It’s coming and “we” will be happy to have it, won’t we!


Are they going to do it? Are they really going to implement Covid ID cards? Oh yes they are. The latest ‘news’ is that the SNP is considering to vote for them, thus ‘helping’ BJ and his non-rebellious Tories to push it through. There are some other ‘covid news’, illustrating  that the covid propaganda machinery is well-oiled with ‘new News’ , in order to fuel more fear and support SAGE’s mission to keep us in permanent lockdown.

That latest attempt comes from the DT. It’s a report about Chile being the latest covid hotspot. Whitty is already saying that this must be watched very closely because so many Chileans have already had the 2nd dose – so “we” must be extra cautious. The interesting titbit of information is that the Chileans haven’t only used the Pfizer vaccine but also the Chinese vaccine ‘Sinovac’.  Never mind posting fingers at that Chinese vaccine – the reason why “we” need to be careful is that it feeds all those lovely models which are warning about a 3rd wave in summer (!) if we open up ‘too early’ – too early being June 21st (paywalled link).

There’s no mention made about Covid ID Cards preventing such 3rd wave, there’s also no mention made about how that latest ‘everybody must test twice a week’ is going to stop this wave. This is only about providing our dear modelling moguls with more ‘data’ for their scare models.

And so to that ‘covid status check’, a.k.a. the Covid ID Card. It looks as if BJ might now not flinch from putting it to a vote because he’s getting help from an amazing corner. Traditionally, SNP MPs don’t vote for laws which only apply to England. Mr Iain Blackford MP, the leader of the parliamentary SNP, has told the DT that the SNP might vote for it anyway – with the most beautiful weasel argument which I’m sure you’ll enjoy:

“Mr Blackford told The Telegraph: “Obviously we’re keen to take steps to get back to normality, but in a way that is inclusive. We would look constructively on any proposals that would help us get there, including Covid status checks. It is important that people are not excluded. Therefore such checks would have to include people who have had a Covid test as well as those who are vaccinated. There really needs to be a conversation that takes place across all four governments [across the UK] on this. When it comes to SNP MPs potentially voting on such matters in Westminster, these measures will affect Scots visiting friends or for work in England.” (paywalled link)

If you think that the Loyal Opposition which has made noises that they’d vote against Covid ID cards would scupper such Bill, then think again. A Downing Street spokesman dithered and obfuscated when asked if such Covid ID cards would be needed to shop e.g. in High Street clothes shops, saying:

“We are looking at how Covid status certificates could have an important role to play domestically as well as internationally. We will come forward with more detail on them and how they may work in due course.” Asked twice whether clothes stores would count as essential shops that would not require certificates, he said: “I obviously don’t have that detail for you now.” (link, paywalled)

Of course he hasn’t got the details – that’ll come later, after he HoZ (that’s House of Zombies, or House of Zoom, as you wish) has voted in principle for such ID cards. So here’s Labour:

“The question of whether the certificates would be needed for clothes shops was set as a test earlier in the day by Labour, which said it would oppose the certificates if they reached too far.” (link, paywalled)

One doesn’t need to be a political Einstein to predict that yes, they’ll vote for Covid ID cards, with the threadbare ‘excuse’ that they prevented the covid politburo ‘to go too far’. What else could they do – their former leader Mr T.B. is heavily involved in getting such Covid ID cards for everybody.

There is another ‘solution’ open to BJ, described in an important article in Lockdown Sceptics by a Law Professor. He points out how the announcements from the covid politburo are a ridiculous and shaming pretence of weaselling out of their responsibility:

“The scale of the interventions have been hitherto unimaginable. Yet when it comes to vaccine passports, all of a sudden the Government has discovered that we are best left to our own devices after all. It “believes that introducing a ban on [vaccine passports] would in most cases be an unjustified intrusion on how businesses choose to make their premises safe”, we’re told by a spokesman. […] That’s right: it would be wrong – an unjustified intrusion, indeed! – to ban employers from requiring their employees to be vaccinated, or pub or restaurant owners from demanding it of customers. Moreover, it wouldn’t “legally” be possible at all.” (link)

Amazing, isn’t it! Do read the whole thing – but keep in mind that, thanks to the SNP, so keen to ‘protect Scots in England’, BJ may get this through the HoZ anyway. Perhaps, by shuffling off responsibility to businesses and shops, he’ll calm down Labour and entice them to vote for such Bill. After all, government will only ‘help ’businesses by facilitating this Covid ID Card through an NHS app …

In conclusion, I urge you all to watch the video below. It’s by Paul Joseph Watson who puts his finger on what such Covid ID card actually implies. At the end he describes how this abomination might be scuppered, so please do watch! For copyright reasons I can only give you the link:


So now you know what the lives of our children and grandchildren will look like in future, should this abomination become Law. What has happened to our country that so many are apparently so indifferent about losing their freedom, submitting to an ongoing covid dictatorship? Will they be content to live off the generosity of the covid state which takes from all through taxes and then doles out goodies and bennies to the ‘deserving’, to those who ‘follow the rules’, rules determined by covid overlords, elected and unelected?

Have we gained our freedom from Brussels only to sell it out to a dictatorship, happily ‘learning from the CCCP Master’?  I don’t have an answer.



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