Will there be  a GNU? A GNU is a Government of National Union, not to be confused with a wildebeest! It’s what Corbyn has proposed in his letter (see our report here), with him as leader.

In the wake of that letter we get some disturbing glimpses of how the minds of our MPs work – or rather, often:  not work. Firstly, here’s a breathtaking reaction from Mr Guto Bebb, a Tory MP:

“Mr Bebb told the BBC this afternoon [15th Aug.]: I certainly take the view that a short-term Jeremy Corbyn government is less damaging than the generational damage that would be caused by a No Deal Brexit.’ Although Mr Bebb is a long-term critic of Mr Johnson who is quitting as an MP at the next election his comments are likely to infuriate Number 10.” (link)

Mr Bebb can apparently say what he likes because he’ll not have to face the voters in his constituency, nor even his own local Tory Party association. Other Tory MPs also don’t give a d*mn about their voters or their local Tory Party members. Yes, they’re the usual suspects:

“Four Tory former ministers on Thursday “welcomed” Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to bring down the government and become a caretaker Prime Minister to stop a no deal Brexit. Former attorney general Dominic Grieve was branded “un-Conservative” by his own association chairman after he signed a letter with fellow remainer rebels Sir Oliver Letwin, Dame Caroline Spelman and Nick Boles offering to meet the Labour leader “to discuss the different ways” to stop the UK leaving the EU without a deal on October 31.” (paywalled link)

The Brexit Tories on the other hand seem to have been caught napping by Corbyn’s letter. So far only Iain Duncan Smith has gone public, in a rather anodyne article in the (paywalled) DT where he concludes:

“And the message to those like Mr Hammond who want to block Brexit and to those who would do deals with Mr Corbyn to block Brexit is this: leaving with no deal isn’t a betrayal of the British people, but trying to stop it is.”

Yes, well … we’ve said so since Chequers when we found out about May’s WA. Only our MPs didn’t listen to us. Will it be too late now?

Then there’s the feeble attempt from No 10 to get into the News with this statement:

“Boris Johnson is preparing to trigger the end of European law’s supremacy in Britain as he cements his “do or die” pledge to leave the EU on October 31, The Times has been told. Within days Stephen Barclay, the Brexit secretary, is expected to sign an order that will repeal the European Communities Act 1972 after October 31. Senior Eurosceptics said the move would represent a “totemic” moment and put Mr Johnson’s pledge to leave with or without a deal “in black and white”. (link, paywalled)

Good news, surely, but it sunk without a trace … To round up the assessment of the Tory Traitors – I cannot call them anything else – read Leo McKinstry’s sharp comments in his opinion piece here.

Meanwhile, the indispensable Sir John Redwood writes in his Diary today:

“Parliament’s choice this September is simple. Does it at last  want to do the right thing, honour the verdict of the referendum and allow us to leave the EU on October 31 as the government plans?  Or does it have a narrow majority of MPs who want to bring on an early election, going back to the people and telling them this Parliament is not fit for purpose, can’t make up its mind and needs to be thrown out? Were it to choose the latter it will be a difficult task for all those Labour MPs who stood on a Manifesto of leaving the EU to explain their about turn. It would mean any Conservative who had helped bring about such an election was unlikely to run again as a Conservative candidate. It means the near certain end to the Parliamentary work of those MPs who defected from their original parties and are now in Change UK in order to try to keep the UK in the EU.” (link)

Just so! But will his colleagues in the HC heed his words? Will the constituency associations of the establishment parties heed them?

Even more important is the truly frightening glimpse of what a Corbyn GNU will mean in practice. Let’s look at the new LibDem leader’s U-Turn. First she refused to contemplate supporting Corbyn, now there’s this:

“On Thursday night, Jo Swinson offered to meet Mr Corbyn after initially denouncing his plan to build a ‘strictly time-limited’ cross-party coalition to force Boris Johnson from office as “nonsense”. The Liberal Democrat leader tweeted: “I’ve offered to meet Jeremy Corbyn to discuss how we can work together on a deliverable plan to stop no-deal, including the option of uniting behind an MP who can command a majority in the House.” Ms Swinson’s climbdown could mean that the Tory rebels remain the last obstacle to Mr Corbyn’s plan after the SNP and Plaid Cymru both signalled their support.” (paywalled link)

How did that happen? And – isn’t she ‘allowed’ to change her mind? Not when you see how this change came about:

“Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters turned their guns on Jo Swinson last night after she refused to endorse him as a caretaker prime minister. […] But she came under pressure last night from both SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas. Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn’s grassroots support group Momentum led an aggressive social media campaign, urging people to sign a petition demanding the Liberal Democrats back Labour’s plan. The group tweeted: ‘Jo Swinson claims to be the biggest opponent of No Deal yet she’s putting party politics first and refusing to work with Corbyn.’ A Lib Dem source described it as ‘coordinated mudslinging’.” (link)

A Momentum mudslinging campaign is all that’s needed! You’ve noticed as well that the top wimmin politicians were pressurising a ‘sister’ to change her mind, for their own political advantage:

“SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said Mr Corbyn had taken the ‘right’ position, tweeting: ‘It is legitimate to oppose independence and to argue against a referendum – it’s not legitimate for Westminster to block a democratic mandate and a majority vote.’ “ (link)

For good measure, here is Corbyn who will do anything, even destroy the Union, just to get into No 10:

“Mr Corbyn said it was not up to the UK Parliament to block a second vote. It opens the door for him to offer the SNP another referendum after the 2014 poll in return for propping up a Labour government, even though he is ‘not in support’ of Scottish independence.”  (link)

That is the outlook for us all under a Corbyn GNU: Momentum will certainly not refrain from putting pressure on MPs who are perceived to be ‘Corbyn enemies’ once he is in No 10, nor will they refrain from putting pressure on us plebs who dare raise their voices.

Those who still believe like Mr Bebb does that a Corbyn GNU is acceptable compared to a no deal Brexit, especially all those Tory MPs and their constituency associations, should use this weekend and read about the history of how the Soviet Union came into being!

I’ll leave you with this concluding observation from Sir John Redwood who surely deserves all praise we can heap upon him:

“This Parliament would go down in history as the worst ever if it opts to disband this autumn. Only getting us out of the EU as the two main parties promised in 2017 can now improve the reputation of this Parliament. This Parliament may anyway have left it too late to try to hold an election before we leave even if it could call one. Ironically only if the election is held after we have left does Labour have more chance of winning a decent vote share.” (link)

Unfortunately, I doubt that the Brexit Wreckers in his own Party will listen – and I certainly doubt that Corbyn and his Marxist supporters inside and outside his Party will.

Should anyone believe, with Mr Guto Bebb, that a few weeks of Corbyn’s GNU won’t do any harm because there’ll be a GE, then they ought to look at the recent history of contemporary socialist governments.

Ask your constituency MPs, especially the Remainers, if they’re happy for our country to become the ‘Venezuela in the North Atlantic’ just so they can prevent Brexit.

Parliament reconvenes on the 3rd of September, less than three weeks from today. Time’s running out. So, as always, remember to




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