ for the coming battle about who should replace BJ:

“Rishi Sunak is battling with Boris Johnson to delay tens of billions of pounds of infrastructure and military spending that he believes coronavirus-ravaged public finances can no longer afford. The chancellor is pressing for a pared-back spending round next month that will give most Whitehall departments just one year’s cash for day-to-day spending. Mr Sunak also wants to scale down plans to spend the bulk of £100 billion in capital projects promised by Mr Johnson in the Conservative manifesto over the next three years. That has plunged into doubt whether the promised military and diplomatic overhaul will be unveiled next month at the conclusion of the so-called integrated review.” (link, paywalled)

It looks as if the Covid MSM are behaving like toddlers. They’re wailing ‘you promised’ and then are astonished that circumstances have changed profoundly so that this promise cannot be kept. They’re blissfully unaware of the role they themselves played in creating these changed circumstances, by demanding lockdowns and vilifying anyone who mentioned ‘herd immunity’.

Sparing you the predictable PR speak coming from the Treasury and various Think Tanks, I’ll just say this: you wanted this – you got it – now live with it, just as we all have to, without our consent, thanks to your fear and hysteria.

The consequences are stark, and they’re not just monetary. There have been many reports about neighbourhood snitches calling the police because someone ‘broke the covid rulz’. We’ve read that ‘Our Sacred Cow’ will give their Test&Trace data to the Police so they can chase down Lockdown breakers, breaking the privacy laws enshrined in GDPR.

Scotland Yard has now gone one step further down theStalinist road where everybody was forced to snitch by pain of ending up in the GULAG themselves. The DM reports:

“Scotland Yard has been writing to struggling traders in London to say they should ask for names, addresses and even photo ID. Officers said the procedures would stop households mixing – in keeping with Tier Two curbs introduced last weekend. […] Police forces around the country are checking on Facebook and other social media sites to see whether landlords are letting customers flout social distancing rules.” (link)

Long live snitchery! Why not demand that Sunak shell out for CCTV to be installed inside all pubs so that the police can control covid rulz transgressions directly? That might even enable ‘authorities’ to listen in to seditious talks, be it about Lockdown, be it about anything else – a dream come true for all who want to control us!

It becomes more difficult every day to overlook the fundamental changes to our society created by this ‘response’ to Covid, not that it concerns government and Covid MSM! They have invested too much to be able to climb down now. They’re stuck up a tree, like a frightened kitten, with no-one helping them down.

Some are surely rejoicing in secret that they finally have the instruments to control us – with our apparent consent even. I doubt very much if they’ll register what the indefatigable Sir John Redwood has to say in his Diary entry today – read it here.

I’ll leave you with a proposal for ‘Goldman Sunak’, a.k.a. Dishi Rishi which would surely alleviate the squeeze on his budget: reduce the pay for all public servants, including the SAGEs, down to the median income (£29,600 pa). It would only be ‘for the duration’, until “we” have eradicated the virus. That would be fair! I wonder though why nobody in the Treasury has come up with that proposal … 




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